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Suit Stretcher By Asaneman -- Report

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Rai struggled as hard as he could while his mane was slowly going through Krystal's cardia, the powerful muscles of her throat tugging the poor Zoroark down inch by inch. The sphincter that linked her esophagus to her stomach inexorably closed after the tip of the Pokémon's mane went past it, sealing him inside her large, swollen stomach. The satisfied vixen let out a long sigh, having secured such a filling meal in her gut. She was standing proudly, holding her massive belly with her hands, totally indifferent to Rai's struggles within her. The Pokémon punched and kicked the soft walls around himself as hard as he could, resulting in a multitude of bulges on her belly that made it shift around every other second.

"You aren't fooling me. I know this is what you wanted. I'm not telepathic for nothing" the vixen patted her stomach as her hot stomach juices began filling the fleshy chamber.

His long mane became soaked in her saliva and gastric juices; he tried to stick his muzzle up through the sphincter again but to no avail, as it was shut very tightly. After several long minutes of frantic fighting, the bulges caused by the unlucky prey started to become less frequent.
"...And I'm certainly happy to indulge" Krystal's expression turned into a more satisfied one, her ears folding in relaxation as she worked on her prey. Each punch and kick tired Rai out a little more, until he gave her stomach walls a last, weak nudge that drained all his remaining energies away. A smug grin spread across the blue vixen's face as she realized he was done for.

Before long, her stomach acids started to work their magic on the black-furred Pokémon. Curled up in a fetal position, Rai could do nothing but shut his eyes closed and wait for her warm gastric juices to liquefy him; the surface of her swollen belly was now free of bulges, just a massive round sack of poke-meal totally hidden by the tight rubber bodysuit she was wearing. The constant pressure of her belly slowly unzipped the chest area, Krystal's breasts mostly spilling out of the cloth and bouncing. Rai was totally reduced to a thick soup at that point. Nothing of his body was spared, not even the hardest of his claws. Mercilessly melted down, he began entering her intestines, donating all of himself to the gorgeous girl.

"Hmmm…." Krystal looked down at her belly with a smirk, her mouth slightly open and cheeks blushing, in an expression of pure bliss. Her belly had shrank down quite visibly. Every minute she felt her digestive system siphon her prey entirely, from body to soul, and that sensation was priceless to her. Rai was definitely no more capable of expressing his -secretly fake- dissent as he became closer and closer to his fate. Only his azure bead would survive that last trip of his. Her breasts bursted out of the suit, bouncing around with pounds of pudge added to them.

Gllrp… Glorsh…

Krystal peeked down at her hips and found out where all that mush suddenly went. As if he was eager to, Rai got absorbed by her powerful body and went right to her rump. One pound, five pounds, twenty pounds…
The pokemon soup added more than fifty pounds to her ass in a matter of minutes, expanding her buttocks thighs and hips to an astonishing level. Krystal reached back and groped her ass, feeling it with a huge grin on her face. She loved the shape it got and the size, but it was still contained within her suit, and that had to be changed.


The sounds of Krystal's gurgling stomach echoed in the room as she groped her breasts and belly. Her naked tits felt much better, it was time for her to set her gorgeous body free while it worked on the last dozens of pounds of chyme.
Eagerly but calmly, Krystal pulled the zip of her suit down further, exposing some of her belly; it easily sagged down as soon as she freed it from its bounds due to the soft, mushy content. She kept pulling the zip down until her gut was completely exposed. The surface lacked any kind of visible bulges, it was just a big, ever-shrinking sack filled with nutritious Pokémon soup.

"Nice and soft…" Krystal licked her lips, now fully naked as she posed on the ground, the vixen holding herself with a hand as she spread her legs to give her gut more space. Without that pesky suit on, she could feel everything: her very fat asscheeks rubbing against each other in that position, her breasts sagging down lovingly. She could even tell that Rai added some creamy milk to them. She looked down at her belly, her tongue sticking out in pleasure. Her gut was still gurgling, soon going to finish off the Pokémon for good. Its shape was as round as if she had swallowed a beach ball, and the size was only slightly bigger than that.

Right when she thought that she could stand up and go on with her life after her meal, she felt something coming from her stomach. Guessing what was about to happen, she pulled out a grin. The digested Pokémon's bead got pushed up her throat to be released.


A deafening belch echoed through the room as the azure sphere was strongly ejected from her throat, still coated in a lot of saliva as it landed on the floor with a clang. With that, nothing about Rai was left inside her stomach or her intestines. The Pokémon's destiny was sealed forever. Krystal got on all fours, her gut and tits sagging down as she held one of the two majestic milky orbs. She licked her lips, staring at the souvenir she was generously given by Rai.

Deciding to end the Dark type Pokémon's trip with a taunt, she stood up and placed the shiny trinket on a transparent glass table. Slowly but surely, her juicy bottom was lowered until she sat on the table, right on the bead. The sphere was completely hidden and enveloped by her thick fat. The vixen had previously placed a camera underneath the table to take a picture of her rump squishing on what was left of her prey. Only when she looked down at her butt she realized that it took way more than half of the Zoroark's total mass.

"How does it feel, hm? To be part of this voluptuous padding you so graciously gave me." She taunted the doomed Pokémon, "Too much to handle?"

Now having the Zoroark live in her assfat forever, the predatory vixen smirked smugly, making Rai's wish come true. An irreversible desire that he didn't reveal, but she knew very well.


Comic finally done for  Radarn, featuring Krystal taking care of Pokemon once again!  Shio_Magwolf wrote the awesome story for it, go give him some love!


Krystal, Zoroark © Nintendo
Rai ©  radarn

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Posted by ShioMagwolf 9 months ago Report

Very glad to write the story for this, I hope everyone enjoys it!

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Posted by wolfSnack 9 months ago Report

You did a great job with the story! :) As a fellow writer, I appreciate your stuff ;)

[ Reply ]


Posted by ShioMagwolf 9 months ago Report

Thank you :3

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Posted by JamKat 9 months ago Report

Man, your internal view artwork is so great!

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Posted by linthia 9 months ago Report

Awesome work~! Love how much drawings you made to show the progress of weight gain !

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Posted by Gabriel0813 9 months ago Report

Nice story

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Posted by ShioMagwolf 9 months ago Report

Thank you so much, glad you liked it^^

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Posted by MirceaKitsune 9 months ago Report

This is just too wonderful. Getting harder to find words: You create absolute perfection sometimes ^_^

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Posted by DarkGloose12 9 months ago Report

Dude, i really got in love with this comic
Awesome work as always!

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Posted by Asaneman 9 months ago Report

Hey, happy to hear it man!

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Posted by BlazingBlade 9 months ago Report

Phew, you did a wonderful job! Krystal's looking great!

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Posted by StormyRange 9 months ago Report

Jimminy, just when I thought you couldn't do better stuff, always pushin them boundries -v-!

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Posted by DemHoundDays 9 months ago Report

Always nice to see more oral vore from you :3

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