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Ama & Kyubi By Asaneman -- Report

Slulp! The remnant of the colossal Luiga was crammed into the greater rear of Amaterasu. The sun goddess utilised her plush tail to slide the final part of the hulking behemoth into its new home, where the rest of its legendary brethren lay. She revealed an apathetic tone to the quandary of the Pokemon within as her rear muscles contracted, pulling the final spikes of Lugia’s tail into her. Amaterasu grinned, shutting her eyes and resonating an ecstatic growl, reverberating through her body. Her intuition kept her confidence in her divinity holding the legendaries exact. She forced her forepaws into a head within the protruding pudge,forcing it deeper into her sizzling acids. Her grin faded to a smile of delight, asserting her divine authority to the collective. Jace observed the sun goddesses' predatory prowess from her previous demonic meals, noting her legendary appetite clearly outweighing the canine, overlooking the bulges of paws and heads protruding from the narrow prison. His attention suddenly shifted to the Serperior coiled within the snug confines of his ballsack, it slowly attempted to unravel itself to no avail, creating slight bulges throughout his sack. What should’ve felt like hell in such a sensitive part of the yokai transformed into a moment of a sensation for Jace; A minor spurt of cum erupted from the tip of his cock, lightly colliding with the recent pudge of another meal that recently joined his form, he released an inconsiderable purr into the tuft situated on his chest, attempting to furtively erase the remaining cum located on his underbelly with his left paw.

Amaterasu put her new assets to test on Jace; She slowly buried the Yokai into her padded cheeks, the canine happily accepted this offer to praise the divine goddess of the sun. While her temporary manservant got busy with his heartfelt methods of praising his new goddess, she appraised her broadened breasts that those Pokeman? Pocketmon? Provided for her; it was clear from the lack of fat that lined her belly who filled the perky breasts. The sheer weight of the twins caused them to slightly suspend from her chest, the jiggled as she removed her right arm from beneath them, slithering over to her voluptuous rear, Jace was praising the perfection of it, nuzzling and breaching further into the toasty pudge with his muzzle. A larger spurt of cum erupted from his cock, the white slime slowly trickled down his cock in the meantime he utilized his arms to support the cumbersome pudge, barely using the extent of his strength to retain the pudge from suffocating him. Ammy forcefully placed her right paw onto her perfected rump, letting it sink down into the profuse amount of pudge. An acute blush sprung on her face as she performed the action.

Another batch of demons vanquished. She smirked, giving her rear another firm slap, the cheek wobbled, pressing harder on her Yokai manservant, causing him to nuzzle with more velocity. The divine goddess of the sun finally rested. A coy growl escaped her as she succumbed to the praise of Jace. The perfect way for any divine goddess to unwind after such a taxing meal...


Eighth month raffle for Amaterasu (they don't have an FA), featuring Amaterasu and Kyubi having some fun with pokemon! Short story written up by  astroeevee, thanks so much!

WIPs, with a bulgier version:

Amaterasu © Capcom
Lugia, Pokemon © Nintendo
Kyuubi © Level-5

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Posted by Badfurson 8 months ago Report

Better be careful, or he might end up there too...

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Posted by reliuskaiser 8 months ago Report

Lovely squish~

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Posted by ThatWeirdo 8 months ago Report

This may be my favorite piece on this whole site. Fucken fantastic, my dude.

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Posted by Asaneman 8 months ago Report

ayy sweet man!

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