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I found Snivy vore when I was 12, and my life has gone downhill since then

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Specimen #069
The guard felt his eyes glaze over as he scanned over the parking lot. Watch duty was always the worst, but it was especially boring at night. He was working at a top-secret government facility! He would have thought there would be something more exciting than looking over the scientists’ cars. The guard felt a yawn escape his mouth, and he decided to tune into the facility radio channels. A couple were static, but he finally found an active one. He was going to

What Lurks Deep Within the Woods
“Hey, you! Take your kid out of the fucking bar! This is no place for a child… Whattya mean this ain’t your kid? You’re the only other rabbit in this shithole, and you look just like ‘em… No, I’m not insinuating that all rabbits look the same. I’m insinuating that all rabbits in this hellhole of a town were all born from the same cousins… Fine! Get offended by jokes and leave! At least take your nephew with you, he’ll make a

A Troubling Curse
Deep within the ocean, under the rolling waves, far away from what any human will ever see, there is a restaurant. Within this restaurant, two patrons sat across from each other, staring into each other’s eyes intently. On one side sat Tory, a muscular male Scylla. He looks very similar to a normal human, with short, brunette hair and fierce golden eyes. Well-defined pecs emerge from his chest, and an eight pack of abs run down his torso. To either side of t

Four guys? No problem! (Part 2)
“Hey, Jon? Are you there?”
The voice came from the other side of the bathroom where the Emboar was hiding. It sounded an awful lot like Luke, but how could he be sure? “Say something only Luke would know! Prove you’re not the shapeshifter!”
Jon heard an audible sigh outside the bathroom, and then the voice spoke again, “You are Jon, you were born on April 2nd, you have a fear of dark types, you had penis extension surgery-” Luke w

Four guys? No problem!
In a small, poor farm town in the middle of Kalos, there is a manor lit up by bright party lights. It’s quite a large manor, built for the Pompeuse family of Furfrou. Pierre Pompeuse Jr. found that he enjoyed the fresh country air. However, the Pompeuse family feared having the peasants come near them, so a large gilded fence was built around the property, creating a distinct line between poverty and elegance. Tonight, the Pompeuse family manor is hosti

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Still working on San Francis. I haven't forgotten, I'm just lazy and an incompetent writer. However, shoutout to whoreallycares on FA for continuing to push me along. I get stressed and anxious easily, and would have given up if not for him.

Anyway, take a survey if you want ... sp=sf_link

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