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Hello, I'm Clearwater09, I mainly write vore resulting in weight gain and/or height growth. I'll admit that I'm really not great at writing stories so there will be plot holes. If you notice spelling errors let me know.

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As Steven started making his way over to what remained school to finish it off, when he noticed his Aunts, the only people he did care for as much as he did himself, were standing at his feet. Steven bent down and lowering his hand out and told them to get on. He then lifted them up to his face so he could hear them better. “If you all are here to talk me out of this, then you all can just join my belly,” Steven said rubbing his belly to make his point known. “No, no, no we are

Steven started thinking more about the idea of consuming the entire world, but he was not sure if his stomach would be able to digest indigestible objects. He already knew his stomach was able to digest clothing and plastics but he was not sure about items like metal, wood, or rubber. There was currently had about three feet of space between him and ceiling, while lying on his stomach, when he noticed the now empty fridge was not far from his face. The fridge was just a bit larger than Mr. Fryma

This caused Connie to start panicking as her eyes began tearing up from the pain and fear as she tried to force the boy back out of her mouth. Steven finally relented and pulled the boy out. Connie started to sniffle, “I’m s-sorry, I just cannot do it. He just too big, he wouldn’t go down.” Steven would not accept this as an answer, when it came to something he wanted. He wanted to see her eat the boy. He wanted to see him trapped in her stomach with no way to escape. &ld

Steven watched as Connie snapped the loaf of bread in half and held one half over her mouth. Crumbs fell from the bread and Connie caught them in her mouth and swallowed them down. To Connie, these were the passengers who lost their grip on the seat and plummeted into the giantess’ mouth. She then proceeded to take a big bite of the chunk of bread and swallow them down whole. Once that half rested in her stomach she then moved to the other half. She knew she was nowhere as skilled as Steve

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For my first blog here is a link to an interactive I made on writing ... -Expansion

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