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Dolly the otter By Strega -- Report

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The local wildlife is generally pretty safe to be around at certain "happening" beaches in the Stregaverse. Most of the critters won't try to eat you unless you really piss them off. They enjoy boning humans as much as humans enjoy boning them and it's just enlightened self interest for them to be "nice".

Then there's Dolly the otter, who will be as seductive as a 500-pound otter can be, lure you close, and the first indication you'll have that something is wrong is her jaws sliding over your head. It's just not safe to approach her if she's hungry, and she usually is.

At least one local man has worked out how to get around that problem. The trick is to be the second mouse to the mousetrap, however you arrange the first mouse finding it. 83

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 10 months ago Report

I'd say a 500 pound otter can be fairly seductive


Posted by Strega 10 months ago Report

Otters are cute (except Brazilian giant otters, anyway) and when you are at a beach where you know these things happen and one is very obviously interested in getting with you, one thing can lead to another. 83


Posted by nc 10 months ago Report

To Dolly this must be the land of milk and honey. Giant prey (at least compared to fish) is practically jumping into her maw. She doesn't even need to hunt anymore.

Being "caught in the act" may be a classic - but to me it'll never grow old. Lovely drawn, especially with the pier poles framing the image. Experimenting with something new here?

Ah, speaking of classic... maybe I am able to inspire you to revisit the old otter slide? I know, I know... that was a river otter... still.. it would fit into your late otter revival :)


Posted by Strega 10 months ago Report

Rocks and piers are easy to draw compared to people or buildings, so I threw some in. By "revisit" you mean am I going to do another POV comic?


Posted by nc 10 months ago Report

That would be always welcome - although I think that old work is pretty charming on itself. But maybe it could also serve as an inspiration for another POV story?


Posted by Jamjo 10 months ago Report

Going from sexytime with a giant otter, to being swallowed by said otter mid-sexytime?... sounds like this boy got a better deal if ya ask me~