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wordplay By tangent -- Report

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if you've ever read any of my series on this website you'd know that Ambrosia is the name of my main ex-self-insert character.

still this moment was less terrifying than the day before when I opened my laptop next to him and a fucking vore commission was the first thing on my screen. I tapped away so fast to other pics on my desktop, played it as cool as possible, but I know he saw... and then this happened... and he works in tech... and is kind of nosy with my things... I have never been so careless in my life BUT thankful that he didn't seem to care or look into things further... I hope. god... lmao

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Posted by BIGBIG 8 months ago Report

That's cute and embarrassing XD
Once I was talking with a friend and he told me how weird redit can get "There is this vore fetish people get off to" At that moment I screamed out loud "VORE?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!" Everyone looked at me with suspicious eyes XD


Posted by HungryAL 8 months ago Report

One time my mates were talking about weird fetishes and how it doesn't really matter, people can't help what they like, yadda yadda...

"Oh, but there's this really weird one called vore"

I think that was the best poker face I've ever pulled. I'm just glad other people started talking and we moved on fairly quickly lol.


Posted by tangent 8 months ago Report

there are maybe 2 people in my life that are aware that this weird shit exists, and I can't tell you how many times I've had that situation... I just sorta let other people ask if they want and act super uninterested ahahaha


Posted by asdaf 8 months ago Report

I feel like I'm on the edge of my seat for some massive vore ARG saga every time i'm reading these. Some day we're going to open up with one big payoff comic about he's had a vore kink the whole time too hahaha.

But the art is so charming as always


Posted by tangent 8 months ago Report

lmaoo... this is actually a different partner, ahah... never drawn a wolverine before so I gotta work on making that more distinct.. thanks so much <3