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[Scat/WS] Morning after Date Night By MadameMaeve -- Report

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Monday morning rolls on in, and the two Móranians wake up at the same time from a set alarm. Kuksi has work, while Vanati has a meeting with her agent. The two of them instinctively make their way to the communal bathroom on their floor, though the supermodel moved just a little bit faster. Still naked, she quickly enters her water credit ID and sits herself down on the toilet.

“Too late sweetie!” She smirks, then leans forward. Relaxing her body, it automatically empties her bladder that had filled overnight with the combined waste fluids of wines and human. Her anus slowly expands and a smooth turd slides outwards. No bones, not even the slightest hint at what it used to be...

Kuksi stands near the single toilet. “Hurry up... I think our meal disagreed with me” She says quickly. “You didn't tell me about the bones! It feels so strange!” She complains. Vanati rolls her eyes.

“Sorry. I forgot all about that. Your body isn't used to such delicacies, and doesn't know how to digest them properly. It will stop being a problem in the future.” She explains. They have to avoid mentioning specifics in case anyone is listening in. The apartment is safe, but this communal space could well be monitored.

There's a mighty splash as the remains of the weekends food hits the water in the bowl of the toilet. She shifts her weight, and metal creeks.
“Damn cheap metal toilet...” she mutters, then looks up at her partner enters the stall.

“Are you done? I really can't wait...” She begs. Reluctantly, they swap. Kuksi smiles and thanks her lover as she sits down. “I'll pay for the water credits ok?” She says apologetically as she gets comfortable. Holding her front, her overly full bladder lets loose a torrent of dark yellow, and her bowel empties itself in a hurry.

The undigested bones of the humans scratch her anus as they rush past. She moans a little, and Vanati steps out of the cubicle to avoid the smell.

“I'm never eating them again...” Kuksi begins. “I feel really guilty, for... that, and also for taking them from you. Sorry. It's not for me” She apologises again. Vanati rolls her eyes and looks out the frosted window at the human city below them as two digested human remains are unceremoniously dropped into a cheap tin shitter.

“Don't worry... Just keep getting it for me and it's fine. Want a shower?” she changes the subject, partially because she's scared her reliable source of human prey might be getting faint of heart, but also because she's hearing sounds from nearby apartments. “Might as well beat the queue.”

- - - - -

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Posted by Natolin 1 year ago Report

Mmmm~ I love that you started doing more scat stuff lately :D :D


Posted by jjhanzely 1 year ago Report

O.K. I have to know.....what happened to the third?


Posted by MadameMaeve 1 year ago Report

the viewer? I suppose she went into Kuksi


Posted by Wastelander 1 year ago Report

Each one of your scat images seems to be better than the last, you truely are amazing with these. I hope to see more in the future, possibly with one of your neko characters? but regardless seeing more scat art from you made my day and i look forward to seeing what you make in the future!


Posted by MadameMaeve 1 year ago Report

thanks! But i prefer the night elf one more :P


Posted by Winny 1 year ago Report

Lovely job! Love the casualness of the scene, where the cute girls are simply treated as any other meal. And I love the aspect of detail to the remains~ Keep up the lovely work! <3


Posted by mentor9555 1 year ago Report

Awesome to see you keep doing disposal. After all it is the inevitable fate of those swallowed, and provides closure to the girl's fates. Hopefully we get some sneak peaks inside these beauties.


Posted by KimMadcox 1 year ago Report

Holy shit, I have never seen a better cgi scat scene!
That is amazing!