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[Scat/WS] Adventurer Journal – Unpleasant Exit By MadameMaeve -- Report

Adventure Journal - Day 31

This morning, I released that last human ration I had. I know it was her remains, as I was forced to look behind me and look at my leavings. That, and I've been mainly eating fruit while in this area.

I was a fool not to remove her metallic armour plating. On her departure, the armour must have been positioned in such a way as to scratch me internally. Much like a beast (Or a druid, I've seen then do it when shapeshifted) I checked behind me and saw the sharp edges of some of her armour exposed. I initially suspected it to be a bone that caused the problem, but I've rarely had issues with bones!

The slight stinging still persists now, despite having carefully washed out my rear with fresh water. It's amusing – I can sleep after the fiercest battles that see me cut and bruised, but the tiniest scratches internally are keeping me awake.

I'll be sure to check their equipment in future. Buckles and buttons my gut can handle, along with leathers and fabrics... but sheets of steel? Perhaps I could sell them.

Note to self – relieve prey of equipment and clothing, resell it when possible.

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Posted by Raesetsu 10 months ago Report

This has to be my favorite series so far from you. Particularly the disposal pics :)


Posted by Wastelander 10 months ago Report

Always a great day when get a new disposal pic from you^^


Posted by Winny 10 months ago Report

Absolutely lovely! <3


Posted by aadel57 10 months ago Report

I'd love to be eaten by you and experience this path. Is it possible?