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The Getaway Strategy By FuzzyTaco -- Report

As promised, here it is!

This is the second of two, actually the first of the two (Sound Asleep AFTER The Getaway) and considerably more normal XD

I wrote this a couple weeks ago, far before this irl chaos really ramped up. It contains much more from the original plans from Busom Friend, including the "chat-pads" mentioned in Sound Asleep. I hope you guys enjoy this one!

Similarily, with great risk I am announcing I have, and am going to be, working on something big. Really big. Really really big. Bigger than Cumforting Places big.

Cumforting Places started me on this strange journey, and I wont ever forget it, nor leave it behind. This is the first step to that journey; a book, a story to tell. I wont say any more, probably already said too much, but there it is. It's going to be a long time before anyone sees it, probably a year or more. I just have to humbly request you wait.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!

And... a lil gift~

The following bit is an Omit from the story, please don't include tags for this in the actual tags!

Warning for underage!

M/F, Cock vore, cock transformation, absorption, underage, underage pred, soft vore, same size

( . Y . ) B======>

While the case of Miss Brook is definite, eye witnesses confirming her digestion, Miss Janet Smith remains a mystery. Just yesterday police picked up the last lead in our neighboring county to the east, Police questioned Timmy Cooke, age 10, about his engorged cock:

--A video plays of a small, pudgy blonde boy with a gigantic penis, two feet taller than himself. The boy was standing in a park, under a tree. A large cum stain was below his cock head, a pale blouse, black skirt, and panties in the spunk. His balls were huge, cupped by a black and purple lacy bra, clipped around his waste. He smiled at the camera, penis twitching; “A nice lady became my pee pee,” he said, stroking his length. “She had big boobies, they’re my balls now! She asked me to make her my pee pee, she said she missed it. She gave me this nice bra for my balls.” The boy pulled on the straps, making his whole package bounce. Smiling, he holds up a phone, connected to two pads that attached to his surging testies. “The nice lady likes it when I do that! She says she isn’t named Janet, she found me in the park and put my pee pee in her mouth, and then she became my pee pee!” The boy turns the phone screen to the camera, showing the message in question. A voice asks something from behind the camera, it is illegible. “She didn’t have any bags, only boobies and a phone so I can talk to her. She says she’s named pee pee~! I gotta go now, I wanna show my mommy!” The boy runs off, the camera following him and his huge swaying member.--

Unfortunately, with Timmy Cooke or his penis unwilling to admit to being, or simply not Janet Smith, the police have been forced to let Timmy Cooke go.

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Posted by HungryAL 8 months ago Report

Ooh, excellent~ Love the betrayal, especially since they went in willingly~

Youre breast vore is best vore.


Posted by FuzzyTaco 8 months ago Report

I do love breast vore...


Posted by Godeater 8 months ago Report

Great work as always and love that betrayal.


Posted by FuzzyTaco 8 months ago Report

Thank you!


Posted by kylesylarr 8 months ago Report

Can you post the link to the thumbnail of this story?