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Ravenous Growth By Brazzel -- Report

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Two tentacles had thrust themselves past her jaws, forcing them wide as they snaked toward the coworker. Her screams were muffled as one pushed into her mouth and the other wrapped around her head. Her face was pulled into Prudence’s salivating maw, and then there was darkness. All she could hear were the muffled gulps as her body was twisted at an impossible angle into the sopping confines of a hungry gullet.

Prudence’s eyes rolled. Her tongue slurped over the woman’s shirt, then her belt. She could feel the woman inside of her. Heavy. Filling. Whatever alien hunger had possessed her was satiated with her offering and the relief was instant. As if a cool gel on her forehead, her fever was abolished. The shaking ceased. All of the pain she had held in her shoulders faded and her weariness was wiped away. With the woman tucked away inside of her, Prudence felt whole. But there was a problem.

Her stomach stretched out in front of her. It was so large that she could wrap her arms around it and when she poked it, the woman’s face briefly appeared on the surface.

“MMRMF!” she screamed.

Prudence leapt to her feet, falling onto her side as the extra weight unbalanced her. A low, shuddering burp erupted from her throat.


This was a commission for  pbysteria. It was super fun to write and I hope that ya'll enjoy!

If you didn't already know, SeekGr and I have released an illustrated novella titled Nina. It is for sale on gumroad right know and if you like alien oral vore with pictures, then you'll love this:

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Posted by pbysteria 1 year ago Report

I've told you this ton already, but I love this. Thanks for writing it!


Posted by Brazzel 1 year ago Report

Of course! Voracious transformations are some of my favorite stories to write.


Posted by rabidPsionic 1 year ago Report

That's a super interesting concept. I love it.


Posted by Brazzel 1 year ago Report

Thank you! The concept was pbysteria's. They are hella creative.


Posted by Dudeox05 1 year ago Report

Boy howdy, that was a wild ride of a story! I loved every second of it. Still totes jelly of Victor though. :)


Posted by Brazzel 1 year ago Report

Happy to hear that you liked it! And Victor is a very lucky man.


Posted by Dudeox05 1 year ago Report

Indeed he is. Thanks for writing and sharing this wonderful piece!


Posted by Bellyl0ver 1 year ago Report

Such a shame unique concept makes me wish this wasn’t a one off story. Great work as always.


Posted by Brazzel 1 year ago Report

<3 Thank you, thank you! It really is hard when a short story has a lot of reach. Not everything can be made into a novel.


Posted by mazdab 1 year ago Report

Really interesting concept, I like the transformation to pred. It’s like corruption tag on hentai site, but better. Good job!


Posted by Brazzel 1 year ago Report

Thank you! I'm a huge fan of that gradual corruption, so I am glad it came across.


Posted by CakePisces 1 year ago Report

This was amazing~!


Posted by Bright 11 months ago Report

Co-workers are like Lay's Potato Chips, you can't eat just one.

A very good story.


Posted by Brazzel 11 months ago Report



Posted by SonOfDarkness 1 month ago Report

This was awesome!


Posted by Brazzel 1 month ago Report

You're awesome.