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St. Tadgh's Academy By immortalsane -- Report

An extraordinary academy expect's extraordinary things of their often very ordinary students. And when that doesn't happen? Well...things can get a little messy...

A story in my continuing efforts to bring all the wonder's from  CindyTaur's mind to your enjoyment!

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Posted by Nightwriter 2 years ago Report

Awesome idea for a story!


Posted by immortalsane 2 years ago Report



Posted by MollyShepherd 2 years ago Report

Holy shit. This story really does it for me. And I don't even like fatal vore all that much


Posted by arlo 1 year ago Report

i think i made this comment before, but can i just say again, that you create the best worlds for your stories. even the ones where the idea came from cindy. your worldbuilding is one of the reasons you are one of, if not the, top authors i like on eka's.

like the little implied detail of the fact there is an order for demerits. first they lose clothes, then they get fucked. then eaten, or oiled if the teach is already full. with the option to 'do not pass go, do not collect your diploma, go directly to the cafeteria to be prepped for lunch' for REALLY bad performers or violators, like the star player. as well as skipping a step if said teach's sex is occupied with another student...

details like that are why i just LOVE your stuff.


Posted by immortalsane 1 year ago Report

lol, you did make this comment before, but thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my stuff!