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Sproing! internal view (color) By Strega -- Report

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Coated with a thick layer of lubricating slime to ease swallowing, the woman slides heavily into the mutant seal's vast belly. There isn't much room for anything but stomach, but sadly that means she and her partially digested son fit in there just fine.

While the seal will easily digest flesh and bone, some parts of the meal will prove harder to process. Clothing is generally made of impossible to digest materials and will be coughed up or passed, as will any body or head hair and, curiously enough, fingernails. Finding painted fingernails in a mass of coughed-up clothing or seal droppings would let you know at once what happened.

There's nothing much for the seal to do at this point but settle down and digest its meals, or maybe swim laboriously off to a quieter place to do it. It depends on how often this sort of thing happens at a particular beach. Some predators have to hide after such a meal, others can rely on the local humans shrugging and ignoring the suspiciously human-shaped bulge or maybe even giving it a belly rub. 83

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 3 months ago Report

What a touching reunion


Posted by VORPHIL 3 months ago Report



Posted by Strega 3 months ago Report

In a sense they will be together for a while. As seal fat, but still. 83


Posted by Justsomeone 3 months ago Report

God damn~


Posted by casdan3243 3 months ago Report

Ohhh, I want to hug that seal so bad! <3

BTW, it's nice to find somebody who is aware that bone is perfectly digestible, hehe :)


Posted by Strega 3 months ago Report

It depends on the predator. Most mammalian predators and many non-mammals can't digest bone. Snake can, and a lot of reptiles, and a lot of fish, and there are some mammals who are pretty good at it (like hyenas). Most of my swallow whole preds digest bones just fine because it's a bonus superpower they get with the gulping ability. 83


Posted by simalst 3 months ago Report

Love digestion of the prey and a great pic.