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It was a cold, rainy night in Neo-Gotham. Bullets of hail peppered the roofing and darts of icy moisture pelted the ground in frothing waves of vapor and rising heat off the luminescent bulbs and heaters adjacent to the plethora of buildings layering the concrete jungle. While the lights shined evermore within the storming darkness, a particular dwelling was bereft of light, devoid of inhabitants.
A decrepit building lied in a corner of Neo-Gotham, one of the few partially remodeled and rotting structures that housed the more desperate, decadent and downright miserable people of its fairy city. It was to be expected, that beyond the myriad of towering sky piercing structures there'd be the ten story buildings that used to house hundreds of people at once.
Broken window panes boarded up by poorly patch-jobs, peeling paint revealing a black tar-like dye beneath and busted to barely working A/C units to heaters installed in the sides of the poor excuses of 'homes' dotted the outside of this husk of a building. It was just an ordinary hub of poor families and sometimes small-time petty crooks, nothing out of the norm for crime in Neo-Gotham. But, as of now, the only person within was a lean body of a seventeen year old man donning the pointed-earred costume of Batman; observing the scene of the crime.
"You seeing this boss?"
Bruce couldn't help but be disturbed at what Terry was showing him on the other end of the HUD in his cowl. There was shreds of clothing, tossed about, in a mass disarray in what looked like a struggle was had. Traces of pheromones indicated it left a powerful chemical odorant behind, thankfully filtered by Batman's mask but allowed a sample to be collected into a cylinder stored in his utility belt.
"This doesn't seem to be a simple kidnapping, nor the site of a murder," The aged man leaned forward, wrinkled eyes scowled at the enhanced image on his massive supercomputer screen. "Whatever was behind this, doesn't seem to leave any evidence of human handiwork."
Terry himself concurred. This was just the latest in a series of disappearances that left strange residue, chemical compounds and signs of ample struggle or lackthereof before leaving no trace behind. The implications were disturbing, especially since all trails of the missing were cold. This home was just many in older Gotham that bordered on Neo-Gotham's territory so the only reason the investigations were being done was due to the Bat-Computer's detection of break and entering's.
The trail, however, looks recent if the slimy residue and thermal readings in his HUD were any indication.
"I think it's still here-"
The voice echoed just in the knick of time. While his cowl picked up sound and movement just shy of the old man's notice, Terry used his suit's ten fold strength enhancement and his own dexterous build to dash forward in a tumbling roll and flip back to face the sudden threat. Here, before his eyes, he felt a chill beneath his heated shield at what he saw.
It's body was a smooth sheen, reflective of its environment and had a perfect camouflage that had mimicked its surroundings like a chameleon, now returning to a sheen of violet-accented white. It had a humanoid build, with long arms and legs with spindly digits easily six inches in length each and digits on its feet similar almost like hands themselves. A muscular build across its torso with an immaculate pair of pectorals and a rippling abdomen revealed an uncanny resemblance to its human counterpart if not for the visible lack of reproductive organ; in exchange for the void it has a six and a half foot long tail, sinuously gesturing and brushing across the damp, eroding floor of the apartment building. Its thick neck led up to a pair of parted lips and blunt teeth with a pink tongue, salivating webbed drool, while the front of its face revealed no eyes or nose, but a sweeping smooth crest akin to an aquatic creature.
Looking at it gave Terry a minor headache beyond the chill, but he shook it off, readying himself for a fight.
"It appears we found a suspect for the disappearances."
"No shit, sherlock," Batman replied in a grating voice, gesturing with a hand to produce several compact batarangs, throwing them swiftly at his target. "First clue?!"
The moment he threw them, Terry saw it stand upright and twist around, catching them in midair with its thin fingers, letting them spin in between its fingers. Throwing them back, Batman barely had time to recoil as the projectiles narrowly missed him and pierced the window pane and wall behind him with frightening strength.
"Shit, it's stronger than it looks!"
"First clue, Hardy Boy?"
"Wow you ARE old!" Batman exclaimed, leaping away just as the creature pounced towards him, crushing the flooring and smashing the board-reinforced window with a loud smash. The sound of pelting ice and rain echoed outside, brushing over it and generating a voice of discomfort in a rumbling hiss, withdrawing its now wet arms. Seeing this, the detective-in-training withdrew a batarang with high voltage output, and tossed it towards the alien.
A high piercing scream that made his head ache and his body convulse just as the alien's was electrocuted. Tensing in pain, he tried to stand up but failed to do so, falling to his left onto the wall. Gritting his teeth, he looked up to see the creature-
-but then, saw it disappear, with only the outline of its cooked form with sparking fragments of its flesh left on the ground where it stood; along with the crackling batarang.
"Damn, it got spooked and ran off," Terry sneered, trying to brush off the wave of pain that had overwhelmed him. What was that sense he had felt?
"Collect its tissues. We need to analyze it in the Batcave for weaknesses."
"Sure thing, boss," Terry massaged his head, trying to block out the spasms in his mind.
"You alright? The HUD went a little static for a second there."
"I think it might've been that thing's voice or...something," Terry mumbled out, shaking his head to push through the pain. "Or that some sort've pain feedback was sent to me when I hurt it with that last batarang."
"Speculation aside, let's get that evidence."
"Right...can I deliver that tomorrow?"
"McGinnis," He threatened with a guttural tone.
"Fine-Fine! But I'm done patrolling tonight. This weather isn't comfortable travelling in, even with the thermal heating in the suit!" The teenager exasperatedly proclaimed with arms swinging in the air. Bending down to collect some of the outline of where the foot was, he thought he saw something resembling a shadow, looming just outside. Turning, he didn't see anything, and frowned, his HUD not picking anything out of the ordinary.
The headache again, and he brushed it aside as he scooped it up, ready to head to the Batcave; unaware of something stalking him in the night.
It was late at night by the time Terry returned home. Sneaking in through the window, Terry didn't want to disturb his mother or his younger brother. Disrobing the Batsuit, he packed it beneath his bed in his backpack as per ritual, and collapsed on the bed sore and exhausted. The headache had dulled as he tried to drift to sleep, his mind turning to one of fantasy.
The mere memory of the creature's build, the way its body swayed and maneuvered. Its hips moving side to side with a girth unseen by his human eyes. Its lips puckering with desire as drool pooled from its bountiful maw; its long tail swishing across the air in a sensual dance. Smooth violet-outlined white with a strong muscle build.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," He moaned softly in his dazed state, his face flushing with a crimson warmth as his near naked body arched with an undulated wave of pleasure. His member hardened to a near painful fullest as he imagined this creature doing what he knew it did. One after the other, being swallowed down its soft, pillow lips and stretching within its muscular lined gullet. Struggling and squirming, trying to press strong imprints of their human selves in their human-shaped prison only to be ruthlessly digested in such a beautiful beast.
Bucking against the bed, Terry ground against the sheets with a lip biting groan. His hands squeezed a pillow his head smothered into, imagining he was being buried in those large pecks the alien entity possessed. He sweat bountifully, dreamily imagining its presence dominate him and bring him to heights of euphoria before finally entering his stomach to rest there until nothing remained.
Shuddering, his body finally climaxed, miraculously to nothing more than the image of lust and grinding into the sheets through his tight underwear; now moist with sexual excretion. Teeth chattered as chills ran up his damp skin, the faintest of sounds being emitted into his room that brought him back to a more conscious countenance. Releasing his hold on his bed's cushion, tearing his face from its moist surface from sweat, tears and drool, he'd see a familiar but cognitively welcomed outline.
It was the alien from before, visibly unscathed from their encounter but now dripping wet from the cold rain outside. Its crest nearly touched the ceiling as its towering stature loomed over him, its shadow cast over him like a watchful guardian or a patient predator. No matter the case, the headache that he experienced transform into a magical maelstrom of pleasant feelings and good will, thrumming through the whole of his brain straight to the frontal lobe.
This led to him revealing a wide, garish smile as his normal blue eyes relaxed and his pupils widened to show a blank, mindless glee. Turning over onto his back, he rubbed his sweaty abs and push his hand beneath his undergarment, stroking his throbbing moist meat. With the other hand caressing his pecks, he looked up gayly at the creature who simply stared at him with its eye-less face with nothing but lustful attraction.
"Hey there, beautiful," Terry complimented in a husky voice, his mind suddenly abuzz with warmth, the chills becoming tingles like he entered a warm bath. His body yearned for a connection to this being; an intimacy that no human could satisfy. Unwittingly seduced by the alien -a Zerran for those unaware of their existences- and its low-level but potent psychic powers, Terry was all but ripe for the taking for this Alpha Male of its own kind.
Sensing its desire, the creature's tail slid around in a semi-circle arch around its own waist to Terry's, winding around the space just above Terry's masturbating wrist. The smooth feel of a wet, deceptively warm skin that felt textured between a soft fabric material and reinforced keratin akin to the density of carbon in fingernails. Moaning, the developed teenager watched as one loop finished rubbing across the sheets under his bed, sliding across the small of his back that made him visibly bow his body in reaction to the ticklish tingles it brought him. Finishing with a halfway cinch just above his writhing navel, it'd lift him up with surprising strength that showed no effort to this feat, angling him to hover just inches off the floor in front of it.
Breathing in and out with pants, Terry's mind was numb to anything but pleasant stimuli -enhanced by the Zerran's psychic abilities- and felt the coiled hold on him left butterflies to form in his wound gut. His chest rose and fell, sweat continuing to accumulate across his neck and face, down the length of his bare skin with some droplets sliding to the clenching cheeks of his ass right down the crack. Held this close Terry couldn't help but raise his non-pinned hand to slide his fingertips with trepidation across the surface of its shoulder. Hearing it let out a purr of approval, he swallowed a lump in his throat and continued, letting his palm caress it till he brushed across its neck. Swiping his hand over its face from the cheek, to its succulent lips over the space he assumed eyes would've been if it were human, he brushed the back of his fingers and knuckles up the top of its broad head-crest, admiring that even the skin covering it was just as smooth as the rest of its body.
Not realizing just how close his face was to the Zerran's, its mouth suddenly opened, revealing a long sinuous organ akin to a serpent if it were a tongue. Thick and pulsing, it ebbed thickly webbed drool that stretched from its widened lips, an audible crinkling sound that augmented the erotic display of its approach to a wide-eyed Terry as it reached out to brush his own lips. His mouth let loose a trembling quiver, barely able to stifle a breathy moan before the sensual organ pressed into his lips and slowly inserted its girth into his now open mouth.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," He moaned out, the sound in his throat muffled by the abundance of alien tissue dominating his orifice. His blank eyes sparked with libido, his body bucked in the tail's hold, feeling delighted by this electric connection he now shared with the creature's tongue. It swished around the cavern of his mouth, slathering it with its slobber, gunking it with its adhesive properties that left a gummy but strangely sweet aftertaste. His own tongue submitted to this preadtor, allowing it to coil and wring it for all the juices it possessed, earning a purring exhale from the young adult's nostrils. As his own saliva ebbed around the thick tendril for a tongue, dripping off his chin in thick globules that pitter-pattered the floor, he'd all but forgotten the alien had hands if he didn't suddenly feel them trace the outline of his body.
Feeling pleasant goosebumps travel up and down his musculature, the corners of his eyes teared up as the long, thin fingers of the Zerran traced the outline of his body with an experimental curiosity. From the tips of his shoulders down to wrap firmly over his bicep and triceps, he'd do the same to the arm he could reach, continually while subjected to this bizarre makeout he was having with this being. Squeezing and feeling him like a life-sized sculpture, the creature maneuverd its thumbs to make caressing circles around his pectorals, earning shivers of pleasure to emerge from that point of ministration. Ever-so slightly pricking his nipples, he'd bend his neck and gurgle around the tongue, saliva spurting in a thick curtain down his chin and stretch thickly downward between the pair in a sign of erotic arousal. Possessively it'd wrap both sets of fingers down the shoulderblades to his twitching and writhing abdomen, thumbs interlocking as he'd press and knead fine points of his lower back to his now sensitive waist just above his pinned hand stuck in his passive stroking state.
After tenderly coaxing him to another breathtaking orgasm from touch and masturbation alone, Terry felt the fingers pull apart his underwear with ease, ripping it in a single motion and left his moist and throbbing member erect. Its hands touched his hand-held cock, briefly eliciting a mewl of begging, his blank wide pupils staring with near desperation to be stroked this way. Instead, the Zerran continued to knead and caress waist down the pelvis, allowing its spindly fingers to rub his clenching and gyrating rump. Grasping each rear check fully, Terry would bow his body into the front of the Zerran, holding onto its shoulder while he gutturally exclaimed through his mouthful of tongue that he passively exuded webbed drool down the lower-half of his face. Eyes rolled as he felt his ass being tenderly gripped and possessively massaged, earning him roiling spikes of pleasure that came in waves from his groin up his gut to the top of his vibrating neck.
The Zerran must have liked his muscular hindquarters, deciding to slowly twist him around with its tail till its front was smoothly touching Terry's back down to his clenching rear. Having kept his tongue in his mouth despite facing forward, the raven-haired teenager looked down at his throbbing cock -still in hand-, his dangling legs just inches off the floor. Thin fingers laced around the undersides of his knees, pulling them up in a bending and spreading them apart with his hips, the crack between his plump nether region being more exposed, unseen to him and the being its puckering hole that clenched and pinched the air with excitement, oozing with moisture.
There was a moist sound akin peeling as the tail unwound from Terry's body in a sensual unlatching, revealing an adhesive slime trail where its skin made contact with Terry's waist and the space above his wrist. Leaving the weight of his body suspended purely by his upturned and spread knees, his eyes glanced to see the tail's end shift in shape to reveal something familiar; something closer to his own erect dick. With his mouth full of swishing gunk and thick oral tissue, all he could do was whimper in need as his buzzing brain elicited feelings of pleasure to submissing to this moment; the moment of his inevitable virginity being stolen by this beautiful alien.
His wrinkled button of an anus tingled, bundling up with instinctive resistance to the foreign protrusion testing its organic barrier. After a few pokes, it'd change tact and begin to rub a residue that made hole tingle with a numbing wave of ecstasy, making the butterflies in his suspended gut become even more erogenous in sensation. His throat gurgled with glee, his arm reaching back to hold the alien's right shoulder as he saw the faint outline of the tail begin to shove into the widening orifice between his legs.
"Nnnnnnnnnnnnnngh!" Terry groaned as the head of the membrane of the erect tail began to insert past the relaxed outer barrier. A moist crackle was heard as the appendage began sliding into his rectum, filling it with abundance and rubbing its soft mucus lined skin into his most private of chutes. It'd continue to climb higher and higher, rubbing a switch inside that made him suddenly writhe and buck in its grip, causing him to muffle out a scream of instant release of ecstasy. His blank blue eyes and wide pupil saw stars, riding high into this rising wave of euphoria the thicker the intrusion was and the more muscle that caressed this sensitive spot. Even as his body bucked and squirmed in hand, his flushed face turned to look at his partner, suddenly feeling the tongue surge downward while its plump lips pressed firmly into his at an erotic turn of both their necks.
"Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmm! Nnnngh!" Terry moaned in breathy grunts, feeling his throat submit to swallowing bumps down his throat and extended down his esophagus towards his stomach. Meanwhile his intestines bulged and writhed, the skin of his rippling abdomen extending outward to reveal the trail of the appendage as it crawled up his insides like a hungry snake beneath the sand. The crackling of a moist membrane turned into a sloshing slide as moisture spurted around his gorging ass, the wide length of the tail at its widest at this point as the phallic shaped tip thrust past the winding tubes of his innards to suddenly press straight into the stomach, synchronized with the bountiful tongue that felt ceaseless in its downward plunge.
Eyes clenched shut, eyes tearing up in abundance with cheeks a rosy red and his face emitting bullets of sweat along with the rest of his muscular build. Withdrawing back several inches, the tail would thrust back through the winding bulge his stretched gut made along with his tongue. The breath was taken out of his stressed lungs, his nostrils wheezing and his throat emitting a strained whine. Every pulsating thrust and withdrawl was met with purrs and panting whines, his chest rising and falling with every internal stabbing motion made by either appendage lanced down his throat or up his ass. Eliciting waves of ecstasy from the core of his gut to the front of his face, down his tickling neck and around the sculpt of his shoulders and sides to the tips of his fingers and toes, his raging cock continued to emit a stream of precum as his balls bundled up in imminent release.
Feeling release inevitably reach, the creature coaxed him into riding this high into a new height of pleasure he's never experienced. Eyes fluttered in between his ceaseless makeout, swallowing motions passively around his throat while his ass continued to slosh noisily in a seesawing repetition that accelerated with an eager lust. Moans came in swift pants through his nostrils, spikes of warmth and tingles of pleasurable pricks dotted his being at every angle, bundling up at his bulging core of his abdomen just beneath his prick. Instead of stroking himself off, he allowed only the sensitive ardors of his lovemaking do it, staving it off by throwing both of his arms over his shoulders to wrap interlocked behind the Zerran's neck.
Then, it happened. A guttural scream dampened by his throat-full gag was released into the alien's, it in turn purring with a hissing satisfaction of mutually assured ecstasy had been reached. Terry bucked and squirmed, his throbbing member releasing a bounty of cum the likes of which the previous orgasms hadn't enabled before. Streams of white sprayed the room, joining the floor with the thick adhesive drool and bounty of sweat that enamored its surface, creating the perfect atmosphere of musk and odor to reflect the sex that had been achieved.
The slow withdrawl was pleasurable in of itself, even to the exhausted Terry. His mind continued to buzz as he lethargically grinned past his receding gag. Half-lidded, he cooed as his stomach was emptied and his intenstines were slowly pulled out. A grinding crinkle was heard as the tail slurped out of his gaping asshole, revealing a bounty of thick fluids escaping his orifice, similarly to the wave of saliva that left Terry's mouth with the creature's as the tongue finally pulled back with a succulent pop. Drunkenly grinning back, he kissed its lips again with a tired groan, rubbing the back of its crest with sensual reciprocation to the delicious feelings he was given.
In the midst of kissing, he felt something happen. The lips that he kissed into began to spread apart, sliding over his nose and across his dripping chin, stretching up and over his eyes. As he blinked past a curtain of webbed drool, he'd see the dark faint outlines of dull teeth and a noxious scented cavern of pink gooey muscles and tissue making up its maw. The mere sight of it brought a subdued chill of delight to his being, bringing shivers to his skin as goosebumps emerged his warm flesh. Allowing this to transpire, he let out a whimpering mewl as the mouth fully captured his head as the tongue slid out to twine around his neck and around his shoulders.
With the aid of its hands and tail, it angled him up horizontally as its mouth stretched like a python's, taking in its human quarry while its sweat, drool and cum stained body shivered and writhed with futile resistance amidst its cognitive surrender. Feeling Terry's face slide down its tight tube of a throat, his shoulders would join with muscular biceps and triceps, the pectorals down to its abdomen being ingested in gulp after gulp. The raven-haired teenager felt in heaven with gunk sliding over his body, caking his hair in goop and covering his face in a webbed curtain of excretions its throat made on his trip down. The muscles of its body massaged and gripped him at every corner, bringing out a lip-biting groan as he squirmed back, letting his predator know that he was enjoying the process of being eaten alive.
Clenching hands joined a throbbing cock, passing its spread lips with a tingling spike that made him cum over his saliva and sweat covered navel. A clenching rump was followed by rubbing thighs and caressing knees, leaving his legs to gesture and toes to wiggle with rapt anticipation. With the majority of his body tightly squeezed down, the latest wave of peristaltic motions brought his head through a throbbing inner mouth that latched over his head and pinched him through into the stomach, the last stop in his journey inside the Zerran. As his legs were pulled in, his feet moved ever-so slightly before finally being pressed by succulent lips and pulled in by a winding tongue.
"Nnnnnnnngh, so goooooooood," He moaned out, feeling his body bundle up in a fetal position within the creature at an inverted angle. Despite the position, the insistent pressure of muscular padding, sloughing fluids that numbed the surface of his skin and soon weaken his muscles to do nothing but relax to his ultimate surrender. Stretching out with gleeful mischieve, he moaned with joy, raptured by the psychic dominance that led to his complete devouring by this beautiful entity. His masculine bulge was so defined from the outside that the Zerran could trace them idly with the tips of its fingers.
Curling up on the bed, it'd fall asleep with its prey, knowing he'd disappear in the morning. Slowly the squirms became less consistent, and overall make-up turned into a sloshy bulge with no distinct outline and no sound came of it. Shrinking, the alien left no sign as it didn't excrete waste like animals and humans did of this planet. As morning would come, a persistent knock came after this dwelling's mother vacated. Curious, it stretched like a feline and unwound from its position, leaving the damp bed and treaded over the sticky floor towards the door.
"Terry, mom said you have to give me a ride to my friend's house. Get off your lazy butt and" Matt began to say until he saw what opened the door. The tall, crest-headed being observed the boy below, his head getting a headache just looking at it, menacingly blocking the path to the room. Seeing shreds of his sibling's clothes on the floor and a messied bed beyond with no sign of his older brother, he could only swallow before he took a step back-
Only for the tail to whip out and wind up from his boxer-covered thighs up his tee-shirt layered shoulders!
"Hey! Nnnngh!" He groaned out, feeling the tight constriction as the younger brother was hoisted off the ground and lifted up towards the creature's face. Emitting something akin to a smirk, the squirming boy could do nothing but let out a strained yelp. "Let me go-MMMMPH!"
Smothered by a pair of lips smooching over his, Matt would feel his throbbing headache give way to a bubbling cauldron of buzzing endorphins, overflow from the center of his forehead to the back of his cranium. Blinking with confusion, he straighted in a futile grasp beyond the tail that squeezed tightly against his body, his legs kicking with hands scrunching up at his sides. The lips that smooched against his mouth squeaked and sucked, erotically its lips to push its tongue straight into the younger brother's mouth and billowing his orifice.
"HLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHH!!!" He squelched out as his cheeks stretched out, his throat swallowing wads of the creature's saliva as his head continued to churn out positive static in his brain. The panic was still present, but slowing down, subsiding to a slower pace as he was submitting to the oral domination and the tail's constriction on the whole of his body from the bunched up shoulders down to his wrists by his scrunched up, revealed waist.
Tracing its spindly fingers on Matt's face, the boy shuddered as he felt a wave of nirvana pass from his head down into his now deeply breathing chest and roiling tummy. Looping past the straps of his sleeves, it'd slowly tear them off, pulling the tatters between the bands of its tail with nary but his undergarments and socks below. Rubbing its cool fingers across his skin, he shivered and felt tingles from every point it brushed across his bare surface from the shoulders over the back to the top of his non-coiled chest.
Pushing its hands past the coiled body to his buns and legs, it'd ministrate much to his chagrin, though his body complied in visible twitches that indicated his spikes of pleasure. Groaning past the smooching and mouthful of tongue, his eyes teared up as his boxer covered rump was gripped and separated, the fingers sliding up and down the recesses of his crack. Teasing it beyond the fabric, he recoiled, showing his unwillingness to submit even to that.
Pulling his legs apart by its hands, he was pushed till he was face-to-face and his body splayed against its large chest. The coils unwound from his body and -with a hidden excretion that moistened his pert hole- the phallic shaped edge of the tail then plunged deep into his hole.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPHHHHHHHHH!!!" He squealed beyond his oral invasion, suddenly feeling his hands grip its shoulders, fingers trying to dig into his flesh as his bottom undulated to the large insertion into his rectum. Audible squelches were heard in his ears as his innards were pillaged, the smooth shape of the skin running into his belly extended it, stretching it outwards in a delightful mixture of pain and ecstasy, furthering his heights of nirvana the psychic Zerran was subliminally casting on his young mind. Groaning all throughout, his hands soon were around the creature's neck, his face angling to kiss even deeper with it.
"HMPH! HMPH! HMPH!" Matt moaned with audible huffs, his muffled wails only competing with his sweaty, bare munds receiving a steady plowing that stretched and twined within his guts in a delectable manner. Feeling like an arm and a half was teasing sensitive spots that he didn't knew were sensual, he continued to scream through the thick oral muscle that was edged into his throat. Swirling within his innards, it'd press outward and stretch his abdomen, much to his disbelief but the mental domination inflicted on his person inhibited him from protest.
Withdrawing his body, Matt felt his body anchored by the tail wedged upp his rump and thoroughly savaging his rectum. His arms slid off the slick body and legs hung limp as he'd still have the long tongue stuck in his mouth, ebbing fluids that leaked abundantly over his chin and across his sweaty shirt-covered chest. Glazed eyes looked at the creature's face and craned to look down, seeing his navel shove outward till it was nearly two feet outward.
Turning around, he'd feel himself propped around like a puppet till he was shoved over the bed that smelled of Terry's pheromones and damp sweat that had yet to dry out. With a tendril-like tongue still embedded into his mouth, he'd feel the weight of the creature shove him deep into the quilt and the force of the tail begin to drive harder into his body.
The first thrust brought out a squealing wheeze, his eyes widened and blank, tears leaking abundantly from his orifices as he couldn't comprehend the amount of stimuli he was receiving. Fire burned him from his abundantly filled rump all the way through his intestines and up past his stomach. Every lancing thrust brought out a host of stars in Matt's eyes, the young one finding himself brought to the edge of euphoria with every piston into his rump he felt. Grunting with every motion, his hands gripped sheets and his face buried into the pillow; smelling Terry's scent that had mingled with this beautiful alien that was now raping him aplenty.
"HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH! HRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMM!" Screaming through the throat-filled gag, his whole body wracked with the motion that creaked the bed and squelched noisily to his reddened ears. His mind was a constant thrum of endorphins, his face tingling with pleasure and his mouth spread into a delirious smile around his tongue-filled maw. Suckling more intently on the mouth, he'd feel his head turn to the left to see a pair of succulent lips plant over his own, bringing his eyes to a rolling close.
"*Why does this feel so goooooooooooooooooood?*" Matt thought, his mouth puckering and smacking moistly against the much larger lips of the Terran's. A cacophony of pleasing tingles spread across his mind, prickling around his cheeks and continuing to coax him to smiling around the girth of the creature's tongue. He submitted to its oral invasion, grunting through his nostrils as his rump continued to be grounded from his wide boi pussy lips all the way to the bottom of his esophagus. The top of the extraterrestrial's hindquarters raised up and thrust its fifth appendage with repeated pistoning effort into the sibling of its previous meal, wishing to carry on just as long as it did before.
For a moment, Matty thought it was finished when it tickled the bottom of his neck from the inside, and that it reached as far as it could go. Then he was proven wrong in a surprising shift of posture to allow it to rest on its back. With its hands it'd grab his shoulders till he was seated on the tailupright, his mouth still tethered by the elongated pink colored tongue stretching from the smooth grey skinned entity.
Blinking blearily, the raven haired boy glanced down, seeing the tail's curve just beneath his hardened erection that leaked jism. Swallowing down saliva that wasn't passively leaking around his gorged mouth and sliding off his chin wetly, he spread his legs over the smooth waist of the creature and begin to impale himself further. To his purring delight he'd see the monstrous outline of the tail shove past his midriff up between his chest. Juices leaked around his lips as his dreamy eyes continued to leak tears as he'd begin to forcibly rise and fall on the appendage, much to the hissing glee of the creature making love to him.
"MMM! MMM! MMM! MMM! MMM! MMM! MMM!" Matt groaned with timed effort, his naked saliva and sweat coated chest gleaming in the window's light from the new day lingering on the outside. Anyone who'd pay a glance could see his undulations from far below, bucking in a sexual gyration on the unseen lover of his. More and more the rape to his insides translated into a sweet electric buzz that he couldn't quantify nor did he want to stop happening.
Squelching lips of his nethers rose up and down, splurting out a copious amount of fluid around the appendage over to the smooth alabaster skin below. His belly jiggled and stretched, showing the detailed appendage through his own skin, invasively writhing within to bring him more of a stirring nirvana. His bouncing cocklet continued to leak and drip milky-white drips, his prebubescent body veering on the urge of ecstasy that he had never experienced in his whole life.
Then, he felt the terran shove its hips up along with its curved tail in time with his latest impaling descent. The tip of the tail erected into his throat, bringing a tickling surge that was stretching his neck outward with its indented worming trail. Even with a mouth of tongue still filling his orifice, he felt an additional intrusion pass from the back of his uvula and flatten his tongue to the bottom while twirling around the thick mass of oral tissue.
Withdrawing the tongue back with a sinuous slurp, the fifth appendage of the alien slipped out of Matt's mouth, much to his eye bulging awe and glee. With such an enormous girth stretching his jaws to capacity, having filled him all the way from bottom all the way through over his lips, the tearing and gorged Matt couldn't help but whimper with a wheezing delight. He could practically stay here, forever resting with a massive limb shoved straight through his body and resting out of his packed maw.
Then, it began to move back in and then thrust back out.
"HNGH-HNGH-HNGH-HNGH-HNGH-HNGH-HNGH!" Matt screamed in rapid breaths through his nostrils, pupils becoming pins and his face a blushing red from the stimuli he was receiving. Every part of him from his perfortated rump all the way through his belly up his chest and across his throat out of his mouth was a rollercoaster of pleasing signals. The pain was all but dampened by the psychic waves subliminally washing his brain with nothing but pleasure. The fiery nerves brushed back and forth to capacity was all interpreted as amazing joyful thrums of the most sublime kind.
Peaking at the end, Matt could only surrender to a sudden climbing whiteness that filled his gaze and overwhelmed his entire nervous system. Arms spasmed at his sides, hsi legs kicking, juices spurting around his mouth and his little cock sprayed a juvenile bounty over his chest and onto the alien's. Thrusting through him even though he had orgasmed, the creature let out a growl and arched him till his tail-protruding mouth planted over the puckering lips of the terran's. The tail undulated through him, continuing to thrust him even as Matt felt like a sack of puddy and buzzing currents.
Then, it growled ominously and the tail spilled excretions in Matt's broad mouth just as an alien tongue swished its salty-sweet load over him. With transparent fluid leaking around the creature and Matty's lips, they lied there, kissing passionately while the young adolescent half-closed his eyes in complete resignation. His body had become a sea of blissful warmth, shuddering at the feelings he was bestowed by this wonderful creature.
Swallowing the tail back as it'd gently pull out of him through his gaping boi pussy, the terran rubbed his sweaty body from his shoulders down to his plush rump. Squeezing it like dough, Matt now bucked into its grip, moaning at the kneading touch that he was being given while slowly kissing the creature back. He had all but forgotten why he had come here in the first place, or that Terry was most likely eaten by this thing. It was such a beautiful thing that he didn't wish to think about anything other than what it was doing to him.
Retracting through his abdomen, their lips separated, allowing Matt to see its thick tongue that danced from its parted puckering lips and swirling into his mouth. Humming around it, he bobbed his head mindlessly in the twisting path it had in his jaw, rolling his tongue sorely with it to be receptive to the entity's whims. Hearing it purr while it squeezed his sumptuous rump, the tongue from the inside of his jaw pulled him back to smooch decadently with it while continuing to pull its massive prehensile appendage out of his ass.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," He moaned blissfully, his eyes returning to normal size while its pupils expanded to reflect his gormless submission to the creature's psychic brainwashing. He was now completely infatuated with this beast as much as Terry was. He loved the way it made him feel, the rough way it fucked him, and how it had forcibly took his young body to make it his. This new sense of purpose made him love feeling treated like a piece of sexy meat, to be admired, touched and violated at its own wish.
With the last stretch withdrawn with a squelching pop, Matt purred into the mutually purring Terran's mouth as he felt his gaping ass wink in the open air. With a sense of belonging, Matt stroked his palms over the creature's sides, caressing it with endearment while staring at its eye-less face as it continued to kiss him back in a gentle way. He felt so complete, so warm, and so lost in this haze of lust that he didn't want to do anything else but this.
But the creature had other plans. The tail -still moist from violating his innards- slid around the top of his squeezed rump over his waist till it cinched around above his navel. Hoisting him upward, Matt felt the tongue leave him with a juicy slurp, his parted lips leaking a thick dollop of drool connected to the entity's tongue. Limply held in its grip, he'd watch his naked, dripping body shine in the Sunlight of the morning and dangle his feet just above its thick lips.
Lips that stretched open into a wide mouth, full of pink tissue lubricated by saliva and awaiting his inevitable descent.
"Uuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh," Matt groaned out with sublime pleasure the moment his toes sank in between its parted lips. A shudder pasted up his shins over his spine and tickled the back of his persistently thrumming skull. Bleary eyes stared with a transfixed sense of desire, his parted lips going from dumbfoundment into a delirious grin once more. He'd watch his feet slide into a sumptuously soft, tight space that gripped and pulled him with swallowing motions that gulped loudly on the outside.
Passing down into the open mouth, he'd feel its vague impressions of teeth slide over his calves and over his knees. The tongue wrapped around his thighs to pull him inside faster, the heels of his feet making impressions in its neck and down between its thick masculine pectorals. The deeper he went in, the more he felt ecstasy. It spiked with a hidden spice of deep down behind his suppressed frontal lobe that something wasn't right, but it was making the rest of his controlled grey matter radiate with kink. So what if this wasn't going to end well? So long as he felt good, it didn't matter to him.
Biting his lower lip, he bucked his hips as his thighs sank past its bountiful lips and coast his rock hard member into the soft enclosure within. Humming beneath his teeth impressed lip, his eyes squinted shut and his neck pulled back as he'd release a breathy whine at the feeling of its tongue over his genitals and rump. Grinding around in a naughty circle within its jaws, he felt himself brought to a temporary spike of ecstasy as he climaxed yet again within so many minutes.
Shivering with pleasure, he'd feel it swallow vibrating his skin, his puckered anus pulling in saliva and internal juices much to his delight. His limp fingers were pulled in with his midcenter, the navel that breathed in and out with dips of saliva-cum-sweat caking it with a thick lush. Pulled in with another decadent swallow, Matt looked down and opened his smiling mouth in awe, watching his body sink farther inwards and feel his belly inch deeper into the larger gullet of the muscular creature. A tongue slid out to wrap around his shoulders up his neck and enter his mouth, bringing out a bristling moan that made Matt's eyes close shut with submission; soon bringing him in a swift motion from his waist all the way to his neck.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Matt hummed through the tongue's kiss, feeling it part just as his face slid slickly along with his hair into its mouth. The psychic pulses that kept his mind satiated continued to caress him from the inside while he physically stretched through the beast's insides. The alien smiled as it 'looked' down at the bulge of the boy, wrestling anxiously as he'd be deposited as a smaller yet still prominent bulge within its amply shaped abdominal region.
Then, the sound of the phone rang from the inside of the apartment, startling the creature. It was enough to break its persistent hold of psychic suppression over Matt as his curled up position within a slick padded sac wrapped around him covetuously. Some partitions of the slimy surface brushed over him with an almost sentient kind of attention, brushing between the crack of his rump and teasing his gaping boi pussy. Others just kneaded into his arms and legs, letting out soothing squeezes in an attempt to sedate him naturally while his head was rubbed from behind.
But the vague impression of being trapped, violated and the memory of him being assaulted brought for the awareness in the dazed boy's mind.
"T-Terry?" Matt tried to mutter, pressing his arms against the padded contortions of liquid flesh. "M-Mom? Where am I? Is anyone there?"
Panic began to wrack in his gut as he began to breathe in a noxious scented pocket of air that was sustaining him at the moment. Feeling the sac move with the motion of his predator, he remembered seeing the slimed remains of his brother's clothes and the creature standing where his sibling once was. A swift constriction, a smug smirk, and then a forceful kiss brought on with a molesting hunger that now coerced him into this delicious place.
One that he didn't want to be a part of any longer!
"H-Hey! Someone help! I'm stuck!" He tried to call out, kicking his feet visibly at the lower curve of the creature's belly. Even as it slid open Terry's window and began to crawl across the vertical surface outside of their apartment to the roof, its tail swishing back and forth with cat-like satisfaction, the impression of Matt continued to resist with muffled cries.
"Hmph! Smthnn! Imph bnff etng! Dngh lfff ngh dgrrst mf!" Was all that came out of Matt's hollers, barely registered even to the creature's own adept hearing. Crawling up to the top of the apartment, it'd yawn and lay on its back, letting its hands rub the bumps that Matt kicks made. At one point, even his face pushed up through his boyish bulge, with his hands and feet spreading outward as hard as he could.
"HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!" He screamed as hard as he could, wishing for his mom to come save him or anyone. He'd even take the dark knight swooping in, like that time he was kidnapped by that bizarre hunter.
SLowly, the liquid tissue ensnared his arms and legs, pulling him back into the center to relieve the tension of his pushes. His appendages were encircled by rubbing stomach tissue, leaving a prehensile one to push porously into his gaping boi pussy, much to his chagrin. He let out a yipping whine, biting his lip and bending his head into the padding behind him.
Padding that wrapped around his heand to frame his reddened, panting face.
"H-Help...please...someone...a-anyone," He began to say weakly, feeling exhaustion kick in as the slime numbed him of his strength along with the carressing flesh that brought him a new wave of ecstasy. A new bout of psychic waves implanted into his mind, bringing a delirious grin on his face once more while his pupils stretched till they filled his whole socket. A tendril of stomach tissue arched around and slid it between his lips, causing his eyes to close and his mouth to suckle on the tendril while others began to knead and violate him once more.
With Terry and Matt now just meals for the Terran, there was nothing left in Gotham to stop its voracious rampage!
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Beyond Seduction - The Complete Edition By EVAR25 -- Report

Terry McGinnis encounters a strange alien that has been leaving no witnesses or survivors; soon making him an ample quarry to be seduced next, and devoured by the beautiful creature. (Complete Edition for those who wanted a more prolonged session with Matt McGinnis and the Predator; complete with alternate ending)

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that was pretty hot


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Glad you liked it ;) I wanted both brothers to have a passionate lovemaking so this was my endeavor to deliver in that regard.

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One typo in 3rd to last paragraph. "That wrapped around his heand." likely you meant head. Otherwise, amazing as always!


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