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Hello, I'm EVAR25. For the past 2-3 years I've written a number of erotic stories but the most common theme I've come to enjoy is Vore of many types. Whether its through the maternal consumption of unbirth, the unnatural absorption of a plush monster or just a charming snake I produce all forms of voracious content. If you guys have any particular requests I strongly suggest you PM me instead of flooding my shout-box with ideas (which I may or may not get to in the near future).

I'm happy to be part of this community! Please comment away to let me know your thoughts!

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Melody had an unexpected friend. While it wasn't uncommon that she'd meet people across the sea, it was far more puzzling to find out another nation much larger than her father's existed. Simply called The United Kingdom it apparently was a much larger island that ruled from an empire across the world. When her quaint island was visited by those who sought to escape a terrible war, they graciously accepted those that were affected by the conflict. Among them was a family of three. Wendy - the mo

Caulifla was a determined warrior.
Despite it having only been a month since the Tournament of Power, she had reached heights of strength she had never even dreamed of obtaining. She and Kale had become easily the strongest sans Hit, and that left little in the realms of a real challenge. She had halfway considered challenging Champa to a fight, but remembered how scary he was; not to mention his caretaker was way too strong for her to treat the two of them lightly.
Doctor Rota

Morinth couldn't believe it; she survived the suicide mission. More than that, everyone somehow managed to make it through to the other side. It was all thanks to the Commander's desirable ability to command under pressure and think of tactical strategies to help hone them into a well polished fighting machine. The experience was both terrifying to behold of what the Collectors were capable and the daunting precedent of what the Reapers wanted all life in the cosmos to end up as.
In a w

Terry was exhausted.
He had to head back home to relieve himself of the latest ass kicking he had incurred not on just the bad guys, but himself. The Jokerz gang he had to deal with was just one of many he had trouble keeping up with, back to back, all in a single night. He had been punched, kicked, zapped, set on fire and even electrocuted. Thankfully the suit had taken the brunt of it but that also meant it was in a definite need of repair.
Concealing it under his bed, he snu

It was a cold, rainy night in Neo-Gotham. Bullets of hail peppered the roofing and darts of icy moisture pelted the ground in frothing waves of vapor and rising heat off the luminescent bulbs and heaters adjacent to the plethora of buildings layering the concrete jungle. While the lights shined evermore within the storming darkness, a particular dwelling was bereft of light, devoid of inhabitants.
A decrepit building lied in a corner of Neo-Gotham, one of the few partially remodeled and

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EVAR25's Blog - Ideas? Posted 2 years ago

Due to my reinvigoration in writing content here, I was willing to lend an olive branch to those that enjoy my writing style and stories overall here. I'm willing to hear out requests for continuations, ideas for new stories and different angles of Vore I haven't tried yet or dabbled much with. Now I may not take all of these to heart but I'm always open to suggestions to create a more broad portfolio for all of you (including myself) to enjoy.

So break out the New Year wish list, cause I'll do what I can to fulfill those I find the most appealing to me ^^

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Posted by th31and0nly 1 year ago Report

IT's alive, it's ALIIIIIIVE! A-hahahahaha!

Well, there's my anwser as of 3 days ago! Welcome back, my man.


Posted by th31and0nly 1 year ago Report

Hey, Evar: just thought I'd ask how things were going given the current climate...AND admitedly because I'm curious if you've been handed any spare time to fill with your enrapturing writing talent?


Posted by anyonarex 1 year ago Report

Love your work man, really good stories here.


Posted by cerealkillerx 1 year ago Report

Hey, man. It’s been a couple of months now and I haven’t heard anything from you about my commissions?


Posted by Kooshmeister 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To EVAR25

What else do you plan to have Matt eaten by? ;)


Posted by Kooshmeister 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To EVAR25

Heh, I've had a minor crush on him, myself. ;)


Posted by Kooshmeister 1 year ago Report

Love your Matt McGinnis stuff!


Posted by blademaster24 2 years ago Report

hello, I sent you a pm and was wondering if you are willing to try it?


Posted by Darklord442 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To EVAR25

I thought you were hoping to have 1 or 2 of them eating by something else


Posted by Darklord442 2 years ago Report

Did you even decide which creature you would use for the stories with Sakura,Ino and Yugao?

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