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Trevor was walking down a beach

, wearing just his yellow swim trunks. He

nice build form surfing for many years

, brown hair and eyes



a tanned skin. He dropped out of college at 20 years old and was now during the beach party of his life.

Dishonor (semi-willing, suicide, necro)
“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” a Bancholeomon growled to a Leomon who was kneeling in front of him. Behind this Leomon there were the other disciples. Some other Leomons, Grapleomons, Iceleomons and other variants.
The Leomon was staring downwards, not daring to raise his eyes to his master. “No, master. I…don’t have any excuses for that.”
This Leomon in question participated in an annual competition among

It was warm summer afternoon at the


Farm. At the living room of the main house, there was a 65 year old


called Norman


. He was quite big, with big muscular arms and legs, a barrel chest, but with a big, yet firm round belly. His blond


Bobby was quite excited for that night. He was having one of his friends over for dinner and they would have lots of fun together, so Bobby was preparing a nice dinner for both of them.

Bobby was a grey wolf and he wasn’t very tall, at about



The life



wasn’t glamorous. It was extremely tiring and repetitive for the most part. They had to fight over and over again, getting wounded and nearly killed every time they got to the battlefield.

The squabbles between nations and factions were endless.

The full moon was shining brightly in the sky, there weren't any clouds and the countless stars made it all a magnificent view. At least it would be a fantastic view for those interested in this sort of thing.

In a forest, heavy steps echoed through the woods, scaring many animals trying to sleep. These steps belonged to a creature that looked like a mix of several animals. He had the body of a bear, the head of

The smell of sweat and blood was strong in the air. Hundreds of mammals, prey and predator, from all species and sizes, were watching and cheering on the fight happening on the stage before them.
A zebra and a leopard, in their mid twenties, were exchanging blows non-stop against each other. Both were males, they had strong and muscular bodies and they were naked as well, with their dicks half hard and they fought.
Not surprisingly, at least for those watching, they were both smiling. After all,

It was a calm,

warm Sunday morning. Melissa, a


wolf in her 40’s, was sleeping soundly under her covers. She was quite

fit herself and was deemed a


around the neighborhood. It didn’t bother her, in fact, she liked the attention. Ever since her husband died

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I remember there was a website with some dedicated vore stories, some 9if not all) were willing ones. Unfortunatelly, I only remember a single story there, which was about a group of men driving to a lake filled with fish (or eels, I don't recall anymore) and they were all devoured by them and they had pleasurable deaths while doing so.

Does anyone remember this website?

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