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Chubby Camille By Asaneman -- Report

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Camille yawned as she stretched her arms above her head, feeling the way her heavy jugs perched on her chest while her chubby gut sagged out below.

I really overdid it this time… this is way above maximum glide weight!

The bat frowned as she pinched one of her watermelon-sized black-furred breasts, feeling the sumptuous squish of her fat and the faint sloshing of the fertile fluids within. Her other hand dug into the folds of chub on her belly, disturbing the meaty chyme still sluicing its way through her bowels.

“Ugh, I’m so… fat.”

Eating an entire family of gryphons was a decision Camille both relished and regretted. Her whole body felt warm and heavy; her rump and thighs had expanded as well, becoming a pair of juicy black spheres perched atop curvaceous pillars of chub. None of her clothes had a chance of containing these kinds of curves, so she stood completely nude.

Orbs of entrapment just made it so easy to get carried away! After an encounter with a manticore (apparently the last of its kind) Camille had bartered with its stinger, plus some dire wolf bones, to pick up more of those enchanted glass spheres for just such an occasion as this; so she wouldn’t be defenseless if she was attacked by multiple magical creatures at once. She just didn’t expect to have to use them so soon! The orbs were still clacking around in her guts somewhere, empty of their occupants and ready for reuse as soon as she managed to... retrieve them. The gryphons who attacked her now existed merely as bat pudge weighing down Camille’s bust, bouncing on her juicy butt, stuffing her thighs and wobbling on her belly.

The bat glanced back toward the rocky hill in the distance where she’d met the gryphons prior to riding the wind to her current location and making camp. Well, at least she’d eliminated a threat for the locals as well. She doubted there were any more than five gryphons roosting on that skinny piece of rock!

Camille slapped her gut with a chuckle. As inconvenient as it was, it was deeply satisfying to transform dangerous magical beasts into wobbly bat curves. The walk to Hythe would be a good start toward working off all this gryphon flab.

As she took her first steps, Camille was alerted by an urgent gurgle from her midsection. She groaned and clutched her belly as a sudden turmoil arose within. Her belly rapidly expanded to fill her arms and she lost balance, falling forward onto her black belly, which now matched the size of a fully grown gryphon!

Uuwoooorph! U-umph! Aw, c’mon! I thought all you guys were digested!”

Camille’s plump bosom rested atop her belly like a pair of black pillows and her thick rump was forced up in the air, leaving her in a rather compromising position. She poked her gut in frustration as the fresh occupant squawked and squirmed for freedom. It seems one of the gryphons rode out its imprisonment in the sphere even as its kin broke free and were melted by the bat’s gut. Camille realized her stomach seemed oddly tight around the gryphon’s features and, shifting around a bit, she noticed a distinct discomfort.

Oh no… is he… inside my intestines?! The orb must have been sucked down into her guts with the rest of the gryphon-chyme, leaving him stuck in her bowels! Gods, what am I supposed to do about this? I can’t digest him in there!

Just then, the bat’s ears twitched at a rustling from the trees. A figure emerged; orange fur that turned dark brown at the wrists and shins; large triangular ears and a pointed muzzle; a red fox. And quite a voluptuous one at that, with a distinct sway to her hips as she approached the downed bat.

“Hello there,” she said, her voice smooth like honey.

“Who are you?” Camille replied curtly, reaching for her bag in case she needed to defend herself.

“No need to be defensive, dear. I’m here to help.” The fox brought her large, fluffy tail before her and spun it around like a windmill, concealing her body behind it for a moment. By the time the rotation completed, her appearance had changed; her fur was a light cream color with red markings. Her facial features were more rounded, almost mystically so. “You can call me Kea.”

Camille’s eyes lit up with recognition. A Kitsune! One of the protectors of Hythe!

Kea knelt before the bat’s squirmy gut and placed a palm on it with a knowing smile. “That looks like a gryphon.”

Camille nodded while blushing, feeling a bit embarrassed at being so exposed to such an important stranger in the middle of the woods! “Uh, yeah. I think he’s in my intestines, though, so that’s kind of a problem…”

“Just the kind of problem I can help with.” The kitsune closed her eyes and muttered under her breath, weaving a magical pattern with her hands before placing them on the bat’s belly. Camille gasped as she felt a sudden surge of energy… followed by a cacophony of gurgles and an odd pulsation from her gut!

“W-whoa! What did you do?”

“That was a spell that should let you absorb the gryphon directly through your bowels. It’s… a favorite of mine, if I’m honest.” Camille noticed the faintest smile appear as the kitsune spoke.

“It’s still going to take a while to process him, though… especially for an herbivore like you. I think I’ll stick around and help you out, hmm?” the fox continued, already running her hands over the groaning black-furred dome.

“Th-that’s, uh… very generous of you, miss Kea,” Camille replied, blushing a little deeper. She’d gotten a fox girl to rub her belly before, but never a kitsune!

“Nonsense. You’ve just done my job for me, this is the least I can do in return.” Kea dug her hands deeply into the gurgling bat belly, the gryphon already becoming mushy and malleable. “By the way, you’ll likely notice more… gains from this method than the traditional way. Hopefully that doesn’t bother you.”

Camille inwardly groaned. I’m not going to fly for MONTHS. But still… having the magic fox’s hands kneading the trapped gryphon into mush to fuel her absurd batgirl curves even further… maybe that was a worthy trade.

I wonder what they do for fun in Hythe…


Finally a picture of my own featuring Camille, after dining on a variety of mythical beasts!
Story write up by  Smuxray! Thanks so much for it!

If you want to see more of her, you can find some here:


Camille is mine

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Posted by Savagerush012 6 months ago Report

With all that thickness, I don't think she'll be flying anytime soon.

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Posted by Asaneman 6 months ago Report

innit that the truth

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Posted by strijing987 6 months ago Report

Cute and thicc? I love it

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Posted by Asaneman 6 months ago Report


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Posted by Speciesunkn0wn 6 months ago Report

I wanna hug that huge, fluffy bat. She looks so soft and snuggly~

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Posted by TotalMickey 5 months ago Report

Fantastic story and art fameroni, simply wonderful!

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