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Fat Freya By Asaneman -- Report

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“Hmmmn….” Freya hummed to herself while resting against her engorged and practically roaring belly which had contained an opponent she never expected to encounter…let alone defeat in such an unconventional and lurid fashion. She thought back to the large, black scaled reptile man that had fallen prey to her strange urge and whose feet were the only visible part of him outside her soft plush ass cheeks her tail slid across the underside of his feet as they slowly got pulled inside her. She’d probably have felt a degree of pity for the enemy she’d soon be digesting; if he weren’t so quick to make his hostile intentions clear, raving on about someone or something called ‘The Lord of The Inferno’ and how she would make a worthy offering to him or slave to the ‘Amalj’aa’..whatever they were. “N-Never thought I’d outdo t-them….” She grunted trying not to think too much of her gluttonous companion trying something like this “I-In terms of having a strange urge to eat an enemy. Thankfully….we aren’t near the others so they won’t have t-to know about this.” With a quick squeeze and no real help from her scrawny tail, the oddly warm giant had been pulled inside of her.

Hours later Freya had digested enough of the mysterious foe to walk around with a fair amount of strain from the large stomach still containing the soupy remains of her meal. Her breasts had grown far greater than the size of her head as she tried to think on how hard she’d have to work to lose this extra weight as even her tail increased in mass to an alarming degree. “Shame I couldn’t figure out who this ‘Lord of The Inferno’ was.” She mused thinking back to her meal when she was at eye level with his chest...and not just padding to hers. She had been thinking of asking Princess Garnet as she had shown to be quite knowledgeable about these sorts of things even though her mind slowly drifted to the idea of more of these creatures...and how she might have to see how they’d taste before shaking her head. She couldn’t afford to let herself get distracted by such gluttonous and salacious thoughts, she had this problem to deal with first.

Even more time had passed and the Burmecian Dragon Knight had found herself leaning against her partisan for support, panting and drooling from the sensations of this new weight being spread to her form. She knew she wouldn’t be able to use her leaping skills as effectively at this point, but that was at the back of her mind as her face blushed and she labored to move from this strange lusty daze after her coat had been destroyed by the increase of size. Slowly she fell to her knees, sweating and panting from the warmth of her fire-aspected meal and she adventurously began to move her tail between her legs. Her hands could not reach around the gains of this oddly fattening meal, and she felt the need to work off more energy…grateful nobody was watching as she slid her fat rat tail between her legs with a shudder and sharp moan before grinding against the appendage. Thankfully, she mused to herself through her daze that nobody was around to witness this series of events caused by her decidedly unknightly and perverse impulses.

Finally with a relieved breath, she began to get to her feet once more, weapon resting across her shoulders and able to think clearly now with her stomach having finished it’s work and the fog of lust lifted from her mind after countless orgasms against her tail. “Ahh...that is much better.” She said, feeling a proverbial weight lifted from her shoulders as she felt a great deal of literal weight added to her chest, hips, thighs and tail. She had enough mass to potentially shame the former Queen of Alexandria, though Freya’s looks were leagues above that monster’s. “Now, for some new clothing…” She thought aloud, before licking her snout “I hope I can control myself until the next Festival of The Hunt…” She couldn’t wait for the event, thinking of how delicious some of those monsters would be when they were let loose on the streets of Lindblum, surely they’d not mind her having a few snacks...


:patreonicon: Patreon voted idea for last month, where they wanted Freya Crescent taking care of some big boys!

Thanks again  thatrandomlurkingguy for doing the corresponding write-up!
Got a decent backlog of art to post that I'll hopefully have up over the next few days - stay tuned!


Freya Crescent © Square Enix

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Posted by MirceaKitsune 6 months ago Report

She is gorgeous <3

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Posted by reliuskaiser 6 months ago Report

I love your art so much.

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Posted by RemnArtX 6 months ago Report

As I said that other day... Mwah! Such a fantastic job.

Really makes me wanna commission you!

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Posted by denysvision 6 months ago Report

you have something special,you're art is very satified and real

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