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Elma the newest dragon to start living on earth was in her office clothes for the job she worked with Kobayashi. It's been a few days since Kobayashi came in for work and Elma was starting to get worried but she knew Tohru would protect her. On day 5 Elma couldn't help it, the black and purple tipped haired girl made her way to Kobayashi's. Elma knocked on the door rapidly and heard the footsteps of inside come to the door. Elma felt better hearing someone and smiled as her dragon partner opened the door.
 "Oh hi Elma, what brings you here" asked Tohru
 Tohru had a smile on her face but Elma could tell something was up and knew it was about Kobayashi. Elma frowned and gave the look of sympathy to Tohru.
 "Tohru where's Kobayashi" asked Elma
 Elma started to notice Tohru was thicker then she was a few days ago. Tohru teared up and pointed to her tits and then her tail. Elma was a little confused till Tohru spoke up.
 "I ate her and now she is fat on me" said Tohru sadly
 Elma was in complete shock as she never would have expected Tohru to eat the woman she loved so dearly but she had to figure out why.
 "Okay Tohru why did you eat her" asked Elma
 Tohru pulled Elma inside and brought her to the couch to sit her down. Both dragon girls sat next to each other until Tohru plopped her head into Elma's lap using it as a pillow.
 "We had a little fight and I said if she didn't eat my tail then I would eat her but she said do it so I did, I didn't want to digest her but she just didn't let me let her out" said Tohru in tears
 Elma pet the top of the sniffling Tohru and sighed that her work mate as tail chub. Tohru shot up instantly with a surprised face.
 "I have an idea you can eat and digest me then I will be with Koboyashi forever" said Tohru
 Elma was going to protest but her belly rumbled and she was feeling a bit hungry. Elma didn't want to eat Tohru, yeah they had their differences but she cared for Tohru. Tohru made puppy eyes and begged to be eaten so Elma sighed and agreed to it. Tohru got up and stood in front of Elma, she slipped her maid outfit off and revealed her sexy thick body. Tohru blushed but had a warm smile on her face as she was ready to be with Kobayashi. Elma stood up and went up to Tohru and kissed her on the lips the passionate kiss turned into Elma grabbing Tohru's ass and pushing her into her mouth. Elma felt a little weird as she never ate anyone before let alone a dragon in the shape of a human. A thick coat of saliva spread on Tohru's face and now she knew what Kobayashi felt inside her mouth.
Tohru's face slid down Elma's throat and disappeared behind her breasts before her own breasts were lathered up by Elma's tongue
 "I didn't know someone could taste so good" thought Elma
 Elma's tongue flicked over Tohru's nipples making her moan. When Elma was bored she swallowed those big melons down her gullet. Elma gulped up that pudgy belly Tohru had easily and got to her ass and tail. Tohru's head pushed into Elma's stomach were she splashed into a small pool of stomach acid. Tohru felt the first part of her tail and ass slip into the warm maw and her pussy was greeted with Elma's tongue.
 "Elma that feels to good..please just swallow me, nyyyyahhhh" screamed Tohru
 Elma was good with her tongue so making Tohru cum was easy as anything else. Tohru's juices added a little flavor and Elma swallowed the pussy down. Tohru kept moaning since every gulp made her pussy rub against the gullet walls, it felt so good.
Bulges went down Elma's throat and only a little bit of Tohru's tail was left outside so Elma slurped it like ramen and swallowed Tohru comeplety. Elma watched her belly grow out and simply just fell back onto the couch with her belly on her lap.
 "Mmmmm Tohru you tasted-urp-amazing" said Elma with her hand on her cheek and belly
Elma couldn't actually hear Tohru and instead her belly gurgled in response which was fine with her. Elma rubbed her hand over the curves Tohru and couldnt believe how stuffed she was.
Elma belched then blushed with a smile, but then she wondered how long it would take her to digest Tohru. Inside Elma's stomach Tohru was in the fetal position and had her tail deep into her pussy. She penetrated herself as her body was rubbed by the tight walls of Elma's stomach. The stomach acid was making head way on Tohru with softening her bottom half well. It didn't hurt Tohru at all but she knew the only way she was leaving was as a load of logs out Elma's ass which she didn't mind.
An hour passed after Elma ate Tohru and most of the moving inside stopped, it was mostly the stomach processing now but an occasional kick signaled to Elma Tohru was still alive. Tohru was barely alive though as she didn't expect Elma's stomach to be so strong. The air was lacking and the acid was really melting her down fast but she just smiled.
 "I'm coming Kobayashi" said Tohru as she shut her eyes
 After that her body was completely melted down to mush, her skin and organs all turned to mush and most of her bones as well. With only her skull and some hair left her remains slid into Elma's intestines. Elma watched as her belly got smaller every second and her bust size grew. Elma's breasts flopped out of her bra making her blush and her new rump bursted from her work pants. Elma gonna need new work clothes but all her money keeps going to food. Elma sighed but then a sharp pain in her rear hit. Elma went to the bathroom sat on the toilet, Elma grunted as a thick bone speckled log ran out of her asshole. The toilet water splashed as it fell another push and her asshole opened up for a thick log to come out. This time it kept coiling around the bowl as a never ending log. But it broke off and several little logs filled the toilet up. Elma pushed out Tohru's skull and it landed on the overfilled toilet which marked the end of Tohru the great and mighty dragon. Elma wiped her ass and checked herself out in the mirror before going onto the couch and taking a nap.
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Voremony Returns By Coolwoman -- Report

Art by Hentaivr

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Posted by TheMangled 8 months ago Report

Great stuff, only cristism is elma should maybe have said something after, then again maybe I'm just being picky. Still great work


Posted by anema_sesuna 8 months ago Report

I wonder how kanna shota iruru and lucoa are going to react to these developments