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Jackal Junk By Asaneman -- Report

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The Lucario huffed slightly, his paws glowing with aura as a wall of glowing blue flames slowly sprouted up around the clearing in the forest. He chuckled slightly as he looked towards the two Pokémon before him. Funny, how easy it was to catch prey like this… especially with how their inflated egos left them feeling untouchable.

He let out a soft chuckle as his aura sensors slowly lowered, and he took a stomp toward them, already licking his lips. “Now… where were we…” he asked, reaching his paw forward to cup the chin of the Mewtwo before him… whose legs were tied to the floor below with soft, glowing aura. “Ah yes…” a small lean forward, and a long liiiiick up his soon to be prey’s neck. A shudder ran through his body, and his sheath already twitched with excitement. Looking down, he chuckled, patting at his own crotch. “I think I know where to put you…”

“P-please… you don’t need to do this…” the Mewtwo grunted, letting out a slight shiver. “We can talk about-mff!” His voice was cut off as his snout was met with a thrust of hips, and a warm, slimy tube slipping over his entire head in one fell swoop.

“Ahhhhh~ Much better!” the canine’s tongue lolled out as he shuddered in pleasure. “I’d nggh… let you… enjoy the trip down, but I haven’t eaten in… mff… what, three hours?” he moaned, taking a forepaw and SHOVING on the Mewtwo’s rear, huffing as that, along with the needy throbs of his rod quickly left nothing but a squirming, wriggling tail sticking out of his shaft.

The jackal’s balls sagged lower, visibly squirming bulges pushing out, but they were already beginning to slow down. He’d done this tons of times before, he was an expert. He let out a low grrrowl as he dropped to his hands and knees, his pride PULSING hard and slurping that tail down, leaving those squirming, pulsing orbs to slosh and grrgle away their meal.

The Lucario let a chuckle ring forth from his maw, slowly standing up on shaky legs, and leaky pride, to pat that ample sac. “Ahh… see? This is why Smash replaced you with me… they knew you were of much better use as nothing but… ngh… fat on my body…”

The only reply that he got was a soft grrgleslosh as his smooth nuts sagged their way down to his ankles. “Mnn… fuck man, look at how much you added to these bad boys!” He reached down and gripped a large amount of sac pudge in his paw, feeling it squish and slowly slosh its way back down as it spilled from his grasp, “Ohhh yeah… like having a pair of beanbag chairs down there…” The soft, warm tanks of seed pressed against his legs, and he soon heard a slight groan, taking him away from his lewd, indulgent fantasies of the previous legendary now nothing but seed and fat on the frame of a true legend.

His pride pulsed, shooting a large, heavy jet of pre onto the ground before him. Oh… his second snack was awake. He turned to look toward the Charizard who merely looked up, and as his face rose, so too did his eyes grow wider and wider. They wandered to the nuts for a long moment, before looking up at the Lucario’s face as he gulped, “Y-you didn’t-”

“I replaced him… I’m a much better fighter…” the predator rumbled, hefting up his massive sac in his paws. The gigantic balloons of seed sloooshed heavily and sagged out of his arms, before he dropped them. A heavy, wet SMACK followed, along with a loud GRRRGGGLEEEE as they sagged lower onto him again, heavy and full. He then leaned forward and rested his paw onto the Charizard’s shoulder. “You agree, don’t you? He looks better on me…”

The Charizard shivered at the display, trying to fight his slowly stiffening arousal. He nodded quickly. “Y-yes, yes of course sir! H-he is much better as uh… as your…” he stuttered nervously.

“I’m glad you think so, because you’ll be joining him…” The Lucario smirked, gripping the shoulder of his friend more closely as he spun around. “Can’t have you stealing my glory anymore, now can we!?” he shouted, before sitting his fat ass down, instantly squeeeeeezing himself halfway down the dragon with ease. After that, he leaned forward, shivering as his tailhole clenched and squeezed around his prey, tugging him in closer. Again on his hands and knees, the Lucario lifted and lowered his rump. A clench here, a tug there, a lewd, heavy mooooan from the jackal as his tongue lolled out.

It wasn’t too much longer before those legs went in, and the dragon dropped into the Lucario’s belly. The jackal huffed and collapsed onto his bulging stomach, hugging it. He patted it slightly and took a deep breath, letting out a mighty UURRRRAAAPPP! The earth beneath him quaked, sending Pidgeys and leaves scattering off into the distance.

A clench or two more, some heavy, ample sloshing, and that gut slowly began to soften. He clenched his eyes shut, and bucked his spurting, pulsing rod into his belly. Damn… he just couldn’t stop flooding the earth below. That Mewtwo really packed him FULL.

He felt his ass slowly expand, surging fuller and heavier as his gut shrank, allowing him to stand upright again. He turned around, patting his expanding rump until the bloated rear was just as big as his tanker nuts. And fuck, did it feel good. “Heh… this is a new… mff… feeling.” He squeezed that prodigious rear, feeling his paw sink easily into the plush fur and fat. “Can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner…” he huffed. “If you both stay like this… I… I might…” he panted, legs shivering as his ass wobbled slightly, bouncing with his movement before he stumbled back, his soft rear and orbs pressing into a tree behind him.

He lost it. With a mighty, “LUCAAAAAAAAAR~!” he felt his cheeks squish AROUND the tree as he ground it between them like a massive cock. His pride gave a few rough, eager throbs, before starting to pump out gallon upon gallon of potent, heavy ‘cario spunk, the white stuff getting absolutely everywhere. The next few minutes were hazy… and by the time he awoke, the sun was setting.

He panted slightly, pushing himself to his feet as he looked back to admire his new assets, giving them a light pat. “Mnnn… much better… look at you two. We all know who’s the best fighter now, don’t we? Well…” He huffed, looking back toward the forest. “I’m already hungry again… let’s go find some new combatants, shall we?”

His belly grrrroooaned heavily with need, and he chuckled. “Glad you agree!” He turned and began to strut his way down the road, his heavy rear sloshing and squishing into a few trees as he did, bending them and causing them to bow out and crack, his sac occasionally thudding into the ground and creating a new sort of ‘pawprint’ for trainers to track.

And oh… whoever tried to ‘train’ him would be in for quite the surprise…


Just a quick picture for a friend, featuring their smash main having taken out the competition!
Story written up by  midnightyamikidate! Thanks so much!

WIPs, with a pinkcario edit:

Lucario © Nintendo

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Posted by Anyathefutaknight 3 months ago Report

I'd love to have him on my team

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Posted by Skelebro3 3 months ago Report

Ever hed of a ball massage? Id love to give him one

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Posted by GonzaII1313 3 months ago Report

Loved the story

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