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Dragons. Sometimes, they were like urban legends, never directly seen but rumored in furtive whispers to be responsible for strange rashes of disappearances in the woods and mysterious claw marks along trees; sometimes, they were forces of nature that descended upon villages and filled the air with the sound of thunder and the despairing cries of helpless victims; but to Eko, they were all the same: lunch.

The ones who were smart, careful, and knew how to cover their tracks and set up traps around their dens were always extremely dangerous; luckily, they were also the rarest sort. Most dragons acted quite like the one currently stewing away in the kitsune’s over engorged stomach; drunk on their own power, feeling so invincible that they’re completely blindsided when they encounter somebody who can match, or even surpass them in strength.

This dragon in particular, a great green beast, had apparently not been satisfied with kobolds, and had taken to enslaving entire villages of anthros, forcing them to live in squalor as they served its every whim, including its hunger. Unfortunately, this sealed its fate the moment news of its crimes reached the ears of the local kitsunes. Eko knew it wasn’t exactly righteous to be enjoying this; and yet, remembering the expression on the beast’s face as it realized it wasn’t on the very top of the food chain… well, it brought a smile to his face. Even such a noble guardian as Eko has his guilty pleasures…

“Come, now. Relax. This really could be quite the pleasant experience for you, if only you’d quit with your tantrum,” he said with a chuckle, letting his hands wander over the vast, shiny, round surface of his belly. “I certainly hope you don’t think that your squirming about will cause me to release you. You should probably put any thoughts of escaping out of your mind; they’ll only lead to disappointment.” For a moment, Eko pondered whether to press an ear to his gut out of curiosity as to what the dragon was saying, but he figured it would probably just be the usual RELEASE ME FROM THIS INFERNAL PRISON, YOU PITIFUL MORTAL — he’s heard it all before.

To be honest, he had been a little nervous about devouring this reptile. He’d assumed his anthro form to better blend in with the beast’s poor slaves, but as a downside, he hadn’t been sure if he could stomach the creature in this form. He didn’t know why Kea and Vicky preferred these bipedal forms; not only was his stomach a lot less roomy like this, but he lacked the four big, sturdy legs that usually gave him the strength to lug around even the heaviest of evildoers, and the perfect center of gravity that’d allow him to walk even with his belly stuffed to the limit like this. As it was, he was completely restrained to this spot by the massive, overly engorged stomach before him, which was… quite inconvenient, but at least it allowed him an excuse to spend time savoring his meal.

It was rare for the stoic kitsune, but at times, he couldn’t help but feel a tinge of smugness at the protests of his prey, even to the point that he sometimes gave in to the temptation to tease them. “If, on some off chance, you’re actually wriggling for my sake, though, I greatly appreciate it. All those struggles just feel wonderful,” he huffed, shivering every so often at the barrage of sensations, a shiver being sent up Eko’s spine every time the dragon pressed out one of its talons, or even its own furious-looking face, and stretched his stomach out to its limit. The layer of fat and skin pulled over the dragon’s prison was stretched thin, making it extremely sensitive to the touch, causing the kitsune to practically purr as he rubbed over it. “Mm…”

Of course, he still had to deliberate on just how to handle this foul beast. Some of the rescued slaves had been so kind as to give Eko a belly rub for a while, which aided with his digestion somewhat, but the thick scales of dragons proved a natural armor against even his powerful digestive enzymes, and Eko didn’t particularly feel like being stuck in this one spot for two or three entire days. Luckily, he had some magic of his own that could help him speed things up in there, so to speak. He briefly pondered reforming his prey somehow, but really, the malice of most dragons couldn’t be tamed; even if he reformed them as a paltry little kobold, they’d still find some way to cause trouble. It was better to add this creature to his body, as, perhaps, some penance for the great crimes it has committed.

“Well, it’s a shame you were so dedicated to fighting back in there rather than laying back and relaxing… but I don’t have all day to wait for you to come to your senses,” he frowned, gently laying his hands on the side of his gut, causing an aethereal blow glue to light up the distended flesh. He shuddered at the magical energy sinking through his skin and soaking into his digestive system. “Like it or not, it’s time for you to rest, you spiteful creature. Soon you will know peace…” His words were cut off as his body suddenly tensed, his stomach emitting a powerful ggrrrrbbbbllll as it shifted into high gear!

The dragon’s struggles doubled in their vigor, but the stomach was able to easily subdue it, Eko’s hands kneading into the surface of his gut as he felt it become less firm and more malleable and squishy, the dragon’s form being liquidized as his stomach worked overtime to transform the powerful and vile creature into fat and chyme. Eventually, the dragon was too digested to put up much of a fight with its angry struggles, giving Eko some time to catch his breath. “... as a part of something…” he continued, smirking as he took big handfuls of his doughy, sloshy gut, “... greater.”

There was a notable slosh as the dragon gave up on its solid form completely, and sunk into the caustic goo, becoming indistinguishable from the stomach juices all around it. With that, Eko felt it was time to finally disperse the magical energy he had used to overload his system; even for a kitsune as powerful as himself, magically rendering a dragon into chyme in a matter of minutes was quite exhausting, after all. But now, he’d be left with a still quite massive belly, but one that was left a big, sloshy melting pot of half-digested serpent rather than bulging with the solid contours of an imprisoned dragon, which left his gut just light enough for him to manage walking. One thing confused him, though; he could feel, down below his gut, his nuts remaining at their regular (albeit naturally prodigious) size, when usually they’d have grown to at least the size of basketballs by now! When he finally took a step, though, and felt two massive, doughy mounds clap together behind him, he quickly realized just where the weight seemed to be going. “Oh, my. You’re truly dedicated to going to my hips, are you?” He chuckled lightly with confusion, gazing over his shoulder at his rump, seeing how big it already was despite the fact that the weight gain phase of digestion had only just started in earnest. “I’m… a little used to my prey largely going elsewhere… but, I suppose it’ll be easier to walk this way, at least.”

Trying to put it out of his mind, Eko slowly began the trek home… but he just couldn't help but notice, with quite some concern, just how every single pound of weight gain seemed to be going right to his hips! Those massive cheeks were getting thicker and thicker with every passing minute as his gut slowly shrunk, the two deposits of squishy fat wobbling to and fro with every movement of his hips, bouncing and rubbing up against each other with every step he took. It was enough to bring a blush to his cheeks, especially considering that it didn't seem like they were going to stop getting bigger anytime soon! An entire dragon’s worth of poundage going straight to his ass… he wasn’t sure how he was going to handle that, in his anthro form. And even worse was all the attention such a posterior was surely going to get. He was most concerned with the reaction of one person in particular; Victoria, or ‘Vicky’ as she’s more often called.

That mischievous kitsune, while never taking much of an interest in him usually, seemed to have a particular fascination with his anthropomorphic form, often teasing him over how ‘cute’ and ‘handsome’ it was, which was always especially flustering coming from his own apprentice! His, ahem, posterior always seemed to be the main target of her affections; and, remembering the way she fawned over it after that one time he ate a half dozen kobolds in this form, he shuddered to think how she’d react if she saw it as it was now.

Some part of him considered just going and spending the night at Lydia’s home instead (who’d probably also fawn over it, but it’d be less embarrassing given she’s just an acquaintance)... but eventually, he shook his head and hardened his resolve, deciding to not be so cowardly. After all, Vicky was probably asleep right now, so he could probably just sneak over to his bedroom unnoticed, right? And even if not, he could just be assertive with his personal boundaries… although assertivity was never his strong suit, especially when it came to Vicky! He usually just let Kea handle that side of things...

He took a deep breath before attempting to sneak into the house unnoticed… but quickly ran into problems, as he realized his ass was going to get stuck in every doorway he tried to walk through! A strong blush dawned on his cheeks as he stifled a yipe, feeling the squish of the sides of his cheeks on either side of the doorframe, wincing at all the creaks and groans of the structure around him as he tried to wriggle his fat hips through the door. So much for being sneaky — at this point, he was more worried he might just take the entire house down! His blush only intensified as he heard footsteps coming up behind him, alongside a familiar giggling. “Well, well, well…” A smug voice rung out! “I see that little dragon-hunting trip went well!”

Eko stifled a groan. Of course, it was Vicky, the last person he needed to see him in such a compromising and embarrassing position. “Uuuh… good evening, Victoria…” He huffed. He couldn’t see her, yet he could feel the vixen’s eyes staring deeply into his big, fat, squishy booty. “Do you, ah… think I could get a bit of assistance, here?”

“Oh, it would be my pleasure,” she cooed, wasting no time in laying her hands on Eko’s cheeks, sending a shiver up his spine as her cool hands pressed into the softness. For a while, she gave half-hearted attempts at ‘pushing’ which was more like kneading and massaging those cheeks with her hands, causing Eko’s blush to intensify with every quiet coo or giggle she let out back there as she played with that malleable, fluffy dough that used to be a powerful dragon. Eventually, she finally started pushing in earnest, her hands sinking a few entire inches into the thick layers of pudge as she pushed with all her might… until at last, his booty popped through the door, jiggling madly with the force of the shove! “There you go, big guy! Not quite used to a tush quite like that, huh?”

Even now, she couldn't keep her hands off him. Her expression was one of sheer mischief as she moved around to his front, leaning against him as she wrapped her arms around him, continuing to grope and play with his cheeks with her hands. This wasn’t too dissimilar from the treatment he usually got from his fangirls, and while he always found it quite odd how they fawned over his pudge, it was especially strange coming from someone he was expected to maintain a professional relationship with! “Ahem… I was just hoping to get in a bit of relaxation after a hard day at work. I’m sure you understan-”

Eko’s stuttering attempts to extricate himself from the situation were quickly interrupted. “No, I understand perfectly!” She smiled. “You deserve to rest that weary rump of yours. But while you do, perhaps you could help me with studying some old magical scrolls? Surely, you want your humble apprentice to succeed in her studies, don’t you?”

Eko raised a brow, giving her an incredulous look. It seemed like a fairly standard request… but her mischievous grin and tone made it clear she had some ulterior motives besides merely studying. “Of course,” he eventually relented. “How, exactly, may I help?”

She smirked, finally letting go of the plumped-up kitsune to trot over and lay on her side on the ground, next to some standard arcane scrolls. “Well, you know, I tend to have trouble concentrating when I’m always getting tempted to get up and go procrastinate,” she explained, an excited smile on her face all the while, “but if, hypothetically, there was something big, and heavy, and… soft… pinning me to the ground, well… I’d have to focus on my studies, then, wouldn’t I?”

Upon realizing what she meant, Eko groaned. “Oh, dear…” This is exactly the kind of thing he feared she’d say… but on the other hand, her explanation did make some sort of sense. And if this would help her with her studies… who was he to turn her down? He should be aiding his apprentice in any way possible, after all, even if it involves making use of his, ahem, sizeable rear. With a flustered huff, he stood over her and turned around, with Vicky biting her lip and wriggling a bit with excitement as his massive ass loomed over her. “Alright, well… are you sure about this? You’re going to want to be careful back there…”

She giggled, knowing full well what he meant — that ass of his slurped up that one powerful dragoness just recently, after all! “Oh, don’t worry. I know full well what that cute butt of yours is capable of. I can handle it!” She nodded, an urgent anticipation in her voice as if she just couldn’t wait to feel that rump descend upon her. With a tentative frown, Eko attempted to slowly, gently lower his derriere… only to accidentally lose his balance, and send that ass crashing down onto the vixen below with enough force to shake the floor! Instead of being distressed by this, however, Vicky just let out a deep coo of bliss. “Mmmm…” Her expression was one of sheer bliss as she finally felt that massive rump of his settle down atop her, his weight keeping her thoroughly pinned to the floor as her body was halfway engulfed in that deep, dark valley between his thick cheeks.

“Hrrrmmm…” Eko mumbled, crossing his arms and just trying to relax, feeling glad his pure black fur obscured his blush. Sure enough, Vicky eventually got to work studying over her scrolls… but it seemed like a bit of a half-hearted effort. Most of her attention seemed to be focused on shifting around, and giggling lightly to herself at the way his pudge shifted, molded and jiggled about in response to her movements. “Are you sure this helps you focus? You seem… distracted.”

“Oh, of course! I’m focusing… so well right now… learning tons of magic…” She insisted, grabbing the scroll and holding it up to her face, making a big show out of her vigorous studying.

Eko sighed. “If you say so…” Spurred on by his incredulity, Vicky attempted, for a while, to actually focus on her studies… but eventually, she just lapsed back into enjoying the feeling of that massive rump pinning her to the ground. At least Eko could get a bit comfortable in this position (she was actually quite comfy to rest his tush on, loathe as he would ever be to admit it), and just meditate as the minutes passed by... but eventually, he was startled from his relaxation by the feeling of Vicky rolling over beneath him, and wrapping her arms around those doughy cheeks, as if hugging them up against her! “A-aren’t you supposed to be concentrating on your studies?” Eko stuttered.

Vicky pouted. “Well, can’t I take a break? Don’t wanna get too burned out, you know?”

Eko huffed, hesitating. “... alright. Fifteen minute break, but no more!”

“That’s all I need.” With that, Vicky went right back to snuggling up close to his rump, leaving Eko more flustered than ever by the sudden lewd doting. It didn’t seem like she could get enough of its softness, squishing herself deep into those layers of dragon-fueled pudge, seeing how deeply she could push her hands in until she felt the firm muscle beneath all that flab. They were like two of the world’s fluffiest, most snuggly pillows, and endlessly satisfying in how they jiggled and vibrated in response to her playing with them. “Mmmm… you really should use this form more often, you know… hah, you’d practically have all the ladies in Hythe tripping over themselves to get to this booty!”

“R-romance isn’t exactly a priority of mine at the moment,” Eko said through grit teeth, wriggling slightly at the overwhelming, unexpected attention his ass was getting.

“Neither is it mine, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a big, cute, snuggly ass when I see one,” she giggled, playfully and rhythmically patting those cheeks as if she was playing them like a set of bongos, enjoying the tiny vibrations being sent through their massive surfaces with each gentle tap.

Eko’s heart rose in his throat at her flattery! “Victoria! Could you not be so… lurid?” He complained. “As your instructor, I must ensure our interactions are strictly professional in-”

“Shushush, you’re ruining the moment,” she giggled, before ending the conversation by simply lodging her face deep between those massive cheeks, where his pudge would muffle the larger kitsune’s flustered complaints. Eko just shuddered at the sensation of her exploring that darkened valley, feeling those cheeks squish tightly around her as she travelled deeper and deeper… only to coo in bliss as she reached her target, her snout pressing up and nuzzling lovingly against his sensitive pucker! “Mmm~”

“Eep!” Eko was so startled, he let out an almost instinctive, fox-like squeaking sound; thank goodness no one was around to hear it! He bit his lip, trying his best not to enjoy the sensation of Vicky nuzzling up against his tailhole, even planting little smooches around the pucker that so valiantly swallowed up so many ne’er-do-wells, just to add them to those perfect cheeks all around her. Eko looked over to the clock… and realized only a measly five minutes had passed! He still had to endure ten minutes of booty-loving before her little ‘break’ was over...

Soon, he was glancing all over the room to look at things that could distract him from his predicament… and eventually, he was glancing over his shoulder at the scrolls that Vicky had been reading. As he studied them, though, he noticed a few words that caught his attention. “Wait a minute…” His eyes narrowed… and suddenly, Vicky’s ‘break’ was cut short when Eko suddenly stood up, leaving her lying there on the floor, dazed by the sudden light! With an angry frown, Eko snatched up the scrolls she’d been reading. “Spell of redistribution of weight gai- Victoria! Were you the one behind… this!?”

Eko blinked, realizing that she had apparently left the scroll open on an ill-advised page. “Oh! Uuuhh…” She shrugged, giving an apologetic little smile. “... perhaps.”

He glared at her, resting his hands on his hips. Now this whole strange situation made sense! She must have cast this little spell on him last night, while he was sleeping over. “I had been wondering why every single pound of weight seemed to go right towards my hips. Especially since this particular dragon hadn’t been, ahem, ‘rectally ingested,’” he pouted, finally angered enough to get a tad assertive. “I hope you realize I don’t quite appreciate magic being used on me without my knowledge.”

“I-I’m sorry!” She stood up, raising her hands nervously as she tried to defuse the situation. “It… it only takes effect for a single prey! And, you can work this kinda weight off in no time at all… right?”

He calmed down a bit at that, knowing that it was such a minor spell. “That’s true,” he acquiesced, “but if you were interested in casting such a spell on me… you should’ve just asked me directly. I surely would have obliged.”

Vicky paused, as if taking a moment to register what she was hearing. “W-wait… really?” She blinked. “You… you would?”

“Well, of course. I don’t quite understand why so many folks seem so keen on throwing themselves at… or into… certain parts of my body, but I can be quite accommodating nonetheless,” he reassured her, calmly. “Especially from an apprentice I care deeply for… even if it makes me rather flustered, I must confess.”

“Huh…” Vicky seemed to have to take a moment to digest that information, taking a seat on the couch to mull it over. “I… didn’t really know you cared that much…” She chuckled.

For Eko, hearing that last line was… a tad concerning. “What do you mean?”

She shrugged, awkwardly, not quite sure how to talk to the sagely older kitsune. “Well, I dunno. I just figured… you’re always out and about, travelling around and spending as little time here as possible,” she explained. “I just kinda figured ya don’t really care to hang out with me all that much.”

Eko’s frown deepened. “Oh, Victoria…” He gently laid a hand on her shoulder as he settled onto the couch next to her (which struggled and strained under his weight), having to take a moment to come up with a response. He had to choose every word carefully — the introverted old fox wasn’t quite proficient at expressing his emotions like this. “I… apologize if I’ve made you feel that way. Really, I’ve spent more time with you and Kea than I’ve ever spent with anybody else! I’m just a… bit of a loner, I must confess. Being all alone, able to just soak up the tranquility of the wilderness… that’s where I’m most comfortable. But that certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy interacting with you and Kea! I care about you two deeply! Just, too much socializing can take a lot out of me, you know?”

Vicky usually felt a sort of coldness from Eko, so having him open up to her emotionally somewhat caused a small smile to dawn on her face. “That… that’s awesome to hear!” She cheered, suddenly wrapping her arms around the larger kitsune in a loving hug! His smile deepened as he awkwardly returned her hug, holding her against his fluffy, soft figure for a few moments.

Eko couldn’t help but notice, though, that the vixen still seemed to have something on her mind… and eventually, she spoke up. “So, uh… don’t you still have to like, punish me?”

Eko paused, his eyes slowly opening as he mulled over her statement. “What?”

“You know…” Vicky leaned back, sheepishly rubbing an arm with her other hand. “For casting that spell on you earlier? I-I mean, I want to prove to you that I’m sorry and all…!”

Normally, Eko would be impressed that she would volunteer herself for penance… but something about the way she was acting betrayed the fact that she had some ulterior motives. “What sort of ‘punishment’ did you have in mind?”

“Well, you know… I think something appropriate would work best, don’t you?” Vicky recommended, wringing her hands with a strange sort of anticipation. “You know, like… maybe some ‘special’ sorta grounding where I can hardly move a muscle, wrapped tightly somewhere, I dunno… and since I cast that spell on your rump in particular, I dunno, maybe you could work that into the punishment somehow…”

Eko raised a brow incredulously. It was pretty obvious to him that she was trying to subtly (well, about as subtly as a sledgehammer, really — Kea really had to teach her about the arts of deception later) guide him towards a particular idea… and once he realized what that idea was, his eyes widened somewhat, his cheeks burning again as he was taken aback! “I…” His heart leapt in his chest! It was a rare and quite overwhelming occasion when anyone happened to volunteer to feed themselves to any part of him… but his own apprentice? He raised a hand to his forehead, suddenly feeling faint. “I… didn’t even know that was something you desired...”

Vicky’s expression softened into a smile as she realized he had figured out what she had been trying to imply. With a sheepish chuckle, she leaned up against the flustered kitsune’s side, hudding him close again. “Heh, well, with a booty like that… I gotta admit, the idea has crossed my mind a few times,” she confessed, a hand slowly drifting down towards his cheeks once more. “You can just tell Kea you ‘grounded’ me for going and casting spells on you without permission, I’m sure she’ll understand…”

All of this was about to make the poor kitsune faint! Sending someone on a reverse trip through his digestive system was always a powerfully lurid activity, be they eager volunteers or struggling ne’er-do-wells, and he wasn’t entirely certain he wanted his relationship with his apprentice to go to such a lewd place. But then he looked down at that pleading, excited expression on her face… and, in a way that seemed quite characteristic of the stoic kitsune, he actually smiled; an amused but nervous sorta smile, and one that reassured Vicky, small as it was. “Alright. If this is truly something you desire… how could I deny my own apprentice a simple night inside me, hmm?”

“Yaaay!” She cheered, hugging him again. “Oh, but, maybe a lil more than a night? I feel like including the whole rest of tomorrow would make for an even better punishment… and maybe even longer than that, if you feel like it…”

“My goodness, Victoria. I hadn’t the foggiest notion that you were so… ravenously licentious,” he blushed, realizing it was almost like she couldn’t get enough of his booty. Vicky had no idea what ‘licentious’ meant, but she was used to that; whenever she and Eko chatted, it was always clear there was quite the ‘generational gap’ between them. But she didn’t mind; all she was thinking about was that big, plump booty of his as she laid on her back on the couch, with Eko hesitating as he let his huge tush loom over her. “Very well, then. We shall, uh... take this slowly…”

“Alright! Ooo, if it makes you feel any better, you should just imagine me as some big, busty dragoness! I know you love shoving those back there, right?” She offered with a smile… but her words just seemed to make Eko even more flustered than before! “Uh, am I not helping? Sorry, I’ll just shush now…” Eko sighed, biting his lip and clenching his eyes shut as he nervously let his booty slowly descend upon her… although the vixen was eager to meet it halfway, practically diving between those cheeks once his booty came close enough! “Mmmm…”

Her hands groped and kneaded his cheeks as he settled down, with the vixen below him eagerly wriggling her snout between those mounds of fat, until she was finally nuzzling up against that fluffy pucker once more. This time she doted on it with redoubled vigor, planting little smooches and licks over and around it, as if enraptured by the tailhole that would soon be slurping her up completely! Every little lick sent a shiver up Eko’s spine, wriggling and squirming a bit on his fluffy ‘seat.’ Her loving licks grew deeper and deeper… until, at last, her snout pressed against his pucker hard enough that it finally slid open, sliding easily around her head! “Mmmmf… oooh, my…” Eko stifled a gasp.

Her gentle kisses continued along inside of him as she wriggled, eager to feel that immense warmth and squeezing tightness around every inch of her body. She lodged herself in up to her neck, but to get her shoulders inside of him, she would need some help. It took a while for Eko to build up that sort of courage, much preferring to just sit there and slowly accommodate himself to the feeling of his own apprentice inside of him… but her obviously growing eagerness made it clear he shouldn’t deny the poor girl any further.

With a nervous shudder, he lifted himself up again on the couch, Vicky being pulled up into a sitting position… so that, when Eko slammed his booty back down again, her shoulders slid easily inside with a single slrrrrp! “Aaa-aaaaaah!” He gasped at the sensation, especially when Vicky started wriggling again, eager to press this advantage and squeeze herself deeper into his pudgy ass. “Nnnngh… p-please, don’t wriggle so much until I have you all the way inside…” This has long been a personal fantasy for Vicky, and the reality — truly feeling the handsome kitsune all around her, his powerful bowel muscles kneading and massaging her all over as she was pulled deep into the embrace of that sauna-like warmth — was far better than she ever imagined… so, naturally, it was quite difficult to quell her eagerness. But nonetheless, she managed to still herself, giving Eko some time to catch his breath.

By the time he lifted himself up again, Vicky’s torso was halfway buried in his stretchy pucker, her arms pressed tightly against her sides by his powerful squeezing muscles. When he came smashing back down again, letting his own weight shove her deeper, those, too, disappeared, leaving only Vicky’s own rear and legs dangling from between his cheeks. Eko grunted as he rolled over onto his belly, his rump aimed up in the air, letting gravity aid him as he clenched his bowel muscles, each pulse tensing up his cheeks and forcing her a few inches deeper into him.

“Mmmmnghh… there you go… just a little more…” He huffed, grabbing a pillow and hugging it tightly as he clenched his teeth together, straining with effort to work Vicky up inside of him. Usually he could shove women her size up there no problem, but knowing that his prey was someone he loved dearly was enough to make him unduly paranoid, careful with each clench as he attempted to minimize her discomfort. It was a long, slow process, but eventually, the white fox had completely vanished her between his cheeks, with only her feet visible somewhere deep in that dark valley… and with one last clench, those, too, disappeared, sealing Eko’s apprentice entirely within his body. “Ooooh! Oooh… huff, huff…”

All tuckered out, he collapsed onto the couch properly, though he remained careful not to lean his weight down on the sizeable bulge in his belly. He didn’t really know how to describe the feelings that riveted through him as he ran a hand over the bulge, ruminating on the knowledge that this was the apprentice he and Kea had devoted countless hours of love and care into nurturing… and he had just shoved her up his rear! He supposed he should be almost ashamed… but for some reason, he actually enjoyed the feeling. It was nice, actually, for once getting to use his body not just as a digestive prison for vile reptiles, but also as a place of safety and comfort for someone he cherished.

“Alright, Victoria. I, uh… I hope this is sating that little ‘appetite’ of yours, hmm?” He said… though, as he rubbed over the bulge she made in his gut, she seemed to be making some strange motions. Some rhythmic, repetitive little motions, almost as if… oh. Oh dear. “I, umm… I see you’re, ahem, enjoying yourself in there… oh, goodness…” His cheeks flushed red, realizing now why she had made a point of tucking her hands between her thighs before his booty had immobilized her. But… if she wanted to entertain herself during that long, long, tight journey she was going to be making through his winding bowels… who could blame her?

He pulled the pillow under his chin, trying not to think about the lurid activity occurring within his rear as he relaxed. As he reflected on the night’s events… he really did enjoy the feeling of having someone he so cherished safe and happy inside of him. He almost wanted to do this more often… even though he, of course, would be far too shy to ever ask such a thing. Considering how much Vicky seemed to be enjoying this, though, he was sure it wouldn’t be long until the two enjoyed some ‘quality time’ together once more. “I’m just going to, uh… lay back and… let you savor the moment,” he said, finally blowing out the candlelights. “Have a good night, Victoria.”

With that, they enjoyed a good night’s sleep. And they needed it; for surely, the duo had a long day ahead of them.


Fantastic story written up by  Ihumin! Go give them love!
This was done as a warm-up for a good bit bigger comic involving Eko that'll happen down the line! Enjoy!


Eko and Vicky are mine

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