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Amaterasu couldn’t believe it. This was supposed to be her big moment; the moment she finally defeated the Dark Lord of Ryoshima Coast, once and for all. And… she was losing!

She had been foolish. The moment she had realized that she had been betrayed — that the humble priestess she had been helping had actually been the Dark Lord herself, conspiring to assassinate the queen — she had been overcome by a wild fury! She had been so enraged, she leapt into combat without a moment of preparation… only to be caught hopelessly off guard by the demon’s power! The might beams of Himiko's Palace shuddered and strained with the force of their battle, as if threatened to be blown right off its foundations by the might of the clashing warriors.

Amaterasu had landed enough blows to fall any lesser demon, but the fiend that had taken on the form of Rao just kept coming, moving with blinding speed. She swung with her Ninestrike with blinding speed, each blow tearing into the anthropomorphic canine, leaving her feeling weaker and weaker. “Rao’s” endurance and agility seemed to be limitless, while Amaterasu felt like she was suffering death by a thousand cuts. “Come on! I at least hoped you’d make things a little interesting for me!” Rao laughed as she danced circles around her, taunting the wolf girl.

Eventually, Amaterasu moved once more to try and strike… but Rao was both faster and stronger, and the human woman simply ducked under Amaterasu’s attack, taking the opportunity to roughly grab the wolf by the sides! Amaterasu could only yelp as she was caught off guard, the breath knocked out of her as Rao slammed her back against the wall! Soon, Amaterasu was panting with exhaustion, defeated, as she was pinned to the wall by Rao’s curvy figure, their breasts (both plumpened by sizeable ‘meals’) squished together as Rao let out that familiar, triumphant laugh!

“Even for a beast, I had assumed you were smarter than to try and face down a being as powerful as myself,” Rao giggled. Much to her humiliation, Amaterasu couldn’t muster the strength to push the woman away from her; all she could do was try to avert her gaze away from the ominous, smug smirk on Rao’s face. “Even in this pitiful human body, it was simple to defeat you. Hehe! Imagine how quickly you would’ve fallen if I had been in my true form…”

It certainly didn’t help that Amaterasu being squished so… intimately together with the, frankly, rather beautiful priestess was leaving Amaterasu slightly red in the cheeks. And, naturally, Rao saw right through the canine’s quiet flusteredness. “But, you know… part of me has warmed up to this little ‘disguise’. I can tell you’ve certainly enjoyed it, hmm?” She cooed, making Amaterasu look deep into her alluring, piercing red eyes. “Oh, don’t think I haven’t noticed you staring. And while your little friend might’ve been so preoccupied with my chest, I could tell you’ve had your eyes somewhere… else, haven’t you?” Amaterasu’s heart skipped a beat as Rao guided her hands down the back of her skirt, down to the priestess’ plump cheeks, giving her a feel of that pillowy softness!

“U-unhand me!” Amaterasu immediately started squirming against Rao with renewed vigor, her flusteredness leaving her light-headed! The last thing she wanted was to have to face her little crush on the ‘priestess’! “You are the embodiment of all that is evil in this world…”

Despite all her wriggling, when Rao released Ammy’s hands, they still remained firmly on her cheeks, gently feeling them up… much to the priestess’ amusement. “Poor beast. Grumpy because you have a little unrequited crush?” Rao shook her head with a little tsk, tsk. “I understand. You must have such little time for romance, what with all that time you waste pestering innocent demons. Aren’t you tired of fighting all the time?”

Amaterasu shuddered. In all honesty, she had been considering asking the priestess out… although even if it hadn’t turned out that she was the Dark Lord in disguise, it was doubtful Amaterasu ever would’ve worked up the courage to do such a thing, considering how shy she always was in these matters. Normally, having a woman as beautiful as this come onto her would be a dream come true… but she had to remember to keep fighting! “I’ll… never bow to you!”

Rao giggled! “Ooh, I’m sure. Defiant to the end, hmm? I certainly don’t mind. Just makes things more… entertaining for me,” the ‘priestess’ smiled, holding Amaterasu close, her hands gently exploring the naked wolf girl’s curvy body, leaving her too flustered to want to fight. “You never knew when to just give up, did you?”

Amaterasu bit her lip. She wanted to just give in… but she knew that this was just the Dark Lord trying to seduce her into giving up! “Let… me… go…” She said, albeit weaker than ever… but Rao just responded by leaning forward and wrapping her in a loving, if brief, kiss, sending shivers down Amaterasu’s spine as her eyes widened, and her cheeks were left burning a deep shade of red as she practically melted in the priestess’ arms!

“Are you sure you want me to? Cause that blush on your face is telling me this is everything you’ve been dreaming of!” Rao giggled, watching Amaterasu slowly get completely lost in the moment. “Putting aside all that savior complex rubbish and just settling down with some curvy sweetheart. This may be your only chance — who else could ever love a ‘goddess’ as weak as you?”

That last line had some venom in it, though. Enough that it suddenly reminded Amaterasu that this was not some beautiful priestess she’d kissed… it was the Lord of all evil herself! Realizing she was being manipulated, another surge of anger arced through her, just like when she’d been betrayed! “I said let go of me!” Suddenly, mustering all of the strength she had left, Amaterasu grabbed Rao by the sides… and tossed her with incredible force!

“Ack!” Rao let out a cry, caught off guard, and sent flying directly through one of the palace’s wooden pillars, sending dust and splinters in every direction! Before she could right herself, Amaterasu leaped through the cloud of dust at her, fangs bared! She was so enraged that, instead of their more refined, warrior-like battle, she just pounced on the priestess and engaged in wild, crude grappling!

The two of them rolling about on the floor, snarling and scratching at eachother, both trying to end up on top! Rao was so baffled by this, she almost found herself getting pinned by the canine… but once she had time to register what was going on, the priestess quickly came up with a plan of her own. With a hip check to the ribs, Rao left Amaterasu stunned on her back on the ground, for just a moment… which was all the time she needed! When Amaterasu opened her eyes, all she saw was that perfect, pudgy ass looming right over her! “Mph!” The wolf girl let out a stunned cry as that ass descended, and she was suddenly smothered in darkness and pillowy warmth...

Rao had pulled back the back of her skirt just enough to reveal that booty in all its glory, letting Amaterasu’s head get lodged deep in her crack! Amaterasu let out muffled protests, punching and slapping at the mounds of pudge that made up her cheeks, her movements only sending ripples through their surfaces — little vibrations, like tiny waves through an ocean of dough. “How rude of you! I was preparing to offer you quite the wonderful afternoon! But you really must try and solve everything with violence, don’t you?” Rao huffed indignantly as she casually rested her huge ass on the helpless goddess’ face. “And now, look where that’s gotten you. I must say; you may make a terrible goddess, but you make a wonderful seat cushion.”

Amaterasu’s snout was lodged deep between those cheeks, to the point that Rao could feel the slight wetness poking up against her pucker, making her purr slightly. Almost without thinking, she started to gently grind her hips down against the wolf girl pinned beneath her, roughly pressing the weight of her curvy body down on the goddess’ head. “Mmmm. It’s been far too long since I’ve last been able to… indulge like this,” she cooed, biting her lip as she moved her hips rhythmically, savoring the feeling of squishing and smothering the helpless wolf. “This ‘pure and holy’ masquerade could be quite boring at times. I had to sneak a few townsfolk just to tide me over… which resulted in this ‘bust’ your annoying little fairy friend wouldn’t stop babbling about.”

The more Amaterasu was smothered, the weaker her struggles became, leaving Rao to tease her to her heart’s content. With a laugh, she reached back and proudly groped those shiny, round buns with her hands, squishing them together around Amaterasu’s face. “But I won’t be… consuming you the same way I devoured them. Surely not! That’s far too dignified a fate for a simple beast like yourself! Don’t fret too much, though, ‘goddess’. Either way, you’ll spend the rest of eternity clinging to those very same hips you were always so fond of ogling.”

With that, all it took is a bit more grinding and hip-wriggling for Rao to perfectly line up Amaterasu’s snout with her pucker. With a devious giggle, she reached back and gently grabbed Amaterasu by the very top of her furry head, shoving her face upward… and letting out a loud, shuddering moan as the wolf’s snout is lodged inside her! “Mmmmf…!” Rao cooed, a dopey expression of bliss on her face as she savored the feeling, grinding her ass down as it slowly devoured more and more of Amaterasu’s entire head! “Oh, my… I almost didn’t expect this form to be so stretchy!”

Amaterasu has no idea how long Rao’s been waiting for this! She’s been fantasizing about how cathartic it would be, to condemn such a proud, noble goddess to the tight confines of her bowels! Sliding victims up her rear was a fate she usually reserved only for those she really wanted to humiliate! Just knowing her fat ass was powerful enough to defeat divines… it really make her heart swell with narcissistic pride.

After a few minutes of grinding, Amaterasu’s head and neck were thoroughly lodged in Rao’s bowels, and her cheeks were now squishing against Amaterasu’s shoulders. Biting her lip, Rao stood up, despite her shivering… only to bring herself slamming back down again, forcing Amaterasu’s shoulders into her ass! This caused Rao to let out a cry of pleasure that echoed throughout the palace, panting as she wriggled her ass, slowly working the wolf girl’s plump breasts inside. “Yes, that’s right, darling. Squirm for me!” Rao was panting, shivering with every wriggle and squirm the wolf girl tried as she desperately attempted to avoid being claimed forever by Rao’s perfect ass.“Oh, you are going to be the best meal I’ve ever enjoyed! So many others just give up and go limp by now… how dull! Foolish at it is, your intransigence has its own upsides, mutt.”

Working prey up her ass like this was reserved for special occasions, mostly due to the fact that it was so slow. It took about twenty minutes for Rao to work Amaterasu’s upper body, inch by inch, into her swelteringly warm, achingly tight, winding bowels… but the moment Amaterasu’s own plump ass disappeared between her cheeks, Rao knew that all the hard parts were finally over. “Aaaaah~ Aaaah~” Rao was panting with inconceivable bliss by now, rolling over and angling herself so that her ass was pointed up in the air, letting gravity help slide Amaterasu’s kicking legs into her greedy bowels. “Just… a little… moore… fuuck~”

At this point, the only difficulty was trying not to pass out from the overwhelming pleasure! Rao’s nails were digging deep into the wooden floor as she panted, her eyes slightly rolling back as she clenched, taking her time and letting her plump ass slowly slurp up those futilely kicking legs like noodles, until only Amaterasu’s paws remained, wriggling desperately between her cheeks. Shakily, Rao managed to stand, just to admire her ass in a nearby mirror as she clenched one last time, watching Amaterasu’s paws disappear into that darkness as she’s sealed away once and for all. “Mmmf~! There… you go… huff, huff… all tucked away…”

Rao groped and squeezed her ass in the mirror, her head swimming with pride and arousal, tingling at the feeling of Amaterasu squirming against the crushing tightness of her bowels. “I always wondered what it’d feel like… to consume a goddess,” she giggled, giving her rump one last slap, admiring the ripples sent through its surface before she pulled back up her skirt. “Oh, don’t feel too bad. If it’s any reassurance, I knew that this was inevitable from the moment we first met. Just looking at you, I knew you were meant to be another layer of fat on my hips.”

She cooed as she admired herself in the mirror, turning around and gently groping her prodigious breasts through her robe, imagining what they’ll look like with a goddess padding them out even more.“I suppose not just my hips, though, hmm?” She laughed. “In this form, most of the extra weight goes to these two things. At first, I had thought they were just an annoying, stupid human thing… but I must say, I’m starting to warm up to them! Very pleasantly pillowy, I must admit.”

Of course, she didn’t like this human body nearly as much as her true form… after all, her true form was literally the pinnacle of beauty and perfection! Still, being human had its own… perks. Perks she’d have plenty of time to savor, now that her only obstacle had been thoroughly dealt with. “It’ll almost be a shame to transform back. Hmm… before I get to work ruling over Ryoshima, I might take a little ‘vacation’ in this form. This ‘bust’ makes humans so easy to lure! I’m sure I could wipe out a whole village of them like this…”

She had gotten so caught up in her own narcissistic boasting that she hadn’t notice Amaterasu actually making some success in her escape attempts… at least, until she felt the wolf’s head start to poke back out of her ass! She tensed up, feeling Ammy slide free somewhat… only to groan when her only path of escape is blocked off by the constraining fabric of the woman’s skirt! “R-release me, right this instant! You foul creature!” Amaterasu snarled! “I’ll banish you to the darkest pits of - mph!”

Her threats were muffled once more, as all it took was a simple clench of her backside to drag Amaterasu back into her bowels. “Nice try, sweetheart! As it turns out, ‘skirts’ are another quite useful human invention,” Rao laughed. “At least I got to enjoy slurping you back up again…”

Still, it reminded her of something important; her bowels weren’t quite as difficult to escape as her stomach, which was specifically meant to be the perfect prison for wriggling prey. Usually, this wouldn’t matter, because most people couldn’t escape either… but Amaterasu might cause some trouble back there. So, with that thought, Rao plopped herself down on a nearby stool as she focused on dragging Amaterasu to the digestive clutches of her stomach, letting the rhythmic undulations of the muscles lining her bowels press the wriggling wolf girl deeper and deeper towards her doom.

After about a few hours of relaxation and enjoyment of Amaterasu’s struggles, the goddess was finally pressed into her waiting stomach, which easily stretched out to accommodate her. Of course, Amaterasu had a lot more room to wriggle around in there, compared to her bowels… but this time, Rao could be sure there would be no escape.. “Mmm… you’ve reached your final destination, dear. It won’t be too long now until the goddess of the sun is nothing but soft pudge,” she taunted, as if trying to spur Amaterasu into struggling even harder. “Hehe… if any of your little devotees ever want to worship you again, well, they’ll likely have to worship my ass, won’t they? Oh, that’ll be fun!”

Rao knew exactly the way to massage and knead her belly to help it digest its prisoner, sloshing and bouncing it around somewhat to make sure that her gastric acids soak into Amaterasu evenly. Inside her stomach, the poor wolf felt a blissful trance slowly start to overcome her as the stomach worked tirelessly to work her body down into chyme and padding for her powerful predator. The only sound audible over the gurgles was the long and decidedly unladylike belch Rao let out, bringing up a few moist strands of white and red fur.

As her struggles weakened, all she could hear was the relentless cacophony of gurgles and churns all around her… and somehow, above all that, Rao’s voice. “Mmm… done wriggling in there already? I must thank you for your ‘performance’; you’ve kept up that lovely struggling longer than anyone before you.” Rao smiled in a soothing tone, gently running a hand over her rounded gut, almost lovingly. “But now, it’s time for you to rest. Relax. Let yourself sink into my acids. Abandon yourself, and become part of something so much greater: me.”

Amaterasu’s mental faculties slowly shut down, one by one, until she forgot why she even tried to fight back against Rao in the first place. All she could perceive was the sensory overload of the stomach around her… feeling her own body slowly fading away, as it became part of Rao. Becoming part of a body so beautiful, so perfect… why did Ammy ever want anything different? This was her destiny; her purpose in life. Nothing made her addled mind happier, in that moment, than the thought of eternally, mindlessly wobbling on Rao’s hips. With that thought, she let herself be churned away, the fluffy wolf girl being gurgled up into nothing but smooth, shiny plumpness on a curvy human…

Rao’s digestive system was so efficient, she could no doubt watch the extra pudge being added in real time… but she preferred to wait until the end, just so that it would be more of a surprise. Sure enough, the moment she did look in a mirror, a few hours later, she let out a little squeal of delight, despite herself!

Every part of her body had just about doubled in size, if not more so! Even now that Amaterasu’s been broken down into liquidy chyme, Rao still sported quite the gut; but it was now more of a plump, sloshy paunch, slight rolls of fat along its sides culminating in a cute, deep navel, the smooth skin of that gut shining so perfectly under the faint lights of the palace. Even now, that big, squishy belly let out little gurgles and growls, as if celebrating its defeat of a goddess.

Had Amaterasu’s little fairy friend stuck around, he would’ve been delighted to see how the wolf padded out Rao’s… other assets. Her ass had grown so huge, she quickly had to stand up off the little stool, for fear of breaking it completely. It had been impressive before, but now, they were so thick with pudge that every little movement she made caused them to start jiggling slightly.

And of course, had Rao been an actual human woman, and not just a demon using a human form as a disguise, this new rack would definitely cause some serious back problems down the line. They were now significantly bigger than her head, and far too big to be constrained by her meager robes; she was going to have to buy a new outfit, custom-fitted. “Oh, goodness! Most of those villagers hardly added more than a few pounds to me, but you added such a nice layer of plumpness… fairly equally spread, too! Maybe you really were good for something…”

She couldn’t help but sashay back and forth in front of the mirror for a while, swaying her hips, admiring the way her various assets wobbled with the simplest shake. “So? How are you enjoying your new existence, Ammy?” She giggled, waving her butt back and forth as she groped it with a hand. “Oh, who am I talking to? You’re ass fat now. All those centuries of service, all that glory… all coming to an end, just to make my perfect body even squishier. What a tragic fate, for a ‘goddess’!”

Her moment of triumph, however, was soon cut short by another resounding, hungry gggrrgggll from down below. Rao laughed — apparently, that cute tummy of hers was so greedy, even claiming a goddess wasn’t enough to keep it satisfied! “Mmm… all that fussing has just left me hungry again,” she smiled, idly playing with her fat gut as she gazed over a map of the region, eyeing it like it was a dinner menu. “I believe there’s a tribe just a bit north of here. Maybe I should clear it out… wouldn’t you enjoy having a few dozen tribals to keep you company, Ammy? Hehe!”

Soon, Rao set back out on the road, strutting away from the Palace with her heart swelling with pride over her new, even more perfect figure. Now that that annoying wolf was out of the way, there was nothing left that could get in her way of the conquest of Ryoshima. With a wry smile, she patting her plump belly, knowing that she might be the only one who’ll end up remembering the tragic tale of Amaterasu...

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ASaneMan (art)

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