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Door to door meals (By Adelta261) By trinart -- Report

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A piece I commissioned from my good friend  adelta261

Nullia stared at the two men.
She’d heard of these sorts of people, going door to door, trying to sell people things.
Their words barely entered her head. She felt it, the hunger. It was around lunch time after all
It was all too simple, to invite them in to talk about their, ‘product’ over lunch.
She could barely stop herself from drooling as they came in.
As confused by her hospitality, most people would have told them to go stick their head in an oven.

It had been mere seconds before the door had closed behind them, and she had already made her move. His legs flailed in the air as he sank down her throat. The other had tried to run, but that was expected, his feet had been ensnared in a pool of darkness. Even if he did get to the door, he would find it locked beyond his means.
A final gulp sealed the fate of the first part of her lunch. Already attempting to struggle out of his digestive prison.
“Now, it was quite rude of you to try to run. You are my lunch after all.”
“You, you already ate” He was silenced by her mouth engulfing his head.
He tried to push her off, one hand went for her head, the other for a shoulder.
That was cut short by him being pulled further in, by the first of her swallows. His shoulders entering her widening mouth. Her tongue ran across his face, coating him in thick saliva. The darkness that had clasped him in place slithered off, fading into nothingness. Two claw like hands grabbed his arms, forcing them to his sides. Panic truly set in, he had to get out now, or he wasn’t getting out at all.
He didn’t realise it was already too late for him. His struggles were fruitless since the moment the door closed behind him.
She swallowed again, ignoring his struggles. Pulling in most of his torso. His hands began to slide into her mouth as she tilted her head upwards, sending him quickly sliding down into her awaiting stomach.

She sat down upon the couch. Her gut working away at her meal.
A single finger ran along the top of her bulging gut as her mouth opened, the satisfaction she felt made it all worth it.
Door to door salesmen weren’t so bad in her mind.
They were quite filling.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 years ago Report

Well it's it nice of her lunch to come right to her?


Posted by trinart 2 years ago Report

It was also nice of them to give her stomach a nice workout from the inside as well


Posted by AcevisElecion 2 years ago Report

Door to Door vore salesmen are quite a niche field, with the potential for much profit.

Though somehow I doubt these two gents were in that specific market.


Posted by trinart 2 years ago Report

I mean, they were in the business.
Probably won't go back to it anytime soon, when they get reformed (if they do get reformed that is)