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If I can't make a painting, I will make the thousand words the painting says
Long time lurker, turned into story writer.
I know Nullia ends up in a lot of my stuff, and I commission her a lot, and she's my, profile picture, but she isn't my sona, she is, more of a 'mascot' character for me, being my favourite among my own characters.
I guess I should mention I'm Australian, and well, time zone differences and all.
I write stories, mainly because I, am unable to draw, I stick to Female preds only as my preference.
Most of my stories take place in a sort of, interdimensional space station, which has two rings, an inner ring (where universes where vore is openly know are connected to, and people from those universes come to live, with exceptions) and the outer ring (connected to universes that vore is essentially unknown, but, a few predators and people who do know live there, but they are quite rare, and know full well not to let anyone know)
I will also ask FOR NO ROLEPLAYING OF MY CHARACTERS, please. They are mine (I, will role play as them, they are my characters after all), and I don't want people using them like that, unless you manage to get permission from me that is. If you get permission, you've got to keep the characters in their 'role' prey stay prey, preds stay preds. Also, don't make role playing characters using pictures of my characters, please. Seriously, don't.
If you want to draw one of my characters, feel free to ask me for permission, just, tell me what you want to draw of them. Exceptions exist for, my close friends.

People, I consider to be my friends, who I also highly recommend checking out:  Xalloir  hauntz  JackHereTheRealOne  WankersCramp  Stinkychan  adelta261
Artists I highly recommend :  Axlwisp  Mamerui  Handsome  FidchellVore  Lampton  Metalforever  MobiusTheIce

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Last year I, didn’t have much time for my writing as I’d have liked
So, this year I’m going to be putting more time aside for writing, so expect more stories to be posted this year then last
I’m planning to start a smallish side set of stories to my current Blue Moon series, as for what that is, I’ll be posting it’s start sometime next week.

I’ve also decided to reopen requests and commissions, as I want to write more, pm me if you are interested in getting your ideas turned into stories.

As for upcoming stuff
Expect another Blue Moon Interlude next week, and a small Blue Moon related story featuring a certain Cinderace of mine.

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Thanks for the watch, Trin! Appreciate it a great deal! :)


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