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The big breasted blonde Yang sat in her bed as no one was around at the moment. Blake and Ruby went out to do something and Weiss was being the usual Weiss and was mad about something so she was out of the question. Yang just sat in her bed and sighed waiting for Blake and Ruby to come back.
*Knock Knock*
A knock at the door surprised Yang so she got up and opened the door. Standing there was Velvet and Coco in skimpy bikinis and smiles.
 "Hey can we come in" asked Coco
 In blind lust Yang nodded her head and let the 2 sexy women inside. Yang watched the bunny ears go past her and giggled at them.
 "So what are you guys doing here" asked Yang
 Coco and Velvet looked at each other and bit their lips.
 "Can you please eat the both of us and of course digest us" asker Velvet
 Yang was taken off guard by the comment but didn't think it was the worst idea. Yang smiled and nodded her head in agreement getting the girls all excited.
 "Well I guess which one wants to go first and where" asked Yang
 "I want to be shoved up your rabbit hole" said Velvet
 "Swallowing me will do" said Coco
 Yang licked her lips and took Coco first. Yang licked her face getting a taste of her skin before engulfing her head. Yang sucked and licked the girls head as she started to swallow. Velvet went behind Yang and got up close to her. Velvet put her hands down Yang's panties and rubbed her clit making Yang moan. Velvet also licked Yang's neck as it bulged with Coco's head. Yang always liked the feeling of her throat expanding with a good thick prey. Coco felt herself going down her predator slowly but surely. Her beautiful fat breasts entered the large wet maw and her tits started to get all shiney from the saliva. Yang stopped swallowing and lapped her tongue over Coco?s breasts. Yang rolled her eyes back as the taste was fantastic to her. The little bump when Yang?s tongue went over a nipple made her moan with a mouthful. Velvet took her fingers out of Yang?s panties and they were soaked dripping with pussy juices. Velvet soaked her fingers dry and then went behind Coco to help Yang out. Velvet lifted Coco up which made Yang swallow the tits making two nice round bulges in her throat.
Yang was forced to swallow even more and the orb bulges went behind her bust out of view. Velvet couldn't help but lick Coco?s feet as she was pulled further into the air by Yang?s powerful throat. Yang steadily went down Coco?s midsection gulping her slim muscular body which tasted better the more she gulped. Coco couldnt stop moaning and leaking juices from her body as the gullet felt amazing on her curvy body especially when her nipples rubbed against the gullet. Coco?s head was pushed into the stomach where a small pool of acid awaited her. Yang felt her belly start to expand with her first meal and Coco?s pleasured face and big tits bulged out as she was deposited into the gut. Velvet kept pushing Coco higher and forcing Yang to swallow faster as she didn't even get to play with Coco?s wet pussy. It slid down along with her ass. With Yang?s head tilted using gravity and Velvet pushing down Coco became a meal just like that. Coco slid all the way down and curled in the digestive organ. Yang wiped the spit off her lips and held onto her big ol belly.
 ?Man Coco you were a tasty meal but I honestly can't wait to feel you come out the back end? said Yang seductively
Yang?s belly started to gurgle her meat and she looked up at her bunny girl snack who was next. Velvet felt the belly as her friend moaned and squirmed inside making her wet herself.�
Yang belched in Velvet?s face making her want to be eaten even more so Velvet got away from the bloated gut and laid on the ground with her legs pointing in the air.
 ?Come on have this bunny for dessert? said Velvet with her finger by her lips
 Yang licked her lips and got on her knees and placed her belly on the ground. Yang laid on her belly squishing her meal inside but she was still solid enough to not become mush already. Yang gripped Velvet?s ankles and opened her mouth wide open. She looked into Velvet?s lustful eyes and placed her feet into her maw. She shut her lips over Velvet?s feet and inside her maw she licked over her feet getting them all nice and wet.
Yang?s belly kept being noisy making Velvet leak juices out of her panties.
Yang swallowed Velvet?s legs slowly eating up her body to build up the sexual tension. Velvet moaned as her legs went down the wet gullet squeezed together but she enjoyed it immensely. Yang gobbled up the lower parts of Velvet?s legs and made her to the squishy thighs she had and couldn't help but nibble on the soft parts. Velvet bit her lip as the girls kept looking into each other as one was being eaten alive. Yang held onto Velvet?s hips and pulled her further, finishing her thighs off. Velvet felt Coco?s moist body with her feet and she seems to be a little softer than before she went in.
Yang threw the nether regions of Velvet into her mouth and couldn't help but play with the horny girl. Yang licked Velvet?s pussy and asshole making the bunny girl moan out in pleasure. Velvet arched her back and moaned so loud a student walking by heard it but just didn't care.
With a powerful gulp Velvet?s ass and pussy were sent down the gullet and Velvet loved the squishy gullet walls rubbing her off as she was swallowed. Yang reached up to Velvet?s shoulders and pushed her in further as she kept gulping. Velvet?s midsection practically flew down Yang?s throat. More and more of Velvet curled up inside Yang?s stomach and Yang got to Velvet?s small breasts but she didn't care as they felt nice in her mouth as well. Yang swallowed the breasts down and Velvet?s shoulders were swallowed. Velvet was to horny to think as her head was pushed into Yang?s mouth. Yang swallowed twice and the happy face of Velvet went down Yang?s throat. Yang sat back as her gut expanded out with her second meal of the day.
Yang belched and smiled as she gave her full belly a pat on the top.
Yang stood up sloshing acid onto the girls inside and went to her bed where she laid down to digest them. Their squirming inside felt like a belly massage so she kept squeezing their asses to make them squirm more.
 ?You tasty treats will last maybe an hour in there so get your fucking done before you?re just fat? said Yang
 Inside her stomach Velvet and Coco made out with fingers inside each other's holes as the acid melted them down. The stomach walls pressed against their bodies making the space tighter and more uncomfortable but they loved it as their bodies were wrapped in stomach walls. The warm acid kept creeping up their bodies and they felt softer every minute.
 Yang giggled and was happy to oblige to a faster digestion. Yang hugged her belly and wrapped her legs around it and then squeezed her gut. The girls inside yelped but soon enough their forms broke apart and rounded out. Their soft bodies melted to a thick paste with bones and skulls sticking out. A sweaty Yang stopped squeezing as her meal was finally nice and mushy.
Her belly groaned and began to get smaller as her tits flopped out of her shirt exposed. With a pot belly left of the girls and a nice rack to show her digestion went smoothly Yang stood up and headed for the closest bathroom. Yang went into the bathroom and chose the first stall available. Yang went inside and plopped her ass on the toilet where a large fart came out. After the fart logs of shit came out stretching her ass quite a bit. The bony remains of her friends smoothly came out of her rear and filled the toilet up. Their brown hair blended in with the shit but there was hair. Yang felt the shit stop but she was still full of scat though. Yang teared up as two skulls pushed out of her anus and were covered with the last of the scat. Yang felt relieved as she wiped her ass clean of the girls. Yang got off the toilet and saw the pile in the toilet. The skulls buried in her shit looked up at her and she giggled knowing every time she saw the lifeless skulls of her prey always looked good to her.
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