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An Askran Lunch for Veronica By SupremeToadLord -- Report

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Miffed by the results of the most recent Voting Gauntlet ending in her loss, Veronica seeks out the Askrian Prince & Princess to figure out why her score was tampered with & unfortunately for the two royals, her methods of interrogation are very… extreme…

Word Count: 10,710.


Heeey everyone! It's been a little while but finally, the next story is up & by popular demand, this story focuses on the enjoyable pouty Emblian Princess, Veronica!

Before I started working on this, I wasn't sure exactly how I’d go about the premise as there's a lot of ideas I had in mind for her - some fit a POV focus much more so who knows, one of those ideas could see the light of day, so ultimately, I decided to go with something a little more lighthearted & have the premise be on her recent defeat in a Voting Gauntlet & getting annoyed over it!

A lot of you really liked how I wrote Veronica in the first story I made for her, so I decided to turn it up a notch & really have some fun with her teasing! This is definitely the most indulgent I’ve gotten with pre/post-vore teasing so far so I really hope the payoff is there for you all! Also some Summoner teasing from her at the end which was also super fun to play with - Veronica’s the queen of teasing, heheh~

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I had fun writing it~! Man I’ve missed writing Veronica & well, it was nice to let it aaallllll out here! Still hoping for some art though, she really deserves some… a lot~


& as always, the visual representation of the characters within this story~:







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Posted by Zephyr231 2 years ago Report

Gotta admit, I'm more for unwilling prey, so that first part especially was just... omg.
And the TEASING, absolutely glorious!


Posted by SupremeToadLord 2 years ago Report

I definitely wanted to include both, seeing how I can easily see Alfonse being unwilling while Sharena's always willing to try new things - even being prey apparently! :3 & yes, I really wanted to make sure the teasing stood out here, a new high in which how far I'm willing to go with dominatiom via teasing & well, I definitely let loose here - heh, I can only imagine how much further this could progress now, especially if I do get around to a POV premise for her~


Posted by Zephyr231 2 years ago Report

Ahahah, now THAT could be fun...


Posted by HildaVGoneril 2 years ago Report

Oh, wow. The teasing here is exceptional! I'd totally love for her to dominate me. I love your stuff!


Posted by SupremeToadLord 2 years ago Report

Ah thank you! Teasing was an absolute priority to focus on here so I'm glad to see it pay off!

Heh, & saaame~ - that'd be such a wonderful experience~


Posted by grz01 2 years ago Report

Love the teasing in this, really stirring to say the least!


Posted by SupremeToadLord 2 years ago Report

That's pretty much what I was aiming for! It wouldn't feel right if the teasing wasn't stirring in some way, considering Veronica's sharp tongue~ :3


Posted by OhSevenTen 2 years ago Report

I am a big big fan of the way you wrote Sharena here. Great as always! :3


Posted by SupremeToadLord 2 years ago Report

Sharena's just super fun to write in any given scenario! - Her bubbliness certainly rubs off~ :3 & thank you, I always appreciate knowing that you enjoyed this!

Also that small part between Sharena & Alfonse may or may not imply that I may want to write some sibling noms between the two at some point~