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Overcoming the Tactician's Power Balance {R} By SupremeToadLord -- Report

After finally having enough of her mother always managing to foil her brilliant tricks, Morgan comes up with a new plan - one that’ll be guaranteed to end in her victory, but of course, she can't pull this one off on her own, so she requests some help from a certain fanged mage…

Word Count: 7,832.


The raffle story is here! As requested by  lllll1337 , this story stars Morgan & her tactical genius of a mother, Robin!

Y’know, I was absolutely flabbergasted when I found out that Morgan, at least female Morgan, doesn't have a single piece to her name here - not anything & I found that utterly bizarre. It makes me all the happier that a story starring her was requested because now, she finally has something here!

This was really fun to write & it certainly helped that the winner’s more specific requests rolled off the tongue really well for me, plus I added my own thing I’m very glad they liked & it's something I’ve been dying to use more for a very long time now - prey regrowth. I just immensely enjoy the idea of a pred using some magic to restore their prey’s size a little, after nomming them of course so they’d grow in the stomach~ ;3 Maybe it's the idea of the growth forcing those squishy walls to hug the prey harder the bigger they get, I dunno~ x3

Well anyways, I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I had fun writing it~! Morgan’s always devising new tricks & traps so it’d almost seem… natural, that she’d think of tricking a person right down her gullet, & trapping them in there, hehe~


& as always, the visual representation of all the characters who appear in this story~:




The art used for the thumbnail can be found here:

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Posted by OhSevenTen 2 years ago Report

Ooh, this one's plot was super fun! Fascinating that there was no other Morgan media whatsoever. Well, you certainly kicked off her vore media excellently with such a great story!


Posted by SupremeToadLord 2 years ago Report

You can thank the person for such a wonderful idea! It was super fun to work on & I'm glad everyone seems to be loving it!

Honestly, it did feel odd that she had nothing, but that's fixed now~ :3