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Zatanna's Guest Assaistants By Ergos -- Report

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Story by  veender

It had been a standard show for Zatanna. The stage magician using real magic dazzled the audience with impossible feats until her stomach growled, signalling the time had come for her big finale.

Putting on her biggest performer smile, Zatanna gestured to the side of the stage and announced, "Well folks, it's time for the big finale! And to help me with my next trick I've got some special volunteers. Welcome Supergirl and Wonder Woman, straight from the Justice League!" The two superheroines walked in from off-stage smiling and waving to the cheering audience.

When the applause had died down, the magician asked the two women, "So girls, ready to see some magic?" The Kryptonian and the Amazon both smiled and nodded as the crowd cheered again. "All right!" Zatanna said with her grin ever-so-slightly devious. "Now, I'm nothing if not a good host! Those costumes of yours must be so stifling! Let's get you two into something a little more comfortable..."

Wonder Woman and Supergirl shared a puzzled look as Zatanna summoned her wand with a flick of her wrist. "!sehtolc evomeR" The curvy magician shouted, pointing the tip of the magic wand at her guest assistants. Immediately, the two women beside her were engulfed in a flash of light and gasped in surprise. When the light vanished, the two women were completely naked, fully exposed before the audience, who immediately began to holler and whistle.

"Wow, they sure look scrumptious, huh?" Zatanna asked the crowd with a cocky laugh. "Definitely good enough to eat. I guess it's dinner time, ladies and gentlemen!" She said, the noise from the crowd rising even higher with anticipation.

"Zatanna!" Wonder Woman shouted, ignoring the crowd's stares while she glared at the magician across the stage from her. Proud as she was of her amazonian physique, she had no shame in being nude, especially when she would rather spend the time of being embarrassed instead being furious and get answers from her fellow Justice League member.. "What is the meaning of this?"

Supergirl had used her arms and hands to cover her chest and dignity as best she could while also glaring at Zatanna. "Yeah, Z. What the heck? No wonder all your assistants keep leaving the show and you asked us to fill in..."

Zatanna's smile never faltered, even under the gaze of Wonder Woman. If anything, it had widened with Supergirl's comment. "Good choice of words, Kara!" She said, er voice rising over the raucous crowd. "You'll be doing plenty of filling in... In my stomach, that is!" The two nude superheroines were confused just long enough for the raven-haired magician to raise her wand, twirl it, and point it at the two while speaking another incantation.

"!ylleb ym ni teG" The mischievous magician shouted, another flash of light enveloping the two women. They vanished, but it was clear to the audience where they'd gone. Zatanna's stomach was enormous, sagging past her knees and sticking out several feet from her middle. The creamy white orb forced itself out from under her clothes, which had been protected from ripping apart from the sudden surge in mass by more magic.

Zatanna dropped her wand into her hat casually before she struck a pose for the audience, whose noise had reached its apex as they cheered, whistled, and catcalled. "Ta-da! And with that I've made the two heroines disappear!" The bloated woman announced to plenty of applause as her stomach wobbled around.

"What the-?" Wonder Woman queried, relying on her amazonian instincts to punch out against the churning walls around her and Supergirl. Her fist merely pushed the wall outwards like an elastic fabric, snapping back into place when she retracted her arm.

"Where are we?" Supergirl wondered, rubbing her fingers together to inspect the slime around her and her fellow naked heroine. They were pressed against one another, making the blonde woman's cheeks redden even more than before. "It's almost like a... Oh, no..!" Kara trailed off, realizing what had happened to them.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl finally figured out that Zatanna's previous assistants hadn't left her show at all and began struggling, only to find that their incredible might meant nothing to the magic trapping them inside the fleshy prison of her belly. The most they could do was push out against the dome of belly with vague bulges, which only entertained the crowd and the performer even more.

After a few more minutes of posing and teasing her prey with her hands, Zatanna gave a bow, her belly squishing against the floor for a moment before she stood back up and thanked her audience. "You've been a wonderful bunch, really! I'll see you all again soon! These two are probably going to be around for a while..." She gave the crowd a playful wink and a wave with a free hand while hr other rubbed the top of her bulging gut as she walked off the stage.

Back in her dressing room, Zatanna let out a sigh of relief as she sat on her bed, the furniture creaking beneath the weight of three women. As she leaned back, the bloated magician Supergirl had already tired out with magic negating her powers, but Wonder Woman had refused to give up the fight even though her struggles were far less fierce than before.

"The real magic trick will be finding clothes that fit properly after this..." Zatanna muttered softly as she ran her hands along the surface of her belly. "But then, the best kind of magic tricks are never easy to pull off..." She added with a smile, sitting back further and resting her hands behind her head as the sounds of digestion lulled her to sleep.

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Posted by hetcomc 4 months ago Report

Oh my goodness, yes! She’s one of my favorites!


Posted by Phorcyz19 4 months ago Report

This is great art, I love the face


Posted by Ergos 4 months ago Report



Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 4 months ago Report

Fuck yeah Zatanna pred

The K

Posted by The K 4 months ago Report

Holy magic! Big bellied Zatanna! You drew her so beautifully! Love her huge belly and the story along with it. Zatanna is one of my favorites so this is such a nice surprise!


Posted by Whereaminow27 4 months ago Report

Can't wait to see how Zatanna looks afterward :P


Posted by Apostolos 4 months ago Report

Is there an afterimage one? Maybe she gets asked about if she’s seen them by Batman?