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I’m a great admirer of female bellies, and since I can’t draw to save my life, I'll be writing about vore, pregnancy, and belly stuffing. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my stories!

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The orange glow of the early evening cast it’s soft light over the Isle of Berk. The wind from the sea carried with it the salty smell of high tide as it rose to meet the rocks. Flocks of Monstrous Nightmares dotted the sky above, returning from that evening’s hunt, their gullets full of fish. Gronckles and Deadly Nadders could be heard squawking and grunting in the town below, bustling about with the residents of Berk as they


“You want to...what,” Terrance said, struggling to fight back the confusion in his voice, his face looking exceedingly puzzled in the soft glow of the candlelight.


It was his girlfriend Elle’s birthday, and he had been planning a romantic dinner for two for the past several months. He had learned how to co


Hope Van Dyne flew through the air, far above the gunfire of the mobsters. Small time compared to the galactic conflict she was previously tangled up with, not the kind of thing the cavalry would be called in from back east for. Arms dealers, drug traffickers, money laundering, they were the bread and butter of the Ant Man and the Wasp’s crime fighting. In the aftermath of the undoing of the decimation, the criminals that had been r


The usual humidity that Claire was used to had been all burned away by the dry heat of the brewing fires of Mount Sibo, which now threatened Isla Nublar, and it its prehistoric inhabitants, with extinction. It had been a few years since the Indominus Rex incident, and she couldn’t believe she was back where it all began. Her green top, dark pants, and brown shoes matched the color of the jungle as her ponytail of luscious red hair d


The atmosphere of the wrap party was even more joyous and celebratory than that of previous seasons, but also more melancholy. Everyone was so ecstatic to share their work with the world, but for this particular production, it would be the last time. The final season of Game of Thrones had finished production, and all of the cast and crew were equally of two minds about it. It had been a long and difficult journey, and it was finally over


Sakaar. A world of endless junk and violence, caught in its own little pocket of space and time. Where everyday its inhabitants fought for survival, whether in The Grandmaster’s Contest of Champions, to avoid the scrappers and hunters, to eat or be eaten. It was a den of debauchery where anyone who gained The Grandmaster’s favor was bestowed with immense riches and pleasures, while the rest blindly followed the bacchanal celeb

Claire had been trying to settle into her role as Jurassic World Operations Manager for the past few months. Ever since she first started working as an intern for the park when she was a freshman in college, she knew that she had what it took to make sure this park was always running at maximum efficiency. Of all the students in the Bright Minds Internship program, none had performed the level that she did, outshining her superiors on more than one occasion. The parks owner and founder, Simon Ma


Vanessa stood blinking in the searing hot sun, which was burning up her skin. She was awestruck by the large mansion that stood before her, still amazed by the recent turn of events that had happened today. A slight breeze blew hard enough to make her short brown hair move ever so slightly, and she shielded her hazel eyes as she looked up at the mansion. It was taller than any of the houses, and most office buildings they had passed on th

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