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False Sancturary, Real Cuisine By AcevisElecion -- Report

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Art is by  Alonelysoul64 , whom did an absolutely stunning job with rendering this piece. Everything from the work on the textures to the color pallet use was beyond what I was expecting and I can't ever give enough thanks.

Nebulae are some of the most awe inspiring and dangerous areas of the extant universe. Most civilizations will observe them, but few will risk willingly passing through them routinely unless they have no other choice. Their Highly ionized nature just wraught with the interference of most technology. Within such structures lie the foundation of the solar system itself, which in turn gives rise to galaxies.

For the brigands of the void, it is but always a risk worth taking. When the alternative ranges from life imprisonment to death, even the charged swirling clouds of a nebula are not so intimidating. The far larger more enhanced ships often pursuing them are loathe to risk such expenses for what amounts to a few pirates. Yet, just as the tales of myth and sea shanties of old propagated tales of heroism and creatures of otherworldly power, so too does the sea of space posses its own life.

For this unfortunate crew, they are now part of the ghost tales they may have shared with others.

Andromeda doesn't need to necessarily garner any sense of fullness, but generally enjoys such. Similarly while she can gain far more from the consumption of other stellar objects, there's a special tingle to the pallet about the uniqueness of organic life that isn't quite found amid the vast blanket of particles that travel throughout space.

As to the ultimate fate of the crew? It doesn't look too rosy, but stranger things have happened and mercy may yet be upon them should fortune favor the bold.

Unless that bold is referring to taste, in which of course the combination of a rising nuclear furnace and/or liquid quarks will make sure to break down everything into an atomic level.

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