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Lopunny's Lady Lumps 2/2 (comm/absorption/SF) By drpolice -- Report

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Commission for Tailithia. Second part of it. Full dialogue below as always.


Panel 20

Pokemon 1: “Wow, lookin’ fine as ever Lopunny!”

Lopunny: “Hehe, would you expect otherwise from me? Got me a new girl this time, easiest snatch-n-gulp yet! Big, soft, round n’ squishy~ The best words for a backside like mine, right~?”

Pokemon 2: “Y’know, if that booty gets any bigger, you’re gonna have to fight me off from wantin’ a piece of that! I'm even almost jealous of whoever's inside right now~"

Lopunny: “Keep up with the compliments n’ you might just get your wish someday~ Ha~ha!”

Pokemon 3: “Gosh it's so huge, I’m a guy n’ even I’m a little jealous your ass is that big!”

Lopunny: “Hah! Well, it’s only natural everyone’s jealous of me! I got what you don’t, after all~ Now, who wants to give me the massages n’ attention this butt deserves~?”

Trainer: (O-Oh my, wh-why’s everyone staring at me n’ giving me so many compliments?! I… I like what I’m hearing b-but this isn't right! Ohh, p-please stop with all the praising, it’s humiliating to be someone ELSE’S ass! No matter how big or soft it looks, it's n-not that mmng...!)

Panel 21

Trainer: (Ach! Hey, loosen up on the exercise, it’s a hassle feeling like I’m stretchin’ across, up n’ down and all around while you kick random stuff! Come on, take it easy on me please?)

Lopunny: -huff!- “Hah, as if I’m gonna delay my training regiment all because I have a passenger with me. Or, are you an ‘ass’-enger~? Hah, puns! Anyway, maybe YOU wanna stay weak, but not me. Besides, having ANY part of my ass being as flabby as you are absolutely cannot stay. So! Into training we both go!”

Trainer: (W-Well I… Oh, fine! I guess I’ll admit I feel pretty good the more you do this… I can’t hate determination or results that’re this good… B-But only because I’m stuck like this! No other reasons!)

Panel 22

Trainer: (Woah, ooh! Ha… A-As much fun as this is, wh-what does this- Mm, attention! Uh, I-I mean, what’s this have to do with training?!)

Lopunny: “Well look at you Ms. Serious Business! You’re a silly one if you think life is ONLY about training this n’ training that! Sometimes, or rather a lot of the time, you gotta let loose, have fun~ Besides, have you ever seen a lopunny as flexible, as limber as I am? There’s a reason for that~! So, why not join in on the fun a little, Ass~?”

Ass: (Huh… W-Well, I guess that’s a fair point, both of them actually…. O-Okay well, I guess as long as I’m stuck like this, you can shake me around all you w-want~... I’m a huge, bouncy butt on you, so, might as well use me! B-But not so much I start to forget about stuff, alright?...)

Lopunny: "That's the spirit~! You just relax and let me show ya how to have fun, and I promise I won't let you forget about anything important, Ass~..."

Panel 23

Ass: (Wooh, that was such a fun fight~! Even if it was over pretty fast, I guess they just couldn't keep up with owner! Hehe~...)

Lopunny: “Oh~hoh? Is that outright praise I’m hearing outta you? Heh, while I appreciate you congratulating me on my ‘victory’, far as challenges go, it’s so sad to see you lost yours~ Not that it wasn't expected, of course!”

Ass: (Hmm? What's owner talking about? The only challenge that I have is just looking big, toned, and shapely for you! Which I think I'm doing perfectly- Eeeeeep~! Did you really need to spank me that hard owner? Not that I mind of course~...)

Lopunny: “Ohhh don't worry about it. Maybe I was just thinking about something else~? Heck, don’t even think about it! Doesn’t matter at this point anyhow~ So all you gotta concern yourself with is being the best ass you can be to a figure as deserving as mine, mmkay~?

Ass: (Don’t think about it…? Hmm, why does that sound so nice~?... Just relax and be a good ass... but... was there something else? I kinda remember... remember... Eeeep~! Ohhhh~....)

Lopunny: “Ah ah, that’s enough outta you for now, booty~! Unless yah wanna get slapped ‘round silly some more, my treat!”

Ass: (M-Mmmnnnn~.... -jiggle!-)

Panel 24

Lopunny:”... Ah, yes! I have this belt with pokeballs I, eh, ‘found’ somewhere outside. Could you handle these for me, give these innocent pokemon to some good-natured trainers for me~? Eheh, thanks~”

Lopunny: (So are you really sure about this~? I mean, they were your pokemon after all, booty butt~ Caught ‘em n’ reared ‘em. So you must hold quite a bit of attachment hmmm?... Or are you just 'thinking' about bouncing back there now ass~?)

Ass: -wobble!- -jiggle!-

Lopunny: “Heh, truer words were… ‘never spoken’~ Glad we’re in agreement then, just like always!”

Panel 25

Ass: -jiggle!-

Lopunny: "Hmmm, Oh~? Did I just feel something from ya back there, silly butt? What has it been now... Two weeks I think since you last moved on your own? If I didn't still feel your happy sensations every day I might've even forgot you were even back there! Well, long as I've got your attention, any regrets about yer new life hun?"

Ass: -wobble!- -bounce!-

Lopunny: "Aha, guess that's about the response I'd expect~ Glad yer loving being what ya are as much as I love having ya back there with all the others! Speaking of... I think I've been seein a real cutie lookin over this way for a while. Looks like ya might have another roommate... or 'rumpmate' soon~"

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Posted by P1an3tv0re 13 days ago Report

Good to see that you are back, its been forever since you last posted, how have you been?


Posted by Just4comments 13 days ago Report

I love compassionate/caring preds! (Panel 24)


Posted by Saya 13 days ago Report

Sentient fat is kino


Posted by denysvision 13 days ago Report

That why she become my gf


Posted by mibankai1171 13 days ago Report

Love the detail great comic ^_^


Posted by Kimbunny 13 days ago Report

Wow, this is a absolutely delightful comic!

I just adore the concept of sentient body part stuff! <3


Posted by LyapisSlime 7 days ago Report

Such a sweet fate, I would like to see a sequel :3


Posted by Andaisdet 3 days ago Report

HA! puns!