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Just What The Doctor Ordered By joeburp22181 -- Report

Kelsie Simmons was about to have the shift and night of her very life. Boarding Virgo's Orbital Research Establishment, she would decide to be this shift's chef. Alas, the power, no engineer was ready to give it when she'd needed the most. About to clock out to go off shift, alas, she'd been stopped in the hallway by a particularly possessive Golden Desert Naga! Without giving her a chance to speak, without giving her a chance to resist, Kelsie was simply seduced, subdued and subsumed! Coiled up and taken away privily from the all-seeing eyes of nearby camera and crew, Kelsie was struck, dumbfounded and in utter shock. Objectified to the point Silvia had already sealed her fate as food, all Kelsie could do was watch on helplessly, trapped in tail coil as Silvia spanned her wide maw, and began to consume her whole and alive. The thing seemed like a game to her! An apex predator, a Medical doctor, super intelligent and highly instinctual, who could stand in her way? It was in no time at all, Kelsie was utterly devoured. Teased until she was to the breaking point. Shifted from maw to throat, to esophagus and beyond, one gut to the next, finally sent to the place where she would die, and remain gone, forever... Silvia's Tail gut. Satiated for the time being, only all too pleased to snuff out this girl's light forever. Silvia would make sure her prey-slut never came back again. Making sure to delete the girl's backups both on and off station, Kelsie would soon be just a thing of the past, another part of Silvia's history. Digested down cruelly, Kelsie wanted to live, but she also wanted to die. Silvia was pleased enough to grant her that request. Snuffing her out forever, and then committing to a nice sit to relieve her body of those once beautiful, but now stinking remains. With a callous flush, that was that. Kelsie's story had ended there that night. Having just tried her new sleeve for the first time, a normally eleven inch micro girl aboard Virgo, if only for two weeks... Kelsie would never be heard from or seen, again.


RP Posted with the expression permission of RP partner.


Thumbnail pic created by Silvia's player, and used with their permission.

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Posted by Demicus 10 months ago Report

Permavore? On my space station? I love it~


Posted by joeburp22181 10 months ago Report