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Abatha Way Past Full Term By gachabork -- Report

"M-Mother Abatha, this needs to stop! We're all terribly worried, and you genuinely look like you're about to burst!"
"Ah, but my naive children... you underestimate just how much a determined Mother can bear...~"
"...Um... who here is good with sewing?"

After a year and a half of alien pregnancy, Abatha is obscenely large. Between the discoloration on her skin and the strange bumps and noises coming from within her, it is unclear how long until she eventually explodes. The being within her continues to grow and gain new appendages, but it is uncertain as to how it hasn't simply cut her open from the inside. Perhaps it enjoys its flesh prison...?

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Posted by Kerbalmaster 1 day ago Report

I think he's just emotionally bonded too much to purposefully harm her. Although i think at this point she should see somebody about keeping her from popping. As i doubt our alien friend would take the fact his existence ended his best friend very well if she did pop. Is there some way these two can contrinue to safely live with eachother? Because Ive come to love this adorable duo