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Melinda in the pool. By Natsumemetalsonic -- Report

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Hello everyone, here you can see a little vore pic with Melinda from naga Story, from my Patreon.

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Posted by mthekiller362 1 month ago Report

Damn she’s hungry


Posted by benjdsen815 1 month ago Report



Posted by chaotic123 1 month ago Report

wonder if the prey in tail and belly can breathe?


Posted by kaiju56monster 1 month ago Report

Has she ever tried eating men before?


Posted by Idkwhattonamemyself 1 month ago Report

That’d be lit to see that


Posted by MuseOfMilo 1 month ago Report

I do recall it being said back in Chapter 3 that Melinda only tempts people into becoming her meals, but it’s not gonna stop me from loving everything going on in here. Well done!


Posted by Natsumemetalsonic 1 month ago Report

Its only a random/funny pic, no canon.


Posted by MuseOfMilo 1 month ago Report

Fair. And like I said, I'm certainly not complaining. It's always fun to see her gorge herself like that. Plendy of snacc for a happy snek.


Posted by ShyMaster 1 month ago Report

You should make this into a comic


Posted by kibroman 1 month ago Report

fabulous and sexy
I like a lot melinda, especially with a full stomach


Posted by nervousvampire 1 month ago Report

I melinda's hunger finally broke her if she's going for unwilling prey.
side note this looks gorgeous


Posted by Fallenfox 1 month ago Report

Prey unwittingly diving from a diving board into an awaiting maw is one of my favorite scenarios.


Posted by harpylove 1 month ago Report

She's already had at least 12 people and is still going. She must be getting ready to hibernate.


Posted by DragonOverlord 1 month ago Report

I count at least 17, maybe even 3 more hidden by the back angle of her tail and the part covered by her gut.


Posted by harpylove 1 month ago Report

I just recounted and got 16 plus the diver.


Posted by ifdre 2 weeks ago Report

How can it counted that many?


Posted by harpylove 13 days ago Report

Try looking at heads and body parts that don't line up with others.


Posted by ifdre 13 days ago Report

OK. Thank you! And sorry for the late reply.


Posted by harpylove 12 days ago Report

No need to apologize. The creators love people talking about their work.


Posted by ifdre 2 weeks ago Report

I asked below this comment, but how did you get that many counted?


Posted by TheSkarrd 1 month ago Report

Swimming naga? Interesting. Makes me tempted to make an Anaconda-Girl pic.


Posted by leinheart24 1 month ago Report

Why is there even a trampoline if you are not supposed to use it?


Posted by MrNobody 1 month ago Report

I thought it was a diving board?


Posted by leinheart24 1 month ago Report

You are right, but I'm looking at the board.


Posted by mawileluvergirl 1 month ago Report

Seeing Melinda in a noncon goes scenario is pretty bizarre actually


Posted by ToxicJellywing 1 month ago Report

I like to think this is what would happen if she ever digested Rika