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constructive criticism is always appreciated. If you ever have suggestions for pred, prey or a scenario feel free to suggest them, might give me some ideas. though I may not say it to everyone individually, thank you for the favorites, comments and watches. it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

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Nejire Hado introduced herself along with two other students know as U.A high's big three her mind racing as she bounced from student to student with questions on their appearance, abilities or anything else that popped into her head. Her fellow student Mirio Togata brought the younger class under rein though even that fell flat, as he blabbered about internships and being a hero Nejire's attention was focusing more with each second on a single girl in the class. A girl by the name of Mina Ashid

You walk through the mostly abandoned streets of town, ignoring the few people who ran around to escape the pouring rain as it soaked through your coat. You stop for a moment to check the time on your phone but a faint sound catches your ear it was a faint sobbing that barely passed over the rain. For some reason, even you're not sure of you follow the faint sound to find a young Asian woman who was sobbing on the ground not seeming to notice the pouring rain.


"Damn it Seras! We had an agreement if you ate another woman you were supposed to invite me," Integra hollered as she pulled Seras's cheeks forcefully with a scowl.

"I would have but she couldn't even stand, I didn't want her to change her mind," Seras whined through the pained pulling of her boss turned lover.

"You didn't just eat her, you seduced her as well! If you brought her back I wouldn't have minded as much but n

"I hate the cold!" Mina whined "It plays hell with my body," The naga wiped the sleep from her dark blue eyes. Mina was a naga, short by naga standards but still clocked in at close to twenty feet long. Her hair was a light oak brown, unlike most naga's her tail didn't match her long tail which had large black and red stripes around it. Like any naga, her body slowed down to the point of hibernation any time it got cold.

"Stupid boss, won't let m

Kuro roamed the halls of Chaldea bored and slightly exhausted from numerous XP gathering missions

"Master was a slave driver today And what was with that big belly of his? No mash either, ugh today was weird I need a nice magical snack Or a nice meal. I wonder if Illya is still in her room?" the archer grinned mischievously as she thought of her sister's lips and magical energy. She took a step and teleported in front of Illya's room, she opened her hand and c

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nervousvampire's Blog - Seras's hunt Posted 3 days ago

I intend to do more of the series Seras's hunt but I am corious if anyone has any vampire or occult related prey they think would make good meals for the big tittied vampire police girl.
If so who (as well as from what series), should they be willing or unwilling? Also with this I can even go outside of normal oral vore so why not say whether they should be vored by oral, cleavage, breast, familiar or absorbed. I look forward to some interesting results.

Already have rayne from the bloodrayne series on my list. Along with possibly Selene form underworld and serana from skyrim though these two are maybes.

Also feel free to still vote on what series I another part on.

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