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Eight Ball in the Pussy Pocket By Cerise -- Report

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It's Rush Week at Rosewood College. Nick, a new initiate to the Eta Alpha Theta fraternity, has heard all the warnings about unusual hazing rituals, but never paid them much mind. Now, he's been shrunken down, forced into a tiny plastic hamster ball, and has to serve as a substitute 8-ball for a game of pool where the winner gets to keep their shrunken prize for the night.

That's a doozy of a description, isn't it? Enjoy!

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Posted by grimsaurus 1 year ago Report

this is a great story bud you going to make a sequel or a follow up?


Posted by Cerise 1 year ago Report

Thank you so much!

And a sequel is possible, but I actually have another idea for this story that I think might be just as interesting. I have quite a few works in progress though, so it's always a bit of a tossup what actually gets finished on time. :P


Posted by WaterInRain 1 year ago Report

Another quality writing!


Posted by Cerise 1 year ago Report

Always appreciated! I'm glad it turned out alright; this one's been sitting half-finished on my hard drive for like two months.


Posted by ethan3369 1 year ago Report

I do want to knownhow the others are holding up as they presumably travel her intestines.


Posted by Cerise 1 year ago Report

They're definitely going to be in there for a while, that's for sure. Or forever, depending on your preferences. ;)


Posted by bartek21 1 year ago Report

Amazing story.
Please continue this story.
I am curious what will happen next.
I'm sorry, my English is bad.


Posted by Cerise 1 year ago Report

I'm glad to hear it. :)

And I do have an idea for expanding on this story, but I don't want to commit until I do a little more work to figure it out first.


Posted by Belly97 1 year ago Report

Looking forward to the sequel/followup/expansion. Keep up the good work!


Posted by Restrogenic 1 year ago Report

Anyone know of other works like this one where the prey is in some sort of capsule? UB and AV preferably


Posted by Cerise 1 year ago Report

I can't think of too many good examples, but you might like this one (assuming you haven't already read it):

I'll also be back to writing... probably this week. I took a month off to focus on other things, including some non-vore writing, but I personally really like the idea of prey being trapped in something before they're eaten/inserted. Don't know when it'll come up again exactly, but I'll probably end up writing more like this. :)


Posted by Restrogenic 1 year ago Report

Hey thanks! I have not read this one actually. And I’ll be looking forward to any other writings you make