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In the dark of night a pair of young women were walking through the forest. They were sisters, the oldest being 19 and the other one was 12. The older sister Kana was begged to death by her younger sister Miku to go out and collect flowers in the woods. Their mother told them to be back before sun down or the demons would get them. Of course it was just a folk tale but soon the real terror began. Night approached without warning and before the girls knew it they were lost in the woods. Kana wore a long dark purple kimono with her black hair down while Miku wore a bright purple kimono. 
 "Onee-chan I'm scared what if the demons eat us" said Miku hugging Kana tightly
 "Miku calm down we can't be that far from the village plus it's not like demons actually exist that's just a tale to scare kids like you" said Kana bopping Miku on the nose
 Kana smiled brightly making Miku smile as well. They started down a path that actually seems like it was familiar. Finally they were getting somewhere which made Kana very pleased.
The sound of a stick breaking made Kana and Miku stop suddenly. Kana held onto Miku tightly and looked around hoping nothing like a bear or wolf was there. It seemed barren in the thick woods so she ruled out a bear and she didn't notice any eyes of a wolf. But the environment still had an hostile feeling.
 "Who's there" said Kana calling out
 Then she saw a hand wrap around a tree. It had long fingernails and was kinda dirty but then a figure came into view. Kana relaxed as it was only a girl not much older than Miku. She was small, wore a pink kimono with a black robe, her eyes were bright pink with flowing hair that turned a different color at the ends. But the strangest thing was the bamboo mouth gag on. Kana let go of Miku and then looked at her.
 "Stay here I'll go talk to this girl" said Kana
 Kana then started towards the girl in front of her but the feeling of hostility was very apparent. She seemed innocent but Kana treaded carefully.
 "Um hello I'm Kana can I get your name" asked Kana
 The girl just stood there with a blank stare but then she crouched down and wrote her name in the snow. 
 "So its Nezuko what a pretty name" said Kana
 Nezuko moved towards Kana with slow steps and Kana just kneeled down.
 "Are you lost or hungry" asked Kana
Nezuko's belly was starving and it was made apparent. Kana went to say something else but she finally noticed something. Nezuko's eyes weren't trained on her but past her, drool was seeping from the mouth gag and Kana noticed her eyes weren't normal. Kana turned to see her sister just standing watching and that's when it hit her. The demons they were told about as kids were real and this one was hungry and it wanted her sister. Nezuko got closer and closer and as she tried going past the older sister, Kana leaped out and tried pushing Nezuko.
 "RUN MIKU SHE'S A DEMON" screamed Kana
 Nezuko narrowed her eyes and slapped Kana in the face knocking her out cold. Miku almost burst out crying as she took off running. Miku ran as fast as possible with her clogs off but she can hear the fast footsteps coming behind her. Miku recognized the path to the village. She had to make it and get others to help take the demon down. But then something was off as the footsteps following her were gone. But Miku couldn't stop for even a second. The reason the footsteps were gone was because Nezuko was watching from the trees for the perfect moment. The snow even though melted made it slippery. So Miku took one bad step and instantly fell to the ground. Nezuko leaped from the trees and scooped up Miku and brought her back deeper into the woods. Miku struggled in the demon's grasp but it was way too strong. 
 "Let me go let me go" yelled Miku 
 Miku looked down at an arm and then bit the demon. Nezuko barely flinched but this one was getting annoying. So Nezuko got Miku in both arms and slammed against a tree. The wind was taken right out of Miku and she started to cough quite a bit. Nezuko held Miku in place with one hand and then took the mouth gag off with the other. At first Miku's vision was blurry but then it cleared up. Her eyes widened as she demon Nezuko had her mouth gaping open. Large sharp fangs could be seen with spit running down Nezuko's mouth. Miku expected this demon to bite her entire head off but instead her head was forced into the wet maw and gulped. Miku felt relieved at first that she got to live longer but then she could only imagine the feeling of being digested alive and started to struggle.
Miku's slim shoulders were super easy to swallow. Miku cried out for her sister to help her but of course she wasn't close by. Nezuko licked and slurped the younger sister's small body. Nezuko was a little bit bigger than Miku but not by very much. Miku's head popped into the putrid stomach where others were melted down to demon shit. Miku felt her face start to push out the belly of Nezuko as she was almost done being swallowed. Nezuko swallowed Miku's hips and tilted her head back letting the short legs slowly glide down her gullet. Her belly expanded out further and further until it undid her kimono. Miku's feet stuck out of Nezuko's mouth but a simple gulp ended that. Miku slid all the down and curled inside of Nezuko's stomach. With her kimono undone her bare belly sagged down with the vague form of a girl inside. Nezuko gave her belly a pat and then reached down and picked her mouth gag up and started to run back where the older sister was. Her belly swinging back and forth tossing her meal inside around. Kane's eyes shot open and she sat up and looked around. No sign of Miku or Nezuko. Kana got up and staggered a moment but then heard something behind her.
Kana turned and her eyes widened in horror. The demon Nezuko had a large belly with someone squirming inside. The screaming face of the person bulged out and Kana recognized the scream to be her little sister.
 "You monster...let her out" yelled Kana
 Kana tried to swing at the demon girl but she was quickly caught. Kana realized it too late but Nezuko's mouth gag was already off. Nezuko shoved Kana's arms down her throat as she started on her next meal. 
The older sister was a much bigger slab of meat as her shoulders were a bit wider. But Nezuko easily slurped down the older woman. Her curvy squishy body made for nice chewing material making Kana squeal in discomfort. 
Nezuko quickly downed her second meal leaving the girl's clogs on the ground in front of her. Nezuko's belly was now twice the size it was before filled with both sisters.
Nezuko burped up the ribbon Miku wore and splat on the ground. Satisfied and full of human meat Nezuko set herself up against a tree as her stomach went to work melting her meals down. 
The sounds of her stomach churning sounded louder than the pleas of the digesting girls. Their struggles made Nezuko feel good on the inside and she didn't want them to stop. Nezuko rubbed her bulging belly feeling the curves of her meals as they moved inside her stomach. The screaming faces of the two sisters stretching her skin out as well as their hands were all over the place. Inside her stomach both sisters were screaming to be let out as the digestive fluids were sprayed on them. It was hot inside of Nezuko's stomach and the lack of air was really getting to them.
 "Cmon Miku push as hard as you can and we can burst out of her stomach and get the village to kill this beast" said Kana
 They pushed as hard as they could but each time the walls pushed back making them curl up again. Their kimonos were littered in holes as they melted off their bodies. The acid burned their skin making Miku cry but Kana at the moment could tolerate it.
It almost seemed as if their struggling was doing absolutely nothing to the demon. They fought back as hard as they could punching and kicking trying to cause indigestion or have the demon puke them up. But it was no use as Nezuko was already used to this feeling even if she's only been a demon for a year after swallowing her brother. An hour passed and the girls inside were exhausted from fighting so much and their bodies were melting quicker. Miku was so tired and wanted to shut her eyes but the burning still hurt. Kana still weakly fought back even though their legs were basically mush. The pool of acid was rising up and it was up to Miku's neck and Kana's boobs. 
 "" muttered Miku
 Kana was too busy pushing the walls so she didn't notice her sister go under the acid. It wasn't until she felt her sister go all squishy when she looked down and only some hair floated at the top. Kana reached to try and pull her sister back but when she did only a bare skull came up. Kana dropped her sister's skull back in the acid and gave up. 
 "I'm a failure as a sister is just mush now...I might as well die" said Kana
 Kana then lowered herself in the acid and both her and Miku were dead. Nezuko's belly lost its shape and bones replaced it. It only took two hours to melt most of the sisters down to where her belly was mostly round with a few bigger bones still poking around. 
Nezuko's belly was finished and it pumped the remains of the two sisters through her intestines where she absorbed them. Nezuko's thighs and ass grew quite a bit as the sisters became nutrients and fat for the demon. Her thighs and butt is where all the fat always goes. With that done Nezuko stood up and pulled her kimono out of the way of her ass and squatted down. The shitty remains of the sisters came through her bowels and made it to her colon with ease. A turd escaped Nezuko's ass and plopped into the somewhat snowy ground. Nezuko grunted and a bunch of wet logs shot out of her anus. That then started a continuous stream of shit that piled higher and higher. The mudslide of shit mixed with bones and clumps of hair piled up and the smell reached Nezuko. Nezuko plugged her nose as she shit more. Nothing could tell that the shit was the girls but bones did give away that the shit was people beforehand. Two broken skulls hit the pile of poop and a somewhat creamy turds fell down and ended the pile. Nezuko stood up and let her kimono go back down. She put her mouth gag back in and left her mess behind as she had no care that they were humans. To her they were just food. Morning came and a search party went looking for the girls. Their mother of forty years found Miku's shoes and started to stay on the path. She ran and saw a brown mound coming towards her. The mom got closer and stopped at the pile of smelly shit and saw the bones and hair. She thought some person just got unlucky but then she saw Miku's ribbon and then looked at the pile. The cries of the mother filled the forest as her daughters were nothing more than demon shit.
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Night Of The Demon By Coolwoman -- Report

A little idea that I wanted to make. Basically what if Nezuko was a normal demon

Art by Pinchuu

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Posted by BroTato 10 months ago Report

Nice story, will you continue making KnY stories?


Posted by Coolwoman 10 months ago Report

I think I might do something for a few other girls of the show


Posted by Ramongato 10 months ago Report

Yes, i will love to read them uwu


Posted by Coolwoman 10 months ago Report

I hope you enjoy those ones too


Posted by Cactaur98 10 months ago Report

I wanna hear about when she ate her brother!


Posted by BroTato 10 months ago Report

They did make another one

Let's goo

And it's shinobu pred


Posted by xvx17 9 months ago Report

Nezuko como pred, me encanta!