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Active Dragon's Meal~ By SupremeToadLord -- Report

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Wait, is… is this artwork?! Why yes, it is, but it’s not made by me obviously because I can only dream of being halfway decent at it. Getting this commission was made possible by an awesome friend of mine,  RexLou , & of course the artist themselves, Kashikoma! As far as I’m aware of, the artist doesn't have an account here but their main domain is DeviantArt so I’ll link their DA below. All credit for the great art goes to them!

Kashikoma’s DA:

Of course I’ve been given permission to post this - wouldn't have if I wasn't given it. :3


Man, I really can't thank  RexLou enough for this - without them, this most likely wouldn't have been possible! It should’ve been obvious that the eventual first art commission I can manage with some help would be on Myrrh - I definitely don't have extreme bias for her or anything... X3 Okay obviously I do & it definitely couldn't have been dropped on me at a more perfect time, being yesterday as a new alt for Myrrh in FE Heroes was also revealed yesterday, hahaaa!

Yeeeaaah, I really love this! Everything down to Myrrh’s pose, to her delighted facial expression & the way she’s cradling her lumpy gut, even her wings - those can be bloody hard to draw perfectly & personally, I think the artist did a smashing job~! Pretty much as close as it can get to how I picture a preddy Myrrh~

Whoever she nomfed is completely up to the viewer by the way - could be anyone wriggling inside there, making her a very happy dragon~ :3


In the spirit of me always thinking to write a little story to go alongside art, I’ve done the same here! It’s less so a story & moreso context for the art but nonetheless, even if it’s super short, I hope you’ll enjoy this extra~


BUUURRPP~!... Ah-hah! I didn’t expect you to be so active!”

The young dragon girl gasped after letting out a loud, hearty burp. Despite knowing the one she had gobbled up was into this, it still took her by surprise when they suddenly became much more active. For a moment, her innocent nature led her to worry but it was quickly extinguished upon hearing her prey giggling inside her. Her hands cradled the various lumps & bumps created from their movement, her heart fluttering with each touch of the bulging mass.

“A-Aahh… s-so… soo active~” The widest grin crept upon her lips as she continued to cradle her wriggling belly. The wonderful sensations just kept on growing, even spreading out to her large wings which caused them to involuntarily vibrate quite intense. “Nnnnngh! Th-This feels… a-ah~!” A cute little squeak was forced out of her, her prey seemingly hitting a particularly sensitive part of her tummy walls.

The belly-pleasing squirms slowed down for a moment.

“A-Ah… th-thank- A-AAUGH~!

Only for them to start up again, though the difference now was that her prey concentrated their various squirms & rubs on that sensitive spot!

Myrrh’s prey would be safe inside the dragon’s comforting tummy but as for Myrrh herself, she was forced to endure a lengthy amount of time worth of willing wriggles & pleasant feelings in her belly. That wasn't a bad thing of course as it really showed how much her prey enjoyed her insides… & that made her very happy~

Mmmmmmr-bwwuuuaarrrpp~!... uurrrf~<3


It really is pretty darn coincidental that on the same day a new alt for Myrrh in Heroes was revealed, I was shown the art in its full entirety - really is quite strange, hmhmmm. Oh & of course I do plan to write a story for her new alt - I have an idea & everything but it probably won't be made until sometime in April.

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The K

Posted by The K 7 months ago Report

That burp looks so satisfying. Great job drawing it and that belly on her.


Posted by SupremeToadLord 7 months ago Report

Yeah, the artist really couldn't have done this any better in my eyes, the burp especially~!


Posted by FireRed2 7 months ago Report

Great pic and story


Posted by SupremeToadLord 7 months ago Report

Thanks! Wouldn't have felt right not to put a little story alongside the art that was so wonderfully done~ :3


Posted by Simplespectator 7 months ago Report

Just in time for her extremely overpowered looking alt in heroes. Nice.


Posted by SupremeToadLord 7 months ago Report

The timing really is amazing, hahaaa! Twas like it was destined~


Posted by MagChan 7 months ago Report

Soooo Cute OwO


Posted by SupremeToadLord 7 months ago Report

Myrrh always be cute~! & if I'm able to make it in time when next you open requests, I'll see about getting one~


Posted by RexLou 7 months ago Report

As someone who has followed Kashikoma for some time now, I feel very comfortable saying this is among my favorite works of theirs. I am super happy they did your lady so well and were able to make you a happy Toad~


Posted by SupremeToadLord 7 months ago Report

Deeeeefinitely my favourite in a totally not biased way, eheh~ x3 Again, thanks so much for helping me being able to make this a reality! :3


Posted by BlueIce 7 months ago Report

Never thought i'd see vore art of her. Gotta say, its great


Posted by SupremeToadLord 7 months ago Report

Yeah, I'm completely satisfied with it! I don't blame you for never expecting to see vore art for her - feels that way for all lesser used characters which is exactly why I prefer to focus on them for my stories, give 'em more of a spotlight!


Posted by BlueIce 7 months ago Report

Well im glad you are, cause your shining light on people who would never have been noticed otherwise -w-