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Busty Bibbo By doomfister -- Report

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She had seen you gawking, a smile spreading over her muzzle as she returned the gaze reciprocating the amorous attention. Her ears perking up, before she gave a girlish giggle that jiggled through her body in a jovial quake, as you detected the hint of a blush under her grey fur. The two of you sharing a salacious stare, as you looked into her twinkling teal eyes, unable to look away, as you scanned her soul like a beautiful night sky. Bibbo responding by biting her luscious lip and giving a suggestive wink that only gave a glimmer of what eroticism the equine was capable of.

The sight enough to get your mind running, as the lips looked simply divine, as they seemed to temptingly tremble as the stacked Pegasus ran her silky tongue over the sensitive skin. You could only imagine that she would be capable of sucking the life out of your cock in a few slurping seconds, as you enthusiastically motorboated her massive mammaries in a flurry of nuzzling raspberries ass you impaled your face in her bountiful bosom. Your hands playing with her erect nipples, as you were sure your gentle touch would leave the teats like delectable diamonds for you to run your mouth over like gourmet chocolate cherries. Your mouth watering at the thought of suckling and smooching the plush pillow’s until they were left hammered by hickeys and slathered with your lustful fluids.

The feeling of her tonsils tapping your tip causing your heart to skip a beat as you knew that just the feeling of her velvety lips wrapping around your head would be enough to leave you twitching. Your hands leaving a trail of bruises over every erogenous area, as you painted her intimate areas with your fingerprints enough to leave you panting, as the thought of her cooing like a dove in the post-climax calm spurred you to experience every inch of the attractive equine. Your previous experience with the adipose accentuated Pegasus telling you that the mare would return the favour in kind, by milking you dry like a vacuum cleaner, leaving you half-masting to the lewd act playing out in your deprived daydream.

The woman almost angelic, as the light caught the photogenic Pegasus’s lovely curves just right, and in a few minutes, you knew she would be curled up on your lap servicing her special somepony. The slight glazing of sweat from baseball practice still peppering her perfect figure, hinting at an after-game session in the running waters as she unwound after another friendly game as what was now practically a tradition for the temptress. The previous sessions cementing that you both enjoyed each other, your bodies born to interlock in a coital clasp, leaving her wide hips snuggly slotted in yours as you ground hips in a sensual spooning. Your hands exploring each other’s bodies, as you inspected every peachy part of Bibbo’s big soft pleasure pillows. Her buttocks and breasts like fresh playdoh, leaving you to grope the fertile hallmarks of femininity like buxom bubble wrap. The jubbly jugs like marbled melon’s beneath your palm, as every motion squished the dark cushions until her teats were like bullets between your grasping fingers.

Bibbo seeming to reciprocate this thought, as she juggled her jiggling jugs almost on cue, letting you know exactly where her interests lay. The mare was a tease, there was no denying it, as every motion from the mare quaked through her paunchy body, as the pony ruffled her lady parts like massive marshmallows. The bubbly bazookas not as easily gripped as the grapefruit-sized orbs of most of her contemporary’s, but even so her petite hands managed to peddle the plump glands with her normal flare. Your eyes getting the perfect vantage point on her perky performance, as she just leaned in and scrunched her shoulders to further exaggerate the size of her banging Bristol’s, that clanked together with a soft squish. Your whole body shivering at the thought of sinking into her yielding biology feeding a fervour in your loins, causing a paroxysm to overtake your senses as your body prepared to rut the smutty slut silly.

You didn’t have to wait long to begin, as with a wantful Cadance, she proposed the question you had been waiting for…

“Practice has me beat; I’m going to unwind in the shower…. You want to join me?” she inquired, feigning exhaustion before waggling her tits suggestively. She didn’t have to ask twice, you just gave a nod and let the plentiful Pegasus lead the way….


A smutty tease from a sporty mare, what do?

A small collab between me and Crazy Water ( ) where Bibbo show's off her smexy side ;)

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 7 months ago Report

She got them thicc tiddies~ Would love to see them all pushed up and framing her face like that as she's devoured by some horrid monster ;3


Posted by doomfister 6 months ago Report

Perhaps another time ;)


Posted by doomed 7 months ago Report

My question is ... how did she get those tiddies


Posted by doomfister 6 months ago Report

Great genes :)