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A huntress's new Apprentice 2/4 (CM) By JackHereTheRealOne -- Report

Man, that line to buy that milk sure was long. Anyway, to make up for lost time, gonna shotgun a few posts real quick of things I have made anywhere in my 6 month absence (Varying quality), then I gotta go back out and buy smokes. 6 months at the store, you'd think I'd grab everything I needed.

The shotgunned post will be of random variety.

Full completion to sequences and such can be found over (Shillin time) on Discord and such:

or for other things.

I mean, technically, eventually I'll post everything here, but like, I get bored, 6 months bored...

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JackHereTheRealOne: I might look fly, but I want to die (⌐■_■)


Posted by RyuZuu 1 year ago Report

when would you upload the sequences in discord?

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Posted by JackHereTheRealOne 1 year ago Report

Already have been, by the commissioner

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Posted by HangryDemon 1 year ago Report

These are some nice freaking guts, holy crap

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Posted by ACrocWithScales 1 year ago Report

Your constant improvement it's noticeable, keep drawing that big ass Lamb belly

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Posted by RJD101 10 months ago Report

Where on discord can i find these

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Posted by RedNastyFoxy 1 month ago Report

Elora is such an adorable predator! ^__^

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