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[Patreon] Wiz's Wide Waist By StygianRook -- Report

Here's the winner of last month's pred poll, Wiz from KonoSuba!

Basically, for vorish reasons, Wiz's Drain Touch skill is now permanently active and can also completely absorb people in an instant. Of course, Wiz didn't know about that, so she ended up adding the entirety of Kazuma's party along with most of the Adventurer's Guild to her belly and breasts by simply bumping into them, being quite the big lady and all. Absorbing that many people made her even taller too. The more she grows the easier she assimilates more victims like an amoeba, even by accident. Not being able to clearly see where she's going thanks to her growing chest only made the prey count inside her gut skyrocket as well. With her belly now reaching gigantic proportions and her huge breasts obscuring most of her vision, she wonders if she can even bring everyone back with her necromancy at this point.

Huge preg alt available on my Patreon and Fanbox:

Pred poll update time! As of the time of posting this, the current scores are the following:
1st place: Eula (Genshin Impact), 38 votes from Patreon and 1 from Fanbox, 39 total.
2nd place: Gawr Gura (Hololive), 26 votes from Patreon and 3 from Fanbox, 29 total.
3rd: Marnie (Pokemon), 24 votes from Patreon and 2 from Fanbox, 26 total. Lisa (Genshin Impact), 21 votes from Patreon and 5 from Fanbox, 26 total.

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Posted by doomed 6 months ago Report



Posted by ConsumptionZ 6 months ago Report

Been waiting for this one and not disappointed whatsoever, lovely!


Posted by DragonqueenShyvana 6 months ago Report

Finaly some more wiz pred very cool nice job


Posted by StygianRook 6 months ago Report

Need more Wiz in black dress eating people. :9


Posted by DragonqueenShyvana 6 months ago Report

i am total fine with her main suit or bikini


Posted by darky404 6 months ago Report

I think it's the best vore I've seen from wiz. I'm lovin 'it!


Posted by Firebird22 6 months ago Report

This is an awesome scenario!

and while bringing them back with necromancy would be good, she probably should consider that she'll just absorb them again


Posted by StygianRook 6 months ago Report

Endless cycle.


Posted by FrivolousFoxGirl 6 months ago Report

Oh no!


Posted by Flocas 6 months ago Report

Not. Enough. Wiz pred.


Posted by StygianRook 6 months ago Report

m o r e


Posted by MysticView201 6 months ago Report

This is amazing vore art for Wiz. She never gets the attention she deserves and should get more art.


Posted by Patrycja 6 months ago Report

To be fair, people should be boobs.


Posted by Dhman 6 months ago Report

Love it<3


Posted by SpaghettiCultists 6 months ago Report

That's pretty good! >:)


Posted by Deviantfan16 6 months ago Report

Looks like a good start but we can do better!