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Sleep Eaten By TarenGe -- Report

Saturday 1:17 am

Tori locked the door of her apartment with a sigh, another fourteen hour shift over and she could finally relax. While stripping out of her uniform the rabbit grumbled about working late again tomorrow. Tori just wanted to spend the weekend with her fox girlfriend Jess, not serve pancakes to rude customers and worry about pred's who ignore the "no predation" rule at her job. She never worried about the latter until last week on night shift when a lioness ate a mouse waitress right in front of her. The rabbit shuddered as she remembered every detail of the mouse's screams and kicking legs as they disappeared down the lioness' throat, and being frozen in fear as the big cat just winked at her with a wicked smile and sauntered out the door kneading at her squirming belly. Tori would quit her job if she didn't need the cash for college.
Too tired to do anything else today Tori skipped her after work shower and headed for bed. Entering her bedroom the rabbit spotted the only good thing that came from her job. The unconscious naked form of her girlfriend lying on her bed drooling as she muttered in her sleep. Tori couldn't help but find her girlfriend cute even as an unkempt mess. They met a few months ago when she waited on the fox. Tori was nervous at first due to how cute the fox was but was cautious of her as the vixen's belly growled while she was ordering food, but Jess' friendly manner managed to calm her down enough to ask the fox out. To the rabbit's surprise Jess said yes and they hit it off after a few dates. The rabbit climbing onto the bed seemed to wake the fox just enough to pull her girlfriend into a sleepy hug before passing out again. Jess mumbled "smell good" apparently picking up the scent of food embedded in the rabbit's fur. Tori just nestled into the fox's warm fur with a smile before drifting off to sleep herself.

Saturday 4:42 am

A sudden tug pulled Tori out of deep sleep, the rabbit grumbling in sleepy confusion. She tried to sit up but noticed her legs were stuck in something that seemed.... wet? She was tugged back again with an audible gulp, causing her to turn and stare back in waking fear. In the dim light of the room Tori saw herself up to her hips down her girlfriends drooling maw, the impressions of her legs showing through the fox's throat. In surprise the rabbit screamed out "What Are You Doing!!" but was only greeted with a sleepy mumble and another gulp pulling the rabbit deeper. Grabbing the mattress to stop her decent the rabbit looked back to see Jess' closed eye's stare back at her in a sleepy embrace. "Are You Really Asleep Right Now?!" Tori screamed angrily at the fox who gulped again in response. The rabbit noticed she didn't sink any deeper now that she had hold of the bed and started to pull herself back out. Jess growled as the food in her dream was getting away and rolled on her back, the sudden change of position caused the rabbit to lose her grip and start sinking into her girlfriend at an alarming rate, only stopped by Tori grabbing the fox's chin and snout for purchase. She gave up trying to wake the fox, she just needed to pull herself out to safety before it was too late, then the rabbit could deal with the rest. Before she could find another handhold the vixen opened her maw wide, the drool slick lips causing the rabbit to lose her grip and slip deeper once again, only saved by a frantic grab at Jess' belly fur as her other arm was pinned to her side by the throat walls. Even asleep the fox was tiring of Tori's persistence and started lazily shoving the rabbit down her throat. With the fur between her fingers sliding free Tori yelled out "Ahh! I'm slipping! wake up you dumb vulpine!" with yet more sleepy mumbles as the vixen's response. The second the rabbit lost her grip Jess pushed her to the back of her throat and let out one final loud gulp, trapping Tori in a tight, fleshy, caustic pit of utter darkness.
The unaware pred just smiled in her sleep as she finally ate the pancake man in her dreams, completely clueless to the horrifying reality Tori was experiencing just under the fox's fur. For the rest of the night the only sounds in Tori's bedroom were the snores of a satisfied fox and the muffled screams along thrashing and writhing squirms coming from her belly that would fade with time.

Sunday 2:06 pm

Jess awoke to the afternoon sun hitting her face through the window. It was only then the Vixen realized how nauseous she was when her belly let out a low pained growl. "Ughh.... whatever I ate last night isn't aggreeing with -URRP- me at all. What happened?" she said as she rubbed her swollen belly in confusion as to what made it feel like it was kicked repeatedly all night, completely unaware that the culprit to her pain was a mass of chime and bone named Tori that now sloshed at her touch. Jess would continue to rub her belly as she sat in bed hoping to sooth the pain, never to realize where her girlfriend disappeared to the night before.

Another sketch thing I got from the very talented jerberjer on a Sunday sketch stream.

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Posted by Jinxopow 7 months ago Report

Amazing story!


Posted by TarenGe 7 months ago Report

Thank you, I'm glad you like it!


Posted by Indighost 7 months ago Report

Jerberjer's artwork is amazing! Love the story too


Posted by TarenGe 7 months ago Report

Yeah Jerb's art style is amazing!
I'm happy you like the story. :)


Posted by LightDragon 7 months ago Report

Ahah, this one is nice !

I love the idea of an unaware predator who gets an indigestion for no reason from their point of view ^^


Posted by TarenGe 7 months ago Report

It's definitely a favorite vore trope of mine. XD


Posted by BlueIce 7 months ago Report

a sad way to become single, but maybe this will also be good for her? maybe


Posted by TarenGe 7 months ago Report

This is set before Jess started Dating my wolf Maria who is much bigger and less edible.


Posted by BlueIce 7 months ago Report

ahh i see. Neat backstory


Posted by KrasnyiKoiot 5 months ago Report

Love the text you put with these!! Always a treat.


Posted by TarenGe 5 months ago Report

Thank you! It means a lot me when people like my little stories. XD