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Gotham City, perhaps the most one of the most dangerous cities in the world. It has a protector known as Batman and in this particular night city loses its protector. In the cold of night upon a building snuck a familiar face to Batman and the cops of Gotham. Wearing her all black skin tight suit and mask with little cat ears is the thief Catwoman. She had snuck onto the building where the bat signal was and had a full proof plan to get rid of Batman.
 "Tonight it will be I who rules the night" said Catwoman
 Catwoman stood over the bat signal and grabbed onto the handle. She pushes it down and the light beams on as the bat signal lights up the sky. She laughed and immediately went into hiding in the shadows. Batman saw the bat signal rushed over to it as fast as possible. Gliding through the city and leaping off buildings. It was his duty to respond to the message. Batman arrived and superhero landed on the building with the bat signal. Batman looked around but he saw no one. Before he could even think of it as a trap Catwoman sprung into action using her whip to wrap it around his legs and hold them together. Batman fell to the ground and she dragged him over to her. He went to use his batarang to cut it but he was close enough to Catwoman for it to be kicked from his hands.
 "Sorry Batman but there is no escape this time" said Catwoman
 Catwoman licks her lips as she pins down Batman and widened her mouth. Batman tried to fight her grasp from his wrists but she was unreasonably strong. Catwoman's lips made contact with his face and she licked his face while going down engulfing his cowl and getting to Batman's broad neck.
Catwoman felt her throat open up for her bat meal and she felt giddy inside up the situation. It was going absolutely perfect to her plan. Catwoman slurped down his shoulders and found his chest to be hard and muscular. Sadly the taste of his suit wasn't very good but that was only a minor issue. Batman squirmed and shouted at Catwoman to let him go. As she ate his pecks Batman could no longer move his arms.
The abbed midsection of Batman was eaten up and Catwoman's lips wrapped around his waist. Catwoman smirked and dragged his legs out from under her and started gulping again. His large bulge brushed against her tongue making her blush and quickly swallow it down along with his muscular ass. Catwoman's suit was expanding more and more with a struggling bulge of Batman. She was almost done as his legs were all that was left.
Then it was over, Catwoman had eaten Batman whole and her belly was huge but the skin tight suit did not rip. It looked as if someone was just wrapped tightly by the suit's material.
 "Bats your suit wasn't to tasty but you sure were filling" said Catwoman
 Catwoman twirled her finger over her gut where his cowl and head were. He pushed up trying to break out of her stomach but that only made Catwoman giggle. Then all of sudden she felt something coming up her throat. Catwoman's cheeks puffed up before her lips parted and a loud belch came.
Catwoman felt a solid object come up her gullet and smack on the ground. Catwoman breathed out surprised at the burp but upon seeing the object curiosity arose within her. It was Batman's utility belt. Catwoman picked it up and smiled before clipping it to her own skinny waist. After some adjustments it fit her well but the belly kept the front hidden.
 "Let's push this one" said Catwoman
 Catwoman pressed the button with a car and all of sudden a few minutes passed and the batmobile showed up with the hatch open. It was parked in front of the building and Catwoman gladly hopped off with a full gut and sat in the batmobile. The seat was comfortable and her belly rested perfectly on her thick thighs.
 "Oh yeah I think I'll just digest right here" said Catwoman
Another belch came as he continued to fight digestion. Inside Batman did not have the suit equipped to defend against stomach acids so basically his suit was worthless as it melted slowly.
 "Damn it if only my belt didn't get burped up I could've called Alfred" said Batman
 The stinging of stomach acids felt like nothing to the strong hero. But the effects were still happening at this rate he would only have a couple hours till he was gone and absorbed into the thief. He tried his best trying to poke a hole and rip his way out even though he would rather not kill her. But that didn't work and even though all the movement has made her belch there was no sign of being puked up. Catwoman just moaned while rubbing the sides of her gut.
The stomach raged on becoming loud as it worked hard breaking the Batman down. Catwoman's fingers would move slightly over the bulge of Batman feeling his squirming inside her.
 "It feels so good to be so stuffed" said Catwoman
 As the stomach churned and time went on the struggling slowly became weaker and weaker. The acids were getting to the now naked Batman. Now no one will know Batman is actually Bruce Wayne. All of his suit including the cowl and boots digested away like they were nothing. Batman still ignored the burning of digestion and kept fighting, ramming his fist into the walls as they mushed up. Catwoman knew his time was almost up and decided to cut the squishy hero some slack. With a good squish from her strong legs the Batman was crushed and died. The stomach melted and grinded away at the slab of hero meat turning Batman into mush. The bulges round out giving the belly a round beach ball look.
 "See now you can just be apart of me instead of worrying about all the crime" said Catwoman
 Catwoman squished a finger into her belly and a skull popped up making her blush.
After another half hour Catwoman moaned feeling Batman in her guts and the fat being packed into her breasts and ass. Her ass became twice the size and her boobs going from F cups to I cups. Batman really thickened up Catwoman to the point where she could get away with making other people do the work for her while seducing them with ease.
 "You'll be begging to come out soon so let's head back shall we" said Catwoman
 Catwoman pressed a button on the batmobile that would take her straight to the batcave with autopilot. The batmobile zoomed away and pretty soon Catwoman went underground into the batcave. It was big with tech and rocks everywhere. The hatch for the batmobile opened and she stepped out. Catwoman went to the middle of the main area and found it a perfect place to dump Batman.
 "Perfect...if you have anyone working for you they will get to see you later" said Catwoman
 Catwoman decided instead of taking her whole suit off she grabbed the back side and ripped it open letting her jiggly ass free. Catwoman spread her asscheeks and laughed before squeezing a long turd from her anus. It snaked out from her bum and slapped on the ground. More smooth crap came from her pink asshole plopping on the ground and making a pile. Soon enough bones were mixed in with the crap which made Catwoman laugh.
 "The great Batman reduced to nothing more than my shit...that's just amazing" said Catwoman
 She moaned as the logs were getting bigger, stretching her asshole out even more before a solid object came. Batman's cracked skull came out of her rear with poop filled inside the skull and spilling out of the eye sockets. It plopped on the scat pile and Catwoman had no more. She let her cheeks close and laugh at the pile.
 "Bye bye Batman, I'll go rob everywhere I can and not have to worry about a thing" said Catwoman
 She giggled and left the cave leaving her mess behind.
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The Plan To Rid Of Batman By Coolwoman -- Report

A request made for oofer6969

Art by norasuko

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Posted by TheRPKing 1 month ago Report

Can I request something?


Posted by Coolwoman 1 month ago Report

Yes of course Pm me


Posted by DeathStar66 1 month ago Report

It’s Awesome


Posted by Coolwoman 1 month ago Report

Im glad you liked it


Posted by oofer6969 1 month ago Report

Loved the story. Thanks again for writing this story. Honestly this was beyond my expectations. Outstanding job!


Posted by Coolwoman 1 month ago Report

Well im glad you liked it!