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Lilia was doing her daily chores as usual. The maid that works for the Greyrats, with red hair and glasses had been employed there for quite a while now. She was there when Zenith gave birth to the now seven year old Rudeus. But Lilia found him to be sorta a perv. Lilia catches his lustful gazes when he's looking at her and the same thing happened when his teacher Roxy was around. Most of the time Rudeus was just practicing magic but Lilia needed to clean his room and he was inside. Lilia sighed and opened the door to find him sitting on his bed reading. He just glanced at her and went back to it. Lilia started to do her stuff in the room like sweep and wipe things down. As she did though Lilia accidentally dropped something near his bed.
 "Oops" said Lilia
 Lilia bent down to pick it up and ended up seeing something colorful under Rudeus's bed. Lilia had found a pair of Roxy's panties before but these were different. Rudeus finally noticed Lilia was looking at something and turned his head and his eyes widened. He tried to stop her but Lilia pulled a pair of purple panties that were actually her own. Lilia could not believe Rudeus had his hands on her underwear. She looked up at him with a disgusted look and then went back under the bed to find more of her own, more of Roxy and even one of Zenith. This kid was as pervy as Paul was. Lilia grit her teeth and stood up with the dozen pairs of panties in her hands.
 "Want to explain this" said Lilia
 "Um..uh..trophies" said Rudeus
 There was no way to talk out of this mess. Lilia dropped them on the ground and stood tall over Rudeus.
 "I think a little punishment was due" said Lilia
 Rudeus cocked his head as she grabbed Rudeus by the side and opened her mouth. Sparing no time, Lilia shoved the little boy's head in her mouth and sucked on his head. Rudeus squirmed in her strong grasp but it wasn't enough to escape her.
His terrified face slid down and bulged from her throat. Lilia worked on pushing in his slim frame getting her lips past his shoulders and down his arms. Lilia's tongue worked on his chest and the warm gullet dragged him down. Lilia enjoyed his squirming while being swallowed. Lilia smiled as she gulped again forcing his chest all the way down.
Rudeus found himself being pushed into Lilia's stomach and a bulge was starting to form on the outside. Lilia finished off his hips and nether regions with only his small skinny legs left. She tilted her head back and pushed down on his feet forcing poor Rudeus down into her gullet. Lilia closed her mouth and swallowed the final time and then traced the last bit to her stomach. Under her maid outfit a nice squirming belly had formed and luckily the maid outfit covered it pretty well.
She belched and rubbed the belly.
 "It basically looks like I just ate to much...I'll be able to keep doing all the chores and no one will know you are inside me" said Lilia
 Rudeus did not like the sound of that and screamed as loud as he could. But they were so muffled they didn't really do much. The stuffed Lilia smiled and kicked the panties under the bed for now. Lilia left the room and ended bumping into Zenith. They stood back and of course her belly hit Zenith.
Zenith looked down at the gut under the dress and looked back at Lilia. Lilia was ready to swallow Zenith thinking she had found out.
 "Wow Lilia looks you had a pretty big lunch" said Zenith
 Lilia felt all the stress go away and breathed normally.
 "Yeah I was hungry and I just ended up stuffing face" said Lilia
 Zenith and her laughed and luckily the churning was loud enough to drown out Rudeus's screaming. Zenith smiled and then went back outside leaving Lilia alone. When the door shut Lilia wiped her forehead and then smiled at her belly.
 "Looks like luck is on my to go ahead and digest" said Lilia
 Rudeus pushed his hands and screamed at the same time. Lilia sweeped and dusted while easily carrying the weight of her gut. It was basically just having a little extra weight in her middle so I wasn't a big deal. The sounds of acid sloshing around picked up as time went on and Rudeus continued to struggle inside the maid. His clothes were gone leaving the boy exposed to the harsh acids. Lilia finished up everything and decided to turn in and let the rest of her meal process.
Lilia burped and smiled while laying on her bed. While laying down her maid dress wrapped around her belly showing a more distinctive look at it. The small squirming of her meal was easier to see and Lilia loved the feeling. Lilia felt her eyes get heavy and all of sudden she passed out. Rudeus was left to digest in the maid and he had no way to get out. He screamed and fought back against the burning acids. Slowly he was starting to soften up and submit. The pool of acid is not stopping and is still rising more and more. It was only a matter of time before he either drowned or just broke apart.
 "No why...this isn't how this was supposed to go" said Rudeus
 Rudeus cried as his struggling got weaker and weaker. His eyes got heavier and his mind was slipping away. Rudeus called out for Zenith before sinking into acid and becoming one with it. Lilia's stomach collapsed on Rudeus and broke his small body up and churned him down into nothing but maid slush. Any human like bulge rounded out and now it truly looked like Lilia stuffed herself silly. But then bones poked and prodded at the walls while it groaned and finished up. All the while Lilia snored away without a care.
Lilia's belly shrank down and Rudeus was being placed in a few places. Fat ended up on her thighs, ass and hips growing them out quite a bit. Lilia awoke and rubbed her eyes before looking down to see no belly left. As she stood up and a ripping sound came from behind her. Her panties fell down her legs and she moved to find them ripped to shreds.
 "Did my ass get that big" said Lilia
 Lilia lifted her skirt to find a huge ass and thighs which surprised her. That small boy added so much fat to her back end which made sense for the little perv he was. Lilia sighed and dropped her skirt before feeling the need to crap. She rushed to the bathroom and shut the door. Lilia sat on the toilet and closed her eyes and grunted. This felt like the biggest shit she would ever take and of course it was. Smooth creamy logs of crap spilled out of her bowels and fell into the toilet which was just a large hole. Lilia held onto the toilet and moaned feeling her anus being spread for such long crap.
 "Oh jeez Rudeus give me a break" said Lilia
 Lilia moaned and farted while a torrent of shit just kept coming. A solid object started it's way out and Lilia bent over and almost screamed as an entire skull pushed out from her asshole into the hole. Lilia felt so much better but her anus was sore. She wiped and shut the toilet feeling satisfied. Lilia went back out and then a single thought came to her.
 "How on earth is she going to explain Rudeus's disappearance" thought Lilia
 She shrugged and if it came to it she could fit a few more in her belly.
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Maid's Pervy Lunch By Coolwoman -- Report

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Art by circussion

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