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Employee Benefits By StygianSkies -- Report

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Takanashi Kiara starts munching down on loads of her own restaurant's cooking to advertise its latest menu expansion, but its addictive nature proves to have a longer-lasting effect than she was prepared for...

Not vore, sorry! As mentioned in the blogpost released shortly before this, I wrote this as part of a variety of short fatfics for the architecture general on /vt/. This one in particular ended up snowballing into something rather long, and perhaps because of that, I was having issues uploading it on paste sites, so I figured, why not here?

To my usual audience, I've always been pretty fat-focused, so chances are you'll probably still enjoy this even if it's not exactly what you're looking for, but I apologize if you don't. To anyone linked from elsewhere, feel free to be corrupted by the rest of my degenerate work.

See y'all next time.

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Posted by BStone 6 months ago Report

To be honest, this whole fast-food franchise shtick just called for Kiara fats.

I just LOVE all the juicy descriptions of Kiara descending into her gluttonous lust... That's bottom left for you.

Thank you so much for sharing this incredible work!!!


Posted by StygianSkies 6 months ago Report

It's reassuring to hear that you from you, haha. I've probably subconsciously lifted a phrase or five from your stories here. Really like what you do with the action happening inside the belly


Posted by MagChan 6 months ago Report

Always love Kusotori


Posted by StygianSkies 6 months ago Report

This dumb chicken was getting too lewd not to write something about, especially with her recent outfit reveal, and how better to express my love for her than by stuffing her into a pile of wobbling rolls?


Posted by Kainan 6 months ago Report

Based and Brosnanpilled


Posted by StygianSkies 6 months ago Report

I'm always studying to become a better architect


Posted by gwillikers 6 months ago Report

You say that this isn't a vore fic, but don't the chickens that work for KFP eventually become KFP's products?


Posted by StygianSkies 6 months ago Report

I like the way you think: an assembly line of faithful employees that churned into more Tenchou fat when their terms are up...