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(Non-Vore) Mina Encases A Friend By hibbyjibby -- Report

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Mina's a very odd girl, to put it lightly. Short, stupid curvy, smart and devious, and with a crippling addiction to anything involving high heels, skintight latex and rubber, and showing it off to others. And fortunately for her few friends, they get to experience this too! She seems particularly happy about this scenario, if that smug mug is anything to go by.

Gal's been shoved into one of Mina's mother's experiments, which is basically just a vacbed you mount on a wall for everyone to see. Oh, and with gigantic fake rubber tits attached, for that necessary face-smothering experience when you're encased in unrealistically skintight rubber.

Gal may not be the most kinky and fetish-oriented girl out there despite her curves, but she doesn't seem to mind curling up inside of latex too much. Course, knowing Mina, she's not gonna be escaping any time soon, nor is this likely the only idea the little munchkin has in mind for Gal, OR for her other friends...

I made this like a month or two ago, a little before I decided to take a break and draw whatever, but only recently got around to refining and finishing it up to what we see before us. It mostly just started out as wanting to practice some backboob for a stomach bulge, then it became a vacbed, and THEN I had the bright idea to attach humongous, fake rubber breasts to it. Suffice to say, this is one hell of an original idea atleast. And with how much work and time went into it, well, it didn't hurt to share it I figured.

This is actually a bit of a reference to a story I never finished or published, it had girls in a prison-like facility being held for experiments, one of which was getting rubbed down by a cream or oil that made them more willing to get churned up by preds. Not the case here but, hopefully explains a bit of my insanity.

Special thanks to  Pbysteria for letting me torme- I mean treat his OC Gal to some rubberization shenanigans. This won't be the last time I do this to her, or his other OCs, or have Mina do stuff to this other OCs, so, sit tight just like Gal is here and hope folks enjoy the insanity I draw!

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Posted by HarryShark 4 months ago Report

I love vacbed stuff, hope to see more!


Posted by hibbyjibby 4 months ago Report

Won't be the last time I draw one. Shoot it's not even my first time drawing one. So, stay tuned


Posted by PrivateScudlington 4 months ago Report

Now that looks incredibly fun~ well done~


Posted by hibbyjibby 4 months ago Report

Hell yeah, you know what's up. And best part is she won't be the only one to get this treatment. Lucky her, and whoever else gets sucked in


Posted by PrivateScudlington 4 months ago Report

No complaints here, more people sucked in just means more fun for everyone! All my OCs would have majorly different reactions to both seeing and being in this situation :P