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Marceline's Sweet Indulgence By ArrowversePreds -- Report

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After returning home to find that her vampire girlfriend had devoured an assortment of candy people for the third time that week, Princess Bubblegum sighed. The sight of Marceline on the floor of their house, weighed down by a stomach filled with pleading candy people, was becoming too familiar.

"Marceline, you've gotta stop eating people." She chided, although she knew she sounded half-hearted. She couldn't complain about the impact the new diet was having on her girlfriend's hips. Despite that, she always felt like she had to say something disapproving about the innocent lives Marceline ended inside her body.

"Oh, lighten up, Peebs." Marceline said with a grin, knowing PB would quickly give in. Filled with the pleasure of so many struggles slowly fading in her stomach, she was completely happy, her eyelids closing slightly as a smile tugged at her lips. The expression always made PB's heart of gum feel softer, reminding her of the many reasons she loved the vampire all over again. "You really should try it sometime." She teased sarcastically. Little did she know, she had just planted the seed of an idea in the Princess's head.


I wanted to upload this with a full story but I wasn't happy with it and trying to fix it sapped my motivation. Today, I gave it one final try and made sure to keep the story shorter so I could just put it in the description instead. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

I'm not sure if any of my watchers like adventure time but let me know if you do, or if you like the art or story. I love to hear from you.

Now that this is out of the way, I'm going back to working on MCU Zombies. To give a little update on that, I've planned all of the plot up to half way through Infinity War. Many main characters have been eaten and the plot differs drastically from the MCU at some points while staying close to it at other points.

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Posted by SirEdwardthe3rd 11 days ago Report

Got to say, I just love your pixel art! Nice job!


Posted by ArrowversePreds 11 days ago Report

Aww, thanks. I gotta say, I question if it's good or not sometimes so it's honestly just nice to hear that it is sometimes.


Posted by EmissaryOfRainbows 11 days ago Report

Really nice work!


Posted by ArrowversePreds 11 days ago Report

Thank you so much!


Posted by LaliaCooch 11 days ago Report

Your pixel art is always as totally delightful as your stories and the little story you added is the icing on the cake!


Posted by ArrowversePreds 11 days ago Report

Really glad to hear that. As I said to SirEdward, comments like these give me the confidence boosts I need! I’m glad you like them.


Posted by GreenJester 11 days ago Report

Love the way you made her belly in this


Posted by ArrowversePreds 11 days ago Report

Thanks! I forgot to mention it in the description but this art was my first attempt at struggles so it’s relieving to hear I did them well :)