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Mei was the final person of her squad and was against Mercy, Tracer, Widowmaker, Dva and Brigitte. The killer combo had her team wiped and she really had very limited options. Currently Mei was hiding behind a wall staying out of sight. Mei gulped nervously and brought a pill out of her pocket she made for extreme emergencies which at the moment she was in. 
 "Here goes nothing" said Mei
 Mei popped the pill and the thick girl swallowed it and felt it plop into her stomach. She felt it go to work and its effects took hold. Mei gained superhuman strength and was a bit faster but she gained a slightly odd ability with it that she planned to use. Mei straightened her glasses and smirked. As she did the hyper British girl Tracer teleported and found Mei.
 "Heh got you now love" said Tracer
 Tracer was not expecting Mei to grab her teleporter and before she could do anything Mei yanked it off and slapped her guns away leaving her unarmed and defenseless. Tracer stumbled back her booty jiggling a little before she felt someone's hands on her. Tracer looked up and her vision went dark and the sounds of slurping took over. The rest of Tracer's team had split and were looking for Mei. Mercy heard Tracer's voice nearby and flew up thinking she was going to see Tracer. But Mercy was greeted to the horrific sight of Mei swallowing Tracer whole, pushing the fat orange ass down as the pair of long legs kicked out of her mouth.
Mei's belly was big with the girl fitting inside her and Mei easily finished the skinny girl swallowing her whole. Mei licked her lips clean of any lasting taste and patted her big belly.
 "Mmm tasty now let's get the rest shall we" said Mei
 Mei looked over and saw the terrified Mercy and used her new abilities to get to her. Mercy yelped and ended up tripping, dropping her staff. 
 "No...shit" said Mercy
 Mercy felt Mei grab her and dragged her against the ground before feeling boots come off and her feet got wet. Mercy yelped and was being swallowed whole as well. She grabbed at the door frame which saved her for a second before her hands slipped and the descent down Mei began again. Mercy begged and pleaded seeing Tracer's face bulge out from Mei's skin. But it didn't matter as like Tracer Mei had slurped the blonde healer up and stuffed the girl down her gullet into her large belly making it grow more.
Mei belched and stood up easily carrying her giant belly. Luckily her pill worked for twenty four hours so she was going to easily fit all five girls in her gut and digest them all before its effects wear off.
 "Two down three to go" said Mei
 The big bellied girl left the area and started the hunt. Widowmaker perched up on a roof with her sniper pointing to the ground. She lost contact with Mercy and Tracer a little while ago and wondered if Mei could actually have pulled something off. But she shook her head not thinking such a thing was possible.
Widowmaker heard a belch and turned to find Mei behind her with a huge squirming belly.
 "Oops looks like that slipped out" said Mei
 Widowmaker was awestruck and went to move only to look down at her feet which had been frozen by Mei's drone. A scream escaped Widowmaker's mouth as Mei hoisted her up and started to eat her. Widowmaker kicked her legs and swung her arms as she was stuffed down the ravenous girls gullet. Her breasts assaulted by the slimy tongue and Mei's hands grabbed at her thick ass pushing her further down.
Widowmaker was consumed and Mei's belly grew even bigger, now filled with three girls inside. Back on the ground Brigitte heard Widowmaker's scream and ran toward it. But she didn't make it far before Mei slammed her belly into her. Brigitte yelped and slammed into a wall and looked over at Mei. She saw her teammates squirming for their lives inside her. Brigitte grit her teeth and stood up before sending her flail flying at Mei. Mei giggled and dodged it before grabbing the chain and yanking it out of Brigitte's hand. 
 "What how" said Brigitte
 She was so stunned at the move Mei did that it took her a second to see Mei charge her. Mei slammed her belly into Brigitte again. Brigitte was slammed into the wall and felt dizzy. Mei stripped the armor off the girl, making her almost naked before grabbing her ankles. Like the others Brigitte was being swallowed whole her legs slurped into the big girl's gullet and she was too dizzy and felt all weird so she just let it happen.
Brigitte didn't last long and the muscular woman was sent down to stew with the rest. Mei had a huge gut and she turned to see DVA looking at her.
 "You ate them...what the fuck" said DVA
 She started blasting bullets at Mei who used an ice wall to block them. DVA grit her teeth and Mei climbed up her wall and jumped down it. DVA looked up a bit late and Mei landed on the mech suit and ripped the top open.
 "Holy shit" screamed DVA
 DVA was yanked out of the mech suit and Mei jumped off it letting it fall down with no one to pilot it. Mei licked her lips and her mouth opened up and DVA stared into the abyss and screamed as she was stuffed down. Mei groped her final meal feeling the nice butt and breasts up while swallowing with ease. DVA could nothing but beg as she was forced into the super cramped belly with the other four. Mei smiled with a full gut and rubbed it.
 "Looks like I win" said Mei
 Faces and hand imprints bulged from her belly and Mei looked around to go and sit down. Since no one else was around she decided to just sit on the sidewalk. 
Mei belched loudly and smiled rubbing her full tummy feeling all the girls inside squirming around. Inside her belly all the girls were tightly packed together all scared and wondering how on earth they got into such a predicament. DVA was taking it the worst, freaking out and punching all the walls making it worse for everyone as stomach acids ran down the walls drenching all five girls. Their clothes were being melted away with their bodies. 
It went to work hard squeezing them even tighter making the girls yelp. The acids melted their extra gear down with ease and some of their suits had holes in them. 
 "Shit we need to get out of here quick" said Mercy
 Mercy had no way to heal or revive anymore without her staff leaving her useless. But no one had any good ideas to escape. So really they just squirmed a little hoping it was enough to make Mei puke. But Mei had no trouble with the moving they made and really just enjoyed it. Digestion was working smoothly and they should be all gone in a couple hours. 
The gut roared loudly, getting louder than any begging or pleas from the inside. Mei giggled, poking the butt and face bulges making her meals yelp and move more.
 "I'm sure you all think you can get out but you're all mine now so just give up and digest" said Mei
 But that only fired them up more as the moving started up more than usual as the girls desperately tried to get out. It was useless though as time went on their movements became weaker. Mei's stomach had an enhanced digestive system so a few people were basically the same as any other meal. Inside the stomach only three girls were alive with Tracer and Mercy having melted too much and were crushed under the other three. The other three weren't in much better condition though. 
The other didn't last much longer, also being crushed by the walls and all five were mulched together and melted down into a stew of digested girls. Mei happily poked her squishy belly feeling her insides slosh around and bones bulge against her belly. Mei giggled and laid back letting her squishy tummy lay on her. The mush was grinded down with various objects still inside her. But the guts didn't care as they accepted everything and the mush flew through Mei's intestines and all the fat went to her ass and thighs making it huge. Even her pants could not hold it as her ass broke free of the pants and jiggled out.
 "Oh my you all really added to my butt huh" said Mei
 Mei slapped her ass and giggled before standing up.
Mei farted and smiled as her bowels were starting to fill with shit.
Another fart and Mei seemed to not have enough time to find a bathroom so she just spread her fat ass cheeks over the road and smiled.
That last fart ended up being the biggest signal as poop rained out of Mei. Giant turds started to plop on the ground as all five girls were reduced to shit. Mei moaned feeling the warm crap come out and wasn't expecting it to feel so good.
She continued to fart which shot shit out of her ass making it splat on the ground. Several bones and different colored hair were mixed in with the scat. Tracer's orange pants survived and came out wrapped in a long log and shortly after the cracked goggles fell out of Mei's ass. Mei buried Tracer's surviving items as more objects spilled out. Mercy's halo shot out of Mei's asshole and along with it Widowmaker's torn suit coiled in the poop. 
Nothing of Brigitte ended up surviving other than her brown hair and some bones. But DVA's suit came out soon enough filled with shit and stained brown. 
Mei shit out ribs and other various bones. Then one by one skulls fell from her ass and were buried in shit. Some were in half and some were whole. But as all five skulls came out they all had a lifeless look and poop smeared all over it. Mei dropped a few more turds before the mountain of scat was completed. Mei wiped her ass with her own torn pants and smirked at the pile.
 "I avenged my team..but I'm still a little hungry" said Mei
 She licked her lips wondering if anyone was around.
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Easy Win By Coolwoman -- Report

A request made for Darktroll
Art by Ravemore

Overwatch vore fo today...or at least one

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Love it!


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Glad you liked it!