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It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.5 Public Release By Sriseru -- Report

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This is the public release of alpha 0.5 of It's a Gluttonous Life, a life sim set in a furry world where vore is legal (with some limitations).
As of a0.5, there is currently only one well-defined predator, your roommate Elaine, in addition to three minor predators, Jasmine the hippo, Beatrice the bullfrog, and Sigrid the giraffe (NOTE: getting drunk with Sigrid breaks the game in version a0.5! This has been fixed in version a0.6).

---About the Game---
After waking up from a coma, you find yourself suffering from amnesia (yes, I know, it's super original). And once the hospital realizes that they cannot charge you for your stay, they kick you out.
However, your nurse takes pity on you and lets you stay at her place for a while on the condition that you get a job within two days and move out at the end of the month. And if you fail, she'll eat you (of course, she'll also eat you if you act like a prick or if you straight up ask for it).
More activities and characters will be added eventually, as well as new roommates you can move in with.

Customizable (but non-visible) player character
Female predators
Oral Vore
Unwilling Vore
Willing Vore
Slow Digestion
Weight Gain
Switchable 1st or 3rd person view upon being eaten

Again, do note that this is still early into the game's development, so there's not a whole lot to do yet and everything is very WIP. ^w^;;

Here are download links for PC and Linux

And here are download links for MAC

Please consider supporting my work either on OnlyFans or Patreon. They are my only source of income, and as such I treat making art and developing this game as I would a regular job. I spend most of Saturday through Wednesday making art, and most of Thursday and Friday working on this game. If you support me, you get access to the newest game build one month early (among other things)!

Version a0.5 - 29/5/2021
-You can now have a drink with Elaine if she's in the living room, though this will reduce the amount of food you have in the fridge. The scene will automatically end well before the fridge is empty, though.
-Elaine might swallow you if she gets drunk enough.
-There's a chance that you'll get a sex scene if you go to sleep in Elaine's bed at night while she's not in it and she likes you enough.
-The Lifesaver mechanic has been somewhat overhauled. The effects of packets or tablets no longer stack, the digestion delay timer will just restart when a Lifesaver item is used. This means that you will only ever benefit from carrying one packet of each type.
-If you're Resting, your Rest will be interrupted once the effect of any used Lifesaver wears off. This will not occur if you're sleeping, however.
-Sigrid the friendly Nordic giraffe has been added as an interactable character. You can find her in the bar. She will only vore you if you ask her to or if she gets really drunk, but will usually let you out when asked.
-New updating system that should let you continue playing on your old save game after updating the game. This will only work for save games that were started in version a0.5, though.
-The City Map has been slightly reorganized.
-Added a true job system (the one in previous versions was just a placeholder) with 14 unique jobs, each having its own schedule.
-You can get tips in some service jobs based on your Charisma, job experience, and random chance.
-Your alarm clock will go off two hours before your job starts, giving you enough time to eat breakfast, shower, and travel to your job (the "It's time to go to work" prompt shows up half an hour before your job starts).
-Working will increase your job experience as well as slightly improve your employer's opinion of you. If these get high enough, you'll get a raise!
-If you skip work and are at home, your boss will call to ask where you are and you will be given a few options on how to respond. You can also choose to simply not pick up the phone in the first place.
-Every job gives you 7 sick days a month. Not going to work due to being in a pred's belly counts as a sick day.
-Elaine will now buy groceries every Thursday, but it's only enough to support herself for a week.
-Ipecac Syrup has been added as a Lifesaver. It will trigger automatically when you're swallowed and will cause weaker preds (such as Elaine) to immediately throw you up, while significantly weakening the stomach strength of stronger preds.
-Added a bank where you can get an ID (which is currently not used anywhere, lol) and open a Bank Account as well as an optional Savings Account.

You can get 1 month's early access, 4k resolution versions of my art and game, exclusive bonus versions, as well as participate in weekly art polls through my OnlyFans:
Or my Patreon:
Alternatively, you can tip me on Ko-fi:

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Posted by VoreWin 3 months ago Report

So far I think Jasmine the Hippo is my favourite gal ^^


Posted by Sriseru 3 months ago Report

She's my favourite too, so you can expect more of her in the near future. ;3


Posted by Moxxieasslover 3 months ago Report

Yes very nice and cool update i can eait for update V:0.6


Posted by Rubiont-47 3 months ago Report

Is there only oral vore?


Posted by Sriseru 3 months ago Report

SO far, yes. But I'm planning on adding anal vore and unbirth.


Posted by IHateFortnite 3 months ago Report

Now that's what I like to hear! Man, this game is amazing, and honestly, I hope you finish it someday.

Nothing personal or anything, it's because some indie game developers just give up on their game.


Posted by Sriseru 3 months ago Report

Considering how many OnlyFans and Patreon supporters I've gotten because of this game, and considering that I depend on them to keep a roof over my head, I think it's safe to say that I'm not going to be abandoning it for the foreseeable future, lol.


Posted by Super57s 3 months ago Report

loving this game, its awesome! cant wait for more


Posted by Achilles 3 months ago Report

PC link give 404


Posted by DetonaTuto 3 months ago Report

The PC download link doesn't work. It keep giving me an Error 404.


Posted by ericzehuskeh 3 months ago Report

Sorry to ask, but was there a consideration of any male preds? Sorry to be that guy, I'm just curious.


Posted by Sriseru 3 months ago Report

Sorry, no.


Posted by ericzehuskeh 3 months ago Report

Ah, okie! Thank you ^^


Posted by KyrenGoo 3 months ago Report

Error on dropbox


Posted by Destiny4life 3 months ago Report

the dropboxs link for MAC isnt working.


Posted by Lordfufufy 3 months ago Report

I can't download the game,
I get ever time when I use the link an error


Posted by Sriseru 3 months ago Report

Have you tried the MEGA link instead?


Posted by Pulchritudinous_Cenobite 3 months ago Report

Love this game sop much. Would be amazing if there was anal vore & disposal or implied disposal as well.


Posted by Kalnareff 3 months ago Report

It's a nice update there, lil new content and fixes, short but enjoyable nontheless.
I know you've been working on 0.6 too, I'm curious to know how far you are so far cause what may comes next seems super neat :p


Posted by Sriseru 3 months ago Report

You can find the changelog both for the public release version (a0.5) and the OnlyFans/Patreon release version (a0.6) in this thread:


Posted by Kalnareff 3 months ago Report

Oh thanks, I must have skipped the changelog scroller when I looked at it.


Posted by MonsterGirlLover194 3 months ago Report

Have you ever thought about possibly uploading this game or even part of it to at some point?


Posted by bbwmilfsarehot 3 months ago Report

I'd definetly like to see that


Posted by Destiny4life 3 months ago Report

im a bit confused how do i play the game i already downloaded it just wondering how to make it run and play it?


Posted by Sriseru 3 months ago Report

If you're on Windows, simply unzip the downloaded file and then double click on ItsaGluttonousLife.exe


Posted by Destiny4life 3 months ago Report

i have acer one laptop/tablet also as you can tell im not the the smartest when it comes to computers and clicked on the wrong one i clicked on the mac.


Posted by Dest 3 months ago Report

how do you drink with elaine?


Posted by Sriseru 3 months ago Report

Talk to Elaine while she's on the sofa. There should be an option to drink with her there. If there isn't one, you need to get some groceries first.


Posted by Dest 2 months ago Report

How do you get the Elaine sex scene? how do you get her to like you?


Posted by Sriseru 2 months ago Report

To get her to like you: Talk to her a lot. Avoid saying stuff that can come off as mean or creepy. Maintain a good Hygiene.
To get the sex scene: Small talk until you see "You two enjoy each other's company as you talk about various subjects." At that point your relationship is high enough to unlock the sex scenes. If you enter the bathroom while she's showering, you'll get the shower sex scene, and if you sleep in her bed at night there's a chance that you'll get the bed sex scene.