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Sitting on a stool chair inside of Mei Hatsume's lab was Nejire Hado. She was a third year in highschool and a part of UA's big three. With waist long light blue hair, a curvy body and a very nice personality Nejire was considered one of the best girls in the whole school. At the moment she was waiting patiently watching Mei looking around her messy lab for some unknown object. Earlier that day Mei had popped up out of nowhere and asked if she would take part and help test out an invention. Like a good Senpai she of course agreed and now here she was waiting for Mei to search through a clutter of broken items. Nejire looked around at all the piles of weird broken junk and some looked like they still worked. The thick Mei wearing black tank top and baggy black pants smiles as she finally finds what she needs.
 "Here it is what are you doing down there" said Mei
 Nejire poked her head up seeing pull something out of all the rubbish. Mei walked over to Nejire who was expecting some small machine so to see some little blue and white pill in Mei's hand definitely surprised her. 
 "Uh what exactly is it" asked Nejire
 "I'll show you but you have to swallow it or I can't demonstrate" said Mei
 Mei put the pill in Nejire's hand and smiled at her. Nejire didn't sense any bad intent at all and decided to trust Mei. Nejire opened her mouth and popped the pill inside, gulping it with ease. Nejire and Mei waited a minute but Nejire didn't feel any different. 
 "Mei I don't think it worked what exactly is it supposed to do" asked Nejire
 "Just close your eyes and let the magic me" said Mei
 Nejire is curious about the pill so she closes her eyes and Mei smirks now that she had Nejire trapped. It was too late for Nejire as Mei grabbed at Nejire's shoulders and opened her mouth wide and stuffed Nejire's head into her mouth. Mei moaned at the taste and Nejire was instantly shocked, feeling the warm slimy feeling against her entire head. Nejire opened her eyes to find herself in a dark wet space and screamed. 
 "Mei what the hell are you doing" screamed Nejire
Mei answered with a gulp bringing in the blue haired cutie's head into her gullet making the scared face imprint on her neck. Nejire starts to squirm and struggle waving her arms around and tries to pull her head out of the tight gullet but it wasn't working. Mei moaned and grabbed at Nejire's large boobs, squishing and moving them around. Nejire blushed and yelped, not wanting to be eaten and violated.
 "No stop that" cried Nejire
 Mei was enjoying herself immensely and sucked on the shoulders as she gulped some more of her prey.
As the large boobs got closer to her mouth Mei decided to slide her hands down the curvy body of Nejire until she got a firm grasp of both of those thick ass cheeks. They were just as squishy and soft as Nejire's fat tits. With Mei's big hands overtaking the fat ass Nejire cried a bit and felt a push from her behind. Mei was starting to push her meal in easily slurping at the tasty breasts and licking them in her mouth. She sucked on them till she got bored and swallowed.
Mei found it funny that she tricked Nejire so easily and loved feeling the boobs slide down her throat. Nejire gasped her air as her chest was squished down making it difficult to breathe. Mei swallowed Nejire's toned middle and wrapped her lips around the waist. Nejire found herself inside the confines of a tight sack and she knew immediately it was the stomach. 
 "Mei please stop eating me this is insane" begged Nejire 
 The girl cried as her face was squished against the walls and the belly started to expand. As Mei pushed in the juicy asscheeks she felt her tank top moving aside and smirked enjoying the feeling of a big growing belly. 
With ease Mei forced the yummy ass and thighs down her gullet and pushed the last bit of legs down and removed the shoes off of Nejire's feet. She tossed them aside and held her gut with both hands before swallowing the last bit and closing her mouth over the feet. 
The last of Nejire was gone and the yummy Senpai curled inside Mei's stomach. Nejire curled into the uncomfortable fetal position with tears streaming down her eyes.
 "Why..why would you do this" cried Nejire
 "Fufu that pill you swallowed disables any quirk so you can't use to after I digest you the quirk will be mine well at least that's the theory and what its supposed to do but u needed a test subject so I chose you since your quirk is so strong" said Mei
 Nejire is absolutely terrified hearing this evil plan and needed to see if the pill worked because if it did this was probably the end. Nejire tried to use her quirk but the pill worked and she couldn't blast her way out of Mei's stomach. 
 "Ha looks like it's not working I was definitely worried that you might blow yourself out of my stomach but looks you're all mine" said Mei
 Mei started to laugh but then she felt something crawling up her gullet.
A large belch which shook the room blew out of Mei's mouth and she patted her belly, impressed by the burp. 
 "All that's left now is to digest you and I'll achieve your quirk" said Mei
 Nejire starts to panic and thrash around terrified of being melted into belly goop. She pushed the walls and cried. 
 "Please Mei you don't have to do this it's wrong" begged Nejire 
 Mei just found all the squirming hilarious and laughed out loud while rubbing her moving gut. Mei pulled one of her chairs over and sat down letting her belly hang down her middle between her legs. It was time for digestion as the acids started to make their way into the stomach covering poor Nejire from head to toe. She screamed as her skin immediately started to burn as digestion took full grasp of her. Nejire's school outfit was being torn to bits and her skin was turning red from the harsh burning. She cried in pain and viscously beat at the stomach walls calling out to anyone to save her. The hellish experience only got worse with Mei constantly poking at her body and teasing her.
 "I'm really going to put good use of your go ahead and calm down and let digestion take you" said Mei
 Nejire could cry in severe pain and continue to fight back. Of course all that did was make Mei belch and giggled from time to time.
The sounds of Nejire melting alive filled Mei's workshop and the muffled screams of her prey were mixed in. Mei was pretty certain Nejire was experiencing a painful end but if it was for an experiment then Mei didn't care. Nejire's face and hands bulged out but as time went on the bulges became less and less defined. Mei's stomach was having absolutely no trouble at all with its prey and Nejire could sense her death coming soon. Hours passed for the poor girl as her nerves had mostly digested away leaving her without feeling. Her school outfit was halfway destroyed and Nejire herself looked like she was about to fall apart.
 "" muttered Nejire 
 The bubbly acid sloshed around her and basically her lower half had melted away so she was slowly sinking into the stomach acids. Mei watched as the head bulge sank down until she had a smooth top. Mei smiled and smacked her gut and heard a bone snap.
 "Oops looks like you are pretty delicate now..just accept your fate" said Mei
 Nejire had no choice and her head went fully under the green liquid. A couple bubbles came up but those stopped soon enough. The stomach crunched and melted down Nejire making her into an unrecognizable soup slowly being readied to be absorbed. Hair and bones floated around and sloshed with the mush. Mei hummed rubbing her soft belly and didn't even notice a skull pushing the walls out. 
Mei looked down to her belly shrinking and smiled happily that it was pretty much over. Nejire boosted Mei's breasts making them flop out of the black tank top and the baggy pants turned into tights as her ass and thighs thickened up. Mei was definitely pleased with this development and stood up letting her shrinking belly sag as she grabbed at her fattened rear. Her belly went to a potbelly and Mei smiled. But it didn't take long until Nejire was begging to be released.
 "Oh looks like you want out..I guess that's okay now" said Mei
 Mei pulled her pants down and spread her ass cheeks over the middle of the lab. A little push was all it took for the brown sludge of Nejire to make its appearance. The long brown turd slowly came out of Mei making the pink haired girl moan and blush. It felt fantastic as the log fell off and the waterfall of scat began. Mei was overwhelmed with pleasure sticking her tongue out and moaning like a slut being fucked in the ass. Massive turds filled with clumps of Nejire's bright beautiful blue hair came out stained and disgusting. Mei enjoyed the thought that one of the big three was nothing more than a pile of brown shit slowly piling up on the ground. Nejire's UA jacket came out coiled in a log with finger bones and teeth mixed in. The morbid sight only made Nejire moan even more.
Mei dumped log after log out with bones, fabric and hair mixed in. It was truly a sight to behold as the pile reached four feet tall. It was disgusting with poop running down the sides and was just making a big mess. Nejire's skull came out with several missing teeth that could be found within the pile dropped onto the pile and was half buried in the last remaining drops of shit. Mei finished up and shook her ass to make sure and smiled. She wiped her ass with her baggy pants and threw them to the side. Mei turned to see the giant mess of shit she made and smirked.
 "Look at you a top student that had an amazing quirk and was regarded as part of the big you're just a big pile of smelly shit" said Mei
 Seeing the light blue hair and lifeless skull half buried in scat brought a lot of amusement to Mei. Mei felt the power coursing through her and she looked at a junk invention and tried using Nejire's quirk. Of course it worked and Mei smiled. Knowing the pill worked she knew more had to be made and smiled thinking of all the good quirks she could steal.
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Quirk Stealing By Coolwoman -- Report

A request made for NovemberNights
Art by Janog

Mmmm Mei Hatsume vore :)

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Posted by Firebird22 4 months ago Report

I hope mei steals all the other girl's quirks too


Posted by Coolwoman 4 months ago Report

A possibility


Posted by NovemberNights 4 months ago Report

So damn good, Absolutely love Mei and Nejire. I loved this a ton


Posted by Coolwoman 4 months ago Report

Glad you liked it


Posted by DeathStar66 4 months ago Report

Very cool


Posted by Coolwoman 4 months ago Report