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Commission Complete! (Internal) By Aesir -- Report

More Genshin. I can't be contained.

Amber, how'd you even wind up in there, you clumsy goof

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Posted by P1an3tv0re 3 months ago Report

Such a perfect internal~ ♡

All squished and packed together~

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Posted by linthia 3 months ago Report

Why would anyone help her, she looks great in there~

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Posted by ClarAya 3 months ago Report

Damn, you're having a nice adventure all of a sudden you end up in the belly of a sexy beast lol

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Posted by Moxxieasslover 3 months ago Report

don't help her this is nice

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Posted by MakCin 3 months ago Report

Will we ever see any of the Genshin Impact characters as preds at all?

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Posted by VertGreenHeart 3 months ago Report

I love to have this woman as a companion!

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Posted by yetAgain 3 months ago Report

My headcanon is that Aesirko eating people is basically an AOE attack and Amber was standing in the wrong place

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Posted by Flame14 3 months ago Report

My poor best girl Amber, not even acknowledged being eaten as she digests away.

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